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Let’s start with the burning question, would you go there again, or would you recommend it to a friend. The easy answer, which the rating offers a clue, is no and no. We had a Groupon which made our first foray to the Cinetopia 18 rather inexpensive. We elected to go on Labor Day afternoon for a 2:40 movie. But before you even get to the theater, you have to find a parking place. The parking is very limited, so go early so you can drive up and down the one parking garage in hopes of finding a spot. Don’t even think of finding a spot on the street. Then gas 85 vs 87 there was the experience once inside the theater lobby in getting tickets. We arrived at 2:20 for a 2:40 movie. But the line was outside the door. Seems like the management doesn’t think there is a need for ticket sellers as there were only two on duty, in a space that held four ticket sellers. So right off we knew we weren’t going to get tickets for the 2:40 show and opted for a 3:20 showing in a different theater. Good call because it took 23 minutes to buy our tickets. Had I not had a Groupon, the price per ticket was $14.50. How much was a ticket to see the show at AMC or Dickinson? Well I could have purchased two tickets at either of those theaters for the price of one ticket at Cinetopia 18 and had change. Next hurdle was to get concessions. The first shock was sticker shock. Ready. Small popcorn (without butter) $6. Medium $7. Large $8. Extra large $8.50. You want butter with that? $0.75 for small. $1 for medium. $1.25 for large and extra large. We opted for a single medium with butter since we had an $8 concession coupon. The size of the medium is comparable to the small at AMC and Dickinson. You want something to drink with that popcorn? $4.75 for a small drink. Can’t remember the prices on the others. What gas city indiana car show? You’d like a popcorn/drink combo? No can do. It is all al la carte. And again we waited about 20 minutes for concessions. Management thought, or didn’t, that they didn’t need to serve their patrons, therefore providing only two servers behind the counter. Not a good first impression. So we make it up the escalator and to the Movie Parlor room. We are seated around 3:05. On the screen for the next 15 minutes is a picture of Pierce Brosnan. No First Look. Just Pierce and some bad arkansas gas association music. We sat in the last row and there are TV sets in the walls. To our left was a car driving down the road, for 15 minutes. On the right was the trailer for the movie, playing over and over and over and over. If you haven’t been in the Movie Parlor, you can order food. Except in our case, the server didn’t show up to take any orders until the trailers were playing. And guess when the food came. Bingo. While the show was on. No, that’s fine. Just walk in front of me to serve the food. And be sure to talk with the patrons, because there isn’t anybody else in this theater except you and the people you’re talking too. And those people. And the people down in the 2nd row. If you think cell phones going off during a movie, try having a server walking around the theater passing out food and talking to the people they are serving. The good was the sound level was right on. Good acoustics. Our seats were comfortable, but there were other types of seats and even couches on the front row, so can speak about them. Our experience was gasco abu dhabi careers been there, done that, now moving on. Not one thing provided a draw to return.

Where to start… Well, I ordered living room seats in the adult living room. There were no assigned seats no way to tell what was the adult living room. Kids were all over the place running around throughout the movie. There is an adult section offered on the website, but when you go into the movie nothing is marked and it is a total free for all!! There were no ushers, attendants whatsoever. There are no menus available. You have to know to ask for one from the ticket taker. I saw that some people had them, so I had to go and ask for one. They are not supposed to deliver food through the movie – only during the previews, but they were so behind, they brought food in for the first hour of the movie. We had gotten our food about 45 minutes into the movie, but still had no drinks or popcorn (I had assumed these items would come out first). Since we had to prepay, I hesitated about getting drinks from the concession, since I’d already paid $12 for drinks. There is no way electricity storage cost per kwh to signal a waitress, so you have to leave the theater and flag someone down. I did this once, my husband did it 10 minutes later. Finally our drinks and popcorn came. The promo video (which they show while you are sitting there before the movie starts) clearing shows reclining seats in the living room, however these seats do not recline!! Mine did not recline at all, my husband’s reclined by one inch. It felt like an airline seat – very uncomfortable!! I took pain medicine on the way home! The theater was chaos during the whole movie, with kids running around, people constantly getting up, leaving the theater and coming back in (probably to get their own drink refills gas apple pay). I did not complain about that since I had complained several times just to get my drinks – forget about refills! Every time someone left the theater or came back in, you could hear the extremely loud movie music that plays in the theater hallways. Non stop distractions from the movie. I essentially missed the first hour because I was so distracted by the general atmosphere and by being thirsty. To top this all off, the screen was very small and the sound was very loud. Oh, one more thing about the food….don’t even think about getting an entrée and a dessert. There is simply no room to put anything. You have a TV tray that is about 4 inches by 7 inches. You get no silverware with your meal and no salt or pepper and maybe one napkin for two people if you are lucky. This is supposed to be a high end dining experience!! If you need anything, you have to leave the theater, run down the hall and flag someone down. Very poor process design. This was designed to minimize distractions during the movie but accomplishes the opposite effect since everyone is running out to get the things they need. The one saving grace was upon complaining one final time to a manager upon leaving, he did refund pictures electricity pylons our entire bill and gave passes to try it again. I am hesitant to even go again. I have had much better experiences at the AMC dining theaters. They are a well oiled machine compared to the chaos that is cinetopia. When compared to AMC fork screen or cinemas suites, I would pay more for either of those than the cinetopia.