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We phoned ahead to book expecting the campsite to meet electricity usage calculator the description on the internet. If we had known that the reality was nothing like the shiny brochure we would have gone elsewhere. We prefer quieter sites without amusements, and this is just that, no problem there. The owner quickly took our money without offering a receipt but it was the health and safety aspect that left a lot to be desired. We asked for electricity, but there were no less than six plugs all connected to the same point, and these had other leads going off them to goodness knows where. We couldn’t work it out. The toilets were disgusting and I don’t use that word lightly. The gas hydrates are used bin in the ladies looked like it had never seen a cloth or bleach and the sink was stuck in the corner behind the toilet so difficult to use without leaning across and touching the toilet. There were two ladies showers, both filthy and having used both I can confirm that I was left standing in water as it did not drain away during my shower, ie the drains were both blocked. One of the shower heads was held on with black masking tape. My husband was so disgusted with the men’s showers that he used the ladies. We both attempted to wash the floor afterwards with the mop provided but all that achieved was smearing dirty water all over the floor as the mop had clearly never seen clean water either. I initially thought the dish washing facilities were an old shed. I wouldn’t even wash my dog in the sink, never mind electricity worksheets grade 6 our plates and cutlery. The sign on the bins said ‘take your recycle home with you’!! If it hadn’t been for the fact that there was a horrendous storm and we just wanted to leave we would have asked for a refund it was that bad. £23 a night for a parking spot on a hill is not our idea of a fair price. My husband spoke to a couple of other men. One who was a member of the Caravan Club was also not impressed, telling my husband that he had been charged £17 per night and he didn’t even get electricity! There was a walk but it was a public footpath and we were reminded no less than three times, ‘buy your ticket in the shop’, ‘tickets £5 (for a public footpath, seriously gas yourself in car) and ‘last chance, don’t forget your ticket’. Heaven Farm sounds heavenly and the tearoom is just that, with lovely home made cakes and a great breakfast. The lady in the shop was very nice. But they need to sort out their act with regard to the camping side of things and literally clean up their act if they expect people to leave nice reviews!! There was an AA star certificate on the notice board beside the toilets ………………..I’m curious which bits the AA were shown.

We were just passing and saw the signposts, so had no prior knowledge of Heaven Farm. It had been a wet online electricity bill payment day and the kids needed a run around, so we decided to try it out. We went on the nature trail and it was very pretty and pleasant. There are a choice of walks, so you can go for a shorter walk if you feel less inclined – we chose a longer route. There’s lots to see and do – animals, woodland and fields to cross, as well as the amusing Greenwich meridian line and the signposts near it. On the down side, we were a bit put off the electricity and magnetism notes all the signs that gave ‘orders’ about what to do and not to do – a bit ‘bossy’ as one of the children said. A ‘please take care’ notice at the beginning should suffice. We also had lunch in the rustic cafe and it was tasty, if basic. The staff were friendly and helpful and catered gas oil ratio for special requests. The kids loved the chickens wandering around and especially a big turkey. I agree with others who have said the toilets are just about ok. Not sure I’d be keen on them if I were staying in the campsite. A lovely place to take children for a run around, although maybe a little expensive when you consider you can go for a walk in Sheffield Park nearby for free. Having said that, I’m sure we’ll go again.

How quickly a year passes. Last year we really enjoyed our visit to Heaven Farm. This year it was a disaster. The main reason was that the owner now allows weddings on the electricity notes pdf site and they were very noisy. Even when the music was stopped (around 11pm) the guests then started playing their own music loudly, before playing about in the woods. Nobody from the campsite stopped them, so i can’t recommend the place. Gents loos are a disgrace too. They are dark, small and smelly. They need replacing. On the plus side, the pitches are grassy gas after eating pasta and mostly fairly level. The women’s loos / showers (which, weirdly, are also unisex – use them, don’t use the gents), are spacious and good. The tea shop is very nice (and reasonably priced). The loose chickens etc are an interesting diversion (unless one steals your sandwich!). Not exactly the campsite’s fault, but it may affect others choosing the site – mobile phone signal is very patchy on site. We had a number of different phones and companies and all kept losing signal regularly. Not good when we had the place as a base for a DofE expedition.