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This is the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta and rightly so. They keep arkla gas pay bill the beach very clean and there are a lot of activities to keep you busy. Grab a chair and umbrella at one of the many beach clubs along the beach, sit back relax while enjoying a cerveza, or your favorite margarita, people watch, sunbath, enjoy the music, buy souvenirs from the beach vendors, rent wave runners, go parasailing, sign up and schedule boat tours and enjoy the incredible sunsets. But if you are not careful, you can get hosed. I find the culture of the people who live and work here to be honest, hardworking people. But they have ruthless sales skills (not necessarily a bad thing – being in sales I appreciate their aggressive sales tactics). So beware. However, with a few basic negotiating skills, and some tips from the Ultimate Cheapskate, you can vacation here and pay less than what the locals do. Here are a few ways: To start off with, stay at a Vacation Rental Property instead of a hotel. There are plenty of really nice complexes to stay in along the beach that offer rates either comparable to a hotel room or less. We were 3 couples that stayed in a 3 BR Penthouse right on Los Muertos Beach for $100 a couple per night. The PH had a full kitchen, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven and a private roof top deck with a gas BBQ and a private plunge pool. You can save a lot of money by walking through the malecon and shopping at the local supermarket u gas station, and take a taxi back with your groceries. We bought 3 whole chickens for like $6 US a piece, roasted them in the oven for about an hour and had enough chicken to make tacos, and quesadillas for the entire week. We also bought steaks that were maharashtra electricity e bill payment less than $5 a piece and cooked them up on the BBQ one evening. Carne Asada was excellent to make on the grill for tacos as well. Eggs and cheese burritos are easy to make in the morning. They had a sale on beer a 6 pack was only $3.50 US – that’s about 60 cents a can. Stock up! You can take your own beers to the beach instead of paying $3 US + tip at the beach club. They have excellent homemade salsa and guacamole that is very reasonably priced as well. Stock up on that! Our tab at the supermarket came out to $50 a person, and we had plenty of food and beer to last for a whole week. Not too shabby! OK, so I know some are saying who wants to cook? We’re on vacation?. Well everyone took turns cooking so really we only had to inconvenience ourselves 1 day each. And trust me, tacos and enchiladas, not what I would call – slaving over the stove all gas constant in atm day. But OK, you want to go out to eat? here are some tips that will save you a fortune: Have lunch or a snack at the taco stand on the same street that the pier is on my Archie’s Wok – where they make you fresh homemade tacos to order for only $1 each. Bring along those beers you brought from the supermarket and enjoy some of the freshest tacos in town. Want to save a bundle on a really really good seafood restaurant in town? If you don’t already have the Four Square app downloaded on your smart phone – download it now. Then check out the nearby Specials. One of the specials is a 50% discount off your individual bill at Joe Jack’s Fish Shack on Basillo Badillo. This is a 5 star restaurant. Very good food, excellent service. Everyone in the party needs to bring their smartphone with them and check in when they get there to receive the offer. This is one of the best offers I have gas what i smoke seen anywhere. It includes alcohol as well. Our group had several bottles of wine, appetizers and fresh caught grilled snapper. Every dish was very tasty. The Check-In Special brought our $300 bill down to $150 – a mere $25 per person for a meal fit for a king. Some other Check In specials on Four Square: A free bottle of wine at the La Palapa restaurant and the Vista Grill – both 5 star restaurants right on the beach with award winning cuisine – Contact me for how to turn this offer into a bottle of wine and an appetizer for $5 per person every daay of your trip.. Oceana Grill – 2 beers for $1 from 3-5PM – on your first check in plus a free order of guc or chips and salsa. Contact me for a tip on how to get this offer every gas meter car day. Sea Monkey – $1 beers all day. Just don’t get suckered into buying their expensive food. If you are hungry, tell the waiter your friends want to go to another restaurant where they are offering 2 for 1 entrée’s but that you would rather stay there and eat if they can match it. We did this and they gave us 2 for 1 Fajitas. Very good – and half price. Even better. GROUPONS: Yes, believe it or not, Mexico not has offers similar to Groupon marketed under Cupocity. Go to their website and sign up for the daily e-mails. Watch out for them about a month before you leave if you can – We got 4 while we were down there. Most of them offered an entree and a glass of wine for around $10. Make sure they are close to where you are staying tho. Otherwise, taking a cab to save money on dinner defeats the purpose. We had some really good food at some amazing restaurants right on the beach for up to 65% off. Finally, feel free to contact me regarding that 3 BR Penthouse we stayed in. I can tell you how to go about getting a 20% discount and free daily maid service. Let them do the cleaning……… Pretty sweet……

Love this beach. So much activity going on and lots of people watching as well. Since it is associated with our hotel, this gas works park events is also the beach we use on a daily basis. Close to everything. Sure, there are a lot of vendors but if you dont want to partake you just say no. But when you are really thirsty, or want those fresh chips and salsa, shrimp on a stick, fresh cut pineapple, apple pastries, or ice cream that come by every now and then…not to mention the restaurants that will bring you food and drink …..go for it. It’s also very close to the new pier. Walk on over and take a look. I’ve taken many great under pier pictures with the water splashing up against the steel beams! The view of Los Arcos rocks where people ride a water taxi to get eseva electricity bill payment there is nice as well. Great place to snorkel. Los Muertos Beach is fun and full of activities if you so desire. Banana boat rides, swimming with the waves in the water, parasailing, talking on the pier to the fishermen, loading at the pier for water taxi rides to Yelaoa, Quimixto, Las Animas, and Mismaloya. Many strolling musicians, trinkets for sale, balloons, toys, hammocks, hats, clothes, and scarfs… You name it…it will be there. If you are there for just the sun then you can certainly enjoy that too!