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I’ll summarise good/bad points so readers can get what they want from the review straight away and add more detail underneath if you’d like to know more. Good Points – Colourful and attractive to kids. – Plenty of different electricity laws in india characters. – Rides were diverse. – Interactive games in the queues for kids. – Good access for buggies and disabled guests. Bad Points – Justin’s house was very unsafe and an accident waiting to happen. – Whilst ‘quiet’ today being mid-week queues are electricity experiments for preschoolers just too long for little kids. – Ridiculously expensive just to visit CBeebies Land alone and food overpriced. – Staff need to learn how to talk to kids and learn more about special needs. Into detail then, CBeebies Land is very nice on the eye, really attractive to kids and is a very fun area of Alton Towers. The kids loved all the characters dotted around and there were a good mixture of rides from rollercoaster electricity 4th grade, track, water rides, playground etc. There were mini games in the queues for kids but hard to play sometimes electricity sources as the queues are constantly on the move. There’s plenty of areas to put your buggy and everywhere is accessible to someone with a frame or wheelchair. The aquarium is a short walk away from CBeebies Land and this was very worthwhile taking the kids there. They loved it. Fresh, clean and a really cool themed reef. We went into Justin’s House and it’s very unsafe. Not the area itself but the immature people who electricity dance moms full episode use it. It’s full of ‘gas powered guns/blasters’ where you put a hard sponge ball and fire it into a number of bins/holes/industrial things. You can also put the balls into numerous vacuums and pipes etc and i instantly worried for my kids when I went in as my son who has autism is 3 and my daughter, 2. There was another man knelt down tending to his son, who looked no older than 4 and the father got shot in the head by another fully grown man, on purpose. I looked at said man firing inert gas definition chemistry the gun who found it hilarious and I thought he knew the gent he fired at but it turns out gas prices going up to 5 dollars he was a random guest. He pointed the gun at me whilst I was holding my daughter and I ushered my family out, out of fear I was going to do something I’ll regret and spoil my families day. I don’t think this area is appropriate for adults to be using and children should be closely monitored! Paying for food was daylight robbery. I’m not a tight gas block install person, I’m on a respectable income but how can Merlin expect families to pay just over £20 for 2 x kids sandwiches (half the size of a standard meal deal sandwich), 2 small cups of juice and a bottle of coke? It’s disgusting. There’s families out there who would do anything to make their kids day and bring them here but won gas konigsforst’t be able to afford it. Enough said on pricing, you can’t justify it. My last point is that staff need more training. Just a smile would be enough. My son has autism and on a two occasions got to the gate after a lengthy wait and had a meltdown but both ride operators, both female looked at my son like he was a problem for them, holding the queue up. They had electricity bill calculator an attitude and very negative tone of voice as they told other riders to bypass us. As someone in the Military, I’m not fluffy or sensitive and these operators had an attitude problem. I would have booked him in as having special needs so we could fast track but he was only diagnosed 5 weeks ago and we are yet to receive a diagnostic letter from his static electricity sound effect practice as evidence. What’s Alton Towers/Merlins stance on this grey area? I hope readers find this useful and I’d like Alton Towers to take on board what I’ve constructively critiques to improve the points I’ve mentioned. I’d like to bring my kids back and hope for a better experience.