Great place for the kids! – review of tropical islands resort, krausnick, germany – tripadvisor gas after eating


I took my wife and 3kids (7/8 year olds electricity khan academy) there this year. Tickets were about 80 euros and we spent another 110 euro in food + upcharges for the day. I found it very annoying that the water slides is an extra 4.50euro per person and the log ride (up and down sort of ride) was another 3-4 euros per person. So the ticket price isn’t all inclusive. Food was a little expensive but didn’t seem horribly overpriced and quality was okay. I didn’t notice a lot of staff there. The water slide area seemed totatly unattended which given all the kids running up stairs doesn’t seem like a good idea. The beach area had a few token people looking around to make sure little kids had a parent around, but I wouldn’t say there were lifeguards covering everything. This wasn’t a big deal for us as our kids can swim, and if your kids can’t swim, you ought to be with them, IMHO. They were doing some construction at the time (was mentioned on the website) but it wasn’t real noticable. Locker room was somewhat crowded but managable. All in all, the kids had a fun time but it I felt it 200 euros for a single day trip was too much money. We didn’t spend the night. After about 6-7 hours, our kids were exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home..

I went with my son and stayed overnight in a tent e85 gas stations in iowa. The check-in experience was beyond awful, the staff took forever to check people in. There were two people in front of us and that took over 20 minutes. I would recommend a queue system with numbers, as it was now people got very impatient with the slow staff. Sadly this proved to be the case throughout the stay; the staff were rude and without knowledge of even the most basic things. Expensive restaurants with mediocre food and nonexistent service was also included in the stay. When you check in you get a bracelet which is used to pay everything inside. The bracelet has a 150 euro limit. Since everything was really expensive that credit got used up, so I asked information desk how to refill it. They didn’t know!! and their only solution was to stand in big line to check out, and then stand in line to check in again after having paid. Genius solution….. In desperation to find something to do in the evening we paid to see the show. Ridiculously amateurish, I’ve seen better performances from school-children. Hopeles to sleep at night, noisy as hell and the wonderful company of what I assume were cockroaches. Couldn’t get out fast enough the next morning. BTW, Berlin in itself is wonderful, this electricity invented place needs a bankruptcy and a big clean-up!

We booked a tent (no family lodges available) for a thursday – friday. We come to tropical islands….wait in line, which was very unorganized to check in. Get our key for our tent and head to the tent. Not bad. Nice sandy area by tent, get in the tent and get dressed, walk to the pools. Go swimming, and head to waterslide area, which is not connected to a swimming pool, but in it’s own separate area. There is a yellow waterslide with not enough water in it to push you down. I went down and this kid behind me crashed behind me. I thought it was just because I am chubby, but then the same thing happened to my poor 8 year old. The staff at the tropical restaurant was very rude, and the staff at the restaurant right by the large pool was also quite rude. Ordered a steak medium, got it back rare. Then it took forever to get service to ask them to put it back on the grill. Mediocre food, bad service and way overpriced. Head back to our tent after some more swimming by the lagoon, which reaked of urine, very strong urine. (the next morning we noticed it was closed for cleaning) Get to our tent and we see cockroaches. Lay down in bed around 11pm…….(it was still very noisy until about 2am) and no one is sleeping. I wake up every 15 mins with kids moving around, sometimes whining. It was the cockroaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!! Finally i left the tent with our baby and went to the pool around 3:30 am! My husband has been to afghanistan twice, so roaches don’t bother him……but dang. I can see one or two here and there, but the infestation in the tent was AWFUL!!! So we have breakfast, which was one of the only nice things about the stay (beautiful breakfast buffet, pancakes, eggs, german meats, breads, croissants, fresh orange juice, milk, cereal, sausage, everything you could imagine gas laws worksheet answers and work) We go swimming and get packed up to get our things out of the tent. We were going to stay the day and finish up swimming after packing up….. So, we are packing up and cockroaches are in our clothes. I had to empty both bags out and make sure we weren’t taking roaches home with us. Get to the checkout area to give up our keys and the lady was so rude, we decided to leave and go home immeidately. we live over 4 hours from tropical islands and wanted to see Berlin, but we were so turned off by our whole stay at the resort that we just left. I can’t believe we paid a hundred euro for an infested tent, over a hundred euro on food in less than 24 hours, and then a hundred euro entrance fee to get in!! This trip SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! They dont include admission into the park with the tent stay. what a rip! add on over a hundred euro for gas to trip there and this trip was a B U S T! Had the staff been friendly and the tent not infested with roaches, this trip would’ve probably been worth it. Bummer. beware that there are no bathrooms in most areas where you sleep, too gas efficient suv 2013.

Surprisingly relaxing and nice. Lots of attractions for kids too. Good place for families. Perfect for a 3 day break. More than that can be monotonous.Tents not so nice to stay in. Better stay gas and supply okc in the bungalow which is more expensive but definitely worth it. Only the Designer bungalows have attached toilets and bathrooms. For the rest there is a walk to the facilities which can be quite tedious in the middle of the night. Otherwise stay outside the Tropical Islands in a hotel. Unfortunately no good, comfortable hotels nearby. You have to drive for about 30 minutes and in winter where temperatures can be -15 C this is not so nice. If you stay outside remember to be in Tropical Islands by 9 am or you may not be able to reserve the recliners. There is quite a crowd after 0915 and all recliners are taken by then. Some staff are nice but most have a care a [–] attitude. Be prepared to wait for your meal and dont expect drinks to come before the meals arrive. Most of the time it doesnt. Waitresses do not respond to eye contact. You have to be a bit more aggressive to get attention. At the entrance, ensure and insist that you get lockers next to each other. The check-in staff have tendencies to ignore the fact that they are checking in a family and often give lockers at different ends to one family. You have to remember that this used to be the Russian controlled DDR (EAST GERMANY) area, so be prepared for a ‘communist’ (read indifferent) attitude and distrust and secondary treatment. However, in-spite of these short-comings I would still recommend this attraction until another one opens somewhere else in Europe. The Tandoor restaurant does not serve anything that tastes like Indian food so dont waste time and money eating there. Besides, ‘Tandoor’ is in the sauna section where you have to pay Euro8.50/pp for just entering there so before going speak to a manager/supervisor outside and get him/her to promise you a refund after you return from ‘Tandoor’. Go for a parachute ride on the first day, where 2 people sit next to each other hanging from seats. Enjoy the hot water in the jacuzzis.Bring your own basic medicine for headache, toothache etc. The resort offers no medicine whatsoever and other medicinal facilities (for accident, burns gas explosion in texas, scratches etc) are very very basic. Expect to pay on an average daily expense about Euro 50/pp, for just the basics.