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My husband and I spent five nights at Stovepipe Wells Vilage 27 December – 01 January. Overall, it was a greta experience.. We arrived in Las Vegas and rented a car and drove to Death Valley. Be careful and avoid driving in the dark here due to wildlife. The staff at check-in vwere very considerate. In fact, everyone, from the c gastronomie mariage waitstaff, maintenance workers, housekeeping, store employees, and the rangers were so friendly and considerate. The room was a deluxe in the 49’er building. it had a fridge and television with basic stations. There is no cell phone service, room phones, or clock/radios here. I do not know why people complain about a room in the middle of the desert. The room was clean with a great view. Yes, the walls are thin. Unfortunately, there are alot of very rude people who don’t care about anyone else and we had some next to us each night. i do not know why people cannot be respectful of others. We did alot of hiking within the park. I am also a runner and ran each morning at sunrise. Sunrise should not be missed here. The pool was nice but cold. It was 69 degrees although they claim it is a constant 78 degrees. Everything here is so well maintained and clean. The staff take great pride in this place. Our complaint lies with the restaurant. Very limited selection, very expensive, and very small portions. $12.50 for a plate of spagetti. $14.50 for seven ravioli. Ridiculous. The food was good but we left hungry every night. Good thing we brought plenty of snacks and stopped in Pahrunp on the way in and picked electricity human body up some perishables. On New Year’s Eve, there were five dinner selections and I could not eat any of them. I asked to see the restaurant manager but he would not come out. Luckily, the waiter was able to have an alternate entree prepared.. They basically have you at their mercy. I would stay here again . I would just bring a clock/alarm and extra food of my own. It really is a great place to stay.

Our family lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we wanted an alternative to the Tahoe weekend for the February Presidents Day break. We’d heard that Death Valley in Spring was a fabulous experience and, since Spring in the desert is essentially sometime between mid-February and the beginning of April, off we went. Well, actually we booked our room in December since, as with any popular destination in California, it’s best to book a stay in advance. Death Valley itself was stunning, and our room was Ok. We were in a deluxe room at Stovepipe Wells. It was clean, there was drinking water in the room, and plenty of hot water for gasco abu dhabi contact the shower. We even used the air conditioner a little, though it was February. For a comparable price away from Death Valley we would have gotten brighter lights in the room, internet access, and better decor but, frankly, given where we were staying — in the middle of a National Park gas 93 octane and a desert — we were very pleased, though our teenage son was unhappy at the lack of internet access. When he asked, he was told that the access was down. (Across the states we’ve discovered that this is usually code for we don’t have access.) As professionals who work with the internet, and as parents, we were ecstatic about the lack during our vacation. During check-in guests are handed a listing of upcoming talks, walks, and events in the park, and the first night there we drove to the Furnace Creek Visitor Center (VC) to listen to a Park Ranger speak about the geology of Death Valley. That single introductory talk made our short vacation 100% more interesting! We learned for example that, though a desert, — there is less than 2 inches electricity lesson plans 4th grade annual rainfall — there is water nearly everywhere in Death Valley just a few feet underground! This explains the *wonderful* swimming pool at Stovepipe Wells, as well as abundant drinking and shower water. Also, the valley is continuing to sink below sea level as a result of movement along various California earthquake faults running through Death Valley. Furthermore, a large part of Death Valley used to be more like Mt. Saint Helens — a lake with volcanic activity. The next day we made the most of our single full day there: We started at Badwater Lake and visited various spots as we made our way back to Stovepipe Wells. Besides Badwater, the lowest point in the Western hemisphere, we stopped at the Devil’s Golf Course, Artist’s Palette, a field of yellow flowers (though Spring we missed the full flowering of the Valley. Rain was expected after we left, unfortunately for us.), Zebriskie Point, and the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells. If we had had more time, we could have spent a lot longer at each of these places and we could have gone to more spots. February was a good time to visit. In the middle of the day it felt quite warm — I’m guessing 80’s Fahrenheit — and incredibly dry. We wore hats and carried water, so we were fine. At night it must have gotten down to 40’s Fahrenheit, though our room stayed warm and we kept the fan on in the air conditioner to avoid feeling stuffy. For food we ate at the Stovepipe Wells diner, which has specific hours for each meal, and, once, at the Furnace Creek Cafe. After the FC cafe meal we felt some queasiness so we aren’t inclined to recommend it though the staff electricity a level physics were friendly. Meals at Stovepipe Wells were decent — good to very good, not gourmet — and, compared to SF Bay Area prices, reasonable. Also, members of our family have foods we avoid. Staff at the Stovepipe Wells restaurant, though somewhat baffled, were friendly and worked with us to ensure our food was cooked as we asked. For this we highly recommend, and thank, them! While there is a general store at Stovepipe Wells, it’s more like a truncated 7-11 than a regular store: Think junk food and so-so pre-wrapped sandwiches. The bottom line is that everyone had a great time, including the teenager, and we would love to visit Stovepipe Wells 3 gases in the air and Death Valley again.

I have stayed here twice, what an amazing experience..I just tried to go for a third time (this month) but there was snow on the Tioga pass so my friend driving had to head back,(yes ironic, to get to a well known hot place, but this was the best route for us as its about 8 hrs drive from Tioga and we were already in Yosemite) very disappointed now will a gas station have to return to USA just to visit Death Valley again! Stovepipe Wells Village is a real little oasis in the desert – literally. It’s such a welcome sight after a long and often scorching (depending on when you go) drive. I have loved both my stays here. The rooms are good, no tv, who needs one you’re not there for that! The convenience store is good, the location is superb as near the dunes. I have seen the best sunsets in my entire life here. Death Valley is one of my favourite places on earth. It’s not stark and desolate, its immensely vast and beautiful with changing scenery. Go and clear your head with the open spaces! I’ve not been in winter but i’m sure it would be preferable as could do decent hikes then. Be prepared for this trip! First went with a friend, in summer, we were naive then at 18 and 20 years old, the hottest place on earth and we had no air con in car! We could hardly breathe. I’m amazed the car made it too. Risky! Oh and hire gas monkey car companies would not let you bring car here so best not to mention! Greyhound buses dont go here. Bring tons of water with you too. Be aware that if you go the hottest time of year, items will perish! My toothpaste went to a hot runny liquid, it was actually hot when squirted out!. Pages came unglued from book spines. Don’t bring cosmetics that can melt they will be completely useless! The dunes near Stovepipe are beautiful. Sunset is best time to go visit them in summer, fab for photos in the golden light plus you can walk on them then. Too hot in day and you would not be able to stand on them barefoot, ouch! Badwater is amazing. Going height of summer was not a good thing for me as the salt flats are glaring white, the sun reflects off them, its true you could fry an egg on them in summer! but i couldnt walk on them long as i started seeing dots in front of my eyes and thought i was going to faint electricity laws physics. I want to go again perhaps in winter so can hike them. I think i would have died if stayed out on them any longer in summer! I did not see the insects mentioned in other reviews but enjoyed watching a coyote at the motel’s pool, and all the eerie tumbleweed and little whirlwinds of sand…Its a wonderful place to meditate, clear your head, far from hustle and bustle as you could get. Zabriskie Point is great for photos. My dream is to go back for a few days at least and see new places such as Devils Golfcourse. I didnt find Scottys Castle very interesting but that is because i personally prefer exploring natural environments.