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Visited Raghurajpur, which is about 12/13 Km from Puri, a village of the artisans, specialising in the traditional Patta-Chitra, The drive from Puri to Raghurajpur is smooth with fairly good road. From the moment vehicle electric utility companies in arizona was parked, the artisans and their family members gathered around us and tried to convince to visit their house. It was slightly unnerving, as their approach v gashi 2015 was just short of coercion. We couldn’t have a proper stroll around the village, Visitors should not get irritated with their continuous nagging calls as this is what 5 gas laws they do for a living. There are houses lined on both sides and broken structures in the middle acting like dividers. It is amazing to see that every house has a fantastic artist. On the doors and walls of the houses one gets the first glimpse of the painting skills. From beautiful, multihued depictions of the daily life to episodes from the Hindu Epics of Ramayan Mahabharat. it’s all over the walls. Thatched power kinetic energy and brick houses having high plinths with sit-out platforms serving as outdoor studios where artists are seen engrossed in intricate detailing gas examples. Raghurajpur has around 120 houses and every house has specialised in some or other art. Every house in the village has something new to offer. You can see artisans working. Beautiful place for tourists. Do buy something to encourage them to work. Came to know that foreigners stay there for months to learn art. One full gas prices in michigan day is required to visit different housed to see different art like Pattachitra p gasol, tassar silk, stone work, Palm leaf painting, Miniature paintings etc. Take time to explore and see art work which the artists show willingly. You can see them painting art work on tassar silk, patta chitra, palm leaf 76 gas station hours pieces are exquisite. Every house owner wants to show you his merchandise , which becomes a little annoying. There is also a old temple. Colours used are earth colours. In this village gas in dogs, visitors find most inhabitants to be artists engaged in the fine paintings. Most of the paintings are of the Gods and their Divine plays. They also depict Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas stories. Some paintings are also engravings on Palm leaves or Tussar silks. We bought a Radha Krishna painting on silk from an artist. It is a delightful experience to spend wholesale electricity prices by state some time with these villagers engaged in such unique work. One can buy small things at a price of Rs 50 and also costly paintings which are really beautiful at Rs 1000-1500 or less, remember gas in oil pressure washer to bargain and visit more houses before you decide. If you intend to buy from the villagers, do bargain hard. By bargaining, you are not disrespecting their art rather just asking for a fair price for the product you wish to buy. The workshops small sit out areas gas jeans usa have a nice display of their art works. After seeing 3-4 houses it becomes repetitive as 95% of the items you see will be the same that you would have seen in the previous houses. Thick groves of coconut 2015 electricity prices, palm, mango, jack fruit and the river Bhargavi flowing by. A lot of development work was going on. We saw roads being repaired, new electric wires were being laid and drains remade.