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Me and my boyfriend applied to do the open water diving course. My boyfriend and the rest of the group achieved. Unfortunately my nerves got the better of me, I struggled getting into the pool and to control t gastrobar el tenedor my breathing, Gus our diving teacher from the start was very patient and reassuring, he did everything he could to keep me at ease and built my confidence ready to go out at sea. I dived to 11 meters but asked to come back up, even though I was wasting the time for the others in my group everyone and Gus were extremly understanding and took me back to the boat. Gus signed off the work I had achieved and I still came away with parts of my certificate so that I can either come back to complete here or elsewhere within 6months. We both appreciated the time electricity el paso apartments and effort Gus put in to make the course enjoyable and very informative! We both for certain will be coming back in the near future so I can overcome my nerves and to complete gas efficient cars 2016 the open water diving course and so my bf can complete the advanced course! Thanks again Gus and everyone at Big Blue Diving x More Show less

Hello Ankexin, thanks for the review. I’m very sorry that you didn’t enjoy the trip to Sail Rock, it’s very unusual for anyone to go to the best divesite in all electricity questions grade 9 of the Gulf of Thailand and come back disappointed, unfortunately the conditions underwater are something that we can’t control and the trip you went on was certainly one where we suffered from both poor visibility and a strong current that was not expected after checking the conditions the previous few days there. I must address a few points you make: – There are a number basic electricity quizlet of dive centres in the area that go to Sail Rock regularly, each of them trying to go on a day when no others are going. On the day you went we were the only place diving Sail Rock, but that week out of the 6 dive centres that go there every single one had a trip scheduled – in fact 3 had been the previous day and reported good conditions, with 10-15m metres visibility and a whaleshark too. This was why the trip was scheduled, and i’m sorry that we were surprised by the poor conditions but to say gaz 67 dakar were the only company that organised a trip that week is absolutely untrue. There were also at least 5 other dive centres from Koh Phangan there that day, as i’m sure you noticed. – Our trip is more expensive because we do 3 dives, and not the 2 that our competitors do. Also our food/drink is of a much higher quality than anyone else, which does cost more of course. – Every so often we do have a dive trip that electricity wiki doesn’t match up to expectations, but to say you saw ‘literally 2 fishes’ cannot possibly be true. I’ve checked the dive log of the DM whom you dived with you, which tells us were shown large schools of trevally and barracuda each with hundreds of fish, as well as a few huge grouper. Of course Trip Advisor lets anyone write what they like in these reviews, regardless of the facts. I just wish you’d spoken to us about this in person, rather than leaving it for us to find gas bloating diarrhea out here. Thanks for the feedback anyway Ankexin, and I hope you enjoy all your future dives knowing now how changeable conditions can be underwater. Big Blue

Hi Vanessa, thanks so much for the excellent review and congratulations on becoming our latest Open Water gas vs electric oven diver! The importance of the training pool for our new divers is something that a lot of people don’t really think about when searching for a dive centre in which to complete their diving licence. A lot of people think it’ll be better to immediately go into the ocean to practice for the first time with all the new equipment, after all an extra day in the sea can only be beneficial…or is it? From personal experience, being told to jump into u gas station near me the sea with equipment that you’ve never worn in your life can be a little off-putting. To then have to deal with possible underwater currents, visibility issues, swimmers, boats…well it’s not the ideal way for a nervous diver to get to grips with the 20+ skills we must learn with all this equipment, i can tell you. The beauty of the training pool is that there’s never current, poor visibility, or even the apprehension of having to throw yourself immediately into the sea – a simple step into a shallow pool is all you need, after which the instructor can ensure that la gas prices now you’re comfortable and confident with all this new stuff BEFORE we get into the ocean! We’ll pass on your thanks to your instructors Vanessa, and electricity storage association thanks again for leaving the review. Big Blue

Hello Sebastian, and thank you for the latest 5 star review to wash up on our shores! I’ve heard on more than a few occasions that Big Blue is ‘too big’, and to be honest it’s mostly from people who’ve never actually been diving with us. On first glance gas vs electric water heater cost per year it can appear that way, but with 4 boats all doing different types of diving (tech/freediving, fundiving, Japanese-only (!) and a dedicated beginner-only boat) it’s usually only the resort that is busy, with the boats going out at around half their capacity if that. A few years ago it was a different story of course, but with tourist visitors to Koh Tao dropping quite a bit the island is starting to resemble what is was like 20 years ago in regards to how full it now is – i would certainly no longer regard it as ‘a busy island’, and we’re really enjoying the relative peace and quiet here on Sairee Beach! Luckily for us, as we have a resort with facilities that can handle a lot gas 78 of divers at once (as you mentioned) we have now found ourselves with a lot of space in classrooms, the pool and on the boats! We know how fortunate we are to have such a great location on the cleanest and quietest part of North Sairee, and the sunsets alone are worth paying us a visit again and electricity and circuits ppt again. So I hope we’ll see you soon Sebastian! It’s been a pleasure having you around the last few weeks, and good luck with your new career in scuba diving. Thanks again for the review, Big Blue