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This is our family’s experience of diving in Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman has dive sites for all levels of divers and Ocean Frontiers (PADI Scuba certified diving) and its partner Compass Point Resort is the perfect match to take you on your dives. The girls ages 13 and 15 and my wife took the introductory dive course and to my surprise they took to it like fish gasco abu dhabi salary. My wife reported that the instructions were thorough right from the classroom to the pool. She felt very confident and comfortable with the competency of the certified instructors. They took 3 open water dives (from 15 ft to 40 ft). The dives were closely escorted by a certified diver. When they were diving the instructor stayed gas prices going up close and in constant contact through hand gestures throughout the entire dive. They also took 2 escorted snorkelling trips – one being Stingray City. We felt confident to allow Clare and Nadine to go on their own on their last two-tank dive with Evan and James (certified divers). Chantelle, Kevin, Logan, Jeremy – – and Brittany Dave for Stingray City – We can’t say enough about these Ocean Frontiers staff (there were others too) who took our girls in and v gashi 2013 treated them so kind. You could see their confidence grow with every dive and to our surprise they actually got choked up after their last dive knowing we were leaving the next day. The diving conditions were great with clear visibility up to 100 feet and warm Caribbean waters (~80 F). The Cayman’s claim 365 dive sites with easy access from Compass Point’s east end location to 55 of them. It was a scuba divers playground – classic Caribbean colours with white sand and crystal clear and blue water. Grand Cayman is surrounded by beautiful reefs and abundant marine life. The reef is vibrant and void of the bleaching effects that can be note elsewhere gas prices under a dollar in the Caribbean, and that is why I say skip Disney World; here they picked up a skill for the rest of their lives. They came across sea turtles, stingrays, a school of huge tarpons, shrimp, and many, many other kinds of fish. (Of course the trip to Stingray city is a must bucket list item). The Ocean Frontiers dive operation got us out diving every time we signed up with their ‘Roll out of bed and on to the dive or snorkel boat’ experience. They handle all the gear for us the entire time. If you love to scuba dive, this Caribbean dive resort is the tops with friendly professional staff, enthusiastic, knowledgeable dive masters and a very safe operation with standards I would count among the best in the Caribbean. It was a true VIP dive resort experience electricity freedom system. The dive sites chosen for us were relatively close- the longest boat trip was about ½ hour). The bonus was being on the less crowded east end of the island with smaller dive groups which made the electricity and magnetism lecture notes ratio of dive crew the safest and I think the best. Their safety standards are high. The crew is fun, knowledgeable and very helpful. You’ll be spoiled for life after diving with Ocean Frontiers. Nadine and Clare say they already miss Kevin, Logan and Chantelle – who adopted them as her diving family! We also wanted to mention Lois and the amazing video she took of one of our underwater dives (High Rock Drop-Off). Everyone who has viewed the video commented on how beautiful and how professionally done it is. You can book her through the Ocean Frontiers desk at Compass Point. Lois will have you starring in your own Discovery channel documentary. Thanks gas variables pogil extension questions to Lois. We are already recommending Ocean Frontiers to our friends and family and we will be returning (look out Kevin!). One side note: we took the anti-nausea medication they recommended and felt great. For beginners – try not to eat too much before diving.