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My girlfriend and I visited Bangkok for a few days in early Feb 08 and went to Sirocco Restaurant on the 64th floor of the State Tower. As you’d expect, the views are fantastic particularly from the Skybar and well worth taking in, if just for a drink. A word of warning though, if you’re on a budget, I’d stick to the street level, because duke electric orlando some of the prices are a little over the top. They are certainly above what I am used to paying in a nice Australian restaurant. The attitude we took is that it is a once off opportunity to dine in a fantastic venue so we were prepared to pay a premium but it might be a bit of a slap in the face if you are not expecting it. Id estimate for a couple both having an entree and main course, having a couple of cocktails each and desert that you won’t get much change out of $300AUD. From gas in dogs symptoms a drinks point of view the cocktails are more than reasonable at around 350 baht (a little under $15 AUD). But a beer will set you back around $10AUD and a glass of soft drink around $8AUD. The cheapest bottle of wine looked to be around $120AUD. Overall we enjoyed our meals, had a few drinks and had a great night but if you’re that way inclined the cost may take a bit of shine off the experience for you. Finally, I’d also recommend booking ‘on line’ a couple of weeks before you intend to go. It is not somewhere that you’ll be able to organise a table on short notice

I must admit, this is an excellent location to have a perfect glimpse of Bangkok! the view is just Wonderful gas quality by brand! However when I find the restaurant sirocco expensive, I cannot tell the food is worth the price. Dessert is just a miss! not to say cheap! The bar is very good though, and prices are affordable and cocktails are okay, by no means excellent. The major complain I will have is that the staff and security guard are a bit tough and rude when it comes to take pictures. This place is just awful for tourists who expect to take wonderful pictures of bangkok. I mean we have paid the prices to have a drink and dinner, but cannot even take one picture unless you go to the sky bar which is so crowded you cannot take any pictures. A good tip for tourists is to only go for a drink at the sky bar and avoid dining in sirocco. It’s just an excuse for the restaurant to prevent the place to be a tourist attraction, which I find stupid. At the end electricity resistance questions, good place for romantic dinner without a camera. Very bad for tourists.

On a recent trip to Thailand I decided that I should investigate a few the must see places in Bangkok. Sirocco restaurant and Sky bar has always been mentioned in travel magazines on TV travel shows as a place that is a highly recommended must see bar and restaurant. Overall I was impressed with the view, the bar and restaurant are located on the 64th floor of the State Tower, otherwise known as the Dome at the State Tower. The restaurant and sky bar is the 2nd highest alfresco restaurant in Bangkok. The view is pretty good, most diners have a choice of either the river view or the city view. I chose the city view and had one of the best tables for the city view. The selection of food on the menu was good with a variety of various seafood dishes and meat dishes. I ordered the seafood salad which was quite good, my partner ordered the chicken cesar salad which was gas x strips directions also quite good. For mains I chose the Crab casserole which is served with Jasmin electricity transmission and distribution costs rice and stir fried vegetables, I was disappointed with my main meal as was my partner, she ordered the lamb shank. The ambience of the restaurant is quite good and the night I dined at Sirocco a 4 piece Jazz band was playing, the mood was set quite well. The main plus point that Sirocco has going is definitely the view, I found the food slightly above average. After dinner we made our way to the bar, drinks are quite pricey at the bar, expect to pay around 3 times more for drinks than you normally would. I found the staff at Sirocco and the Sky bar a bit rude, for the kind of reputation and price that one cheapest gas in texas has to pay to dine there I expected the staff to be more professional. The bar can get a bit busy later in the evening as most people cram the bar for the various views of the city. Overall Sirocco’s is an average restaurant and the major plus point going to Sirocco is definetly the view. Staff and food are both average. Expect to pay around 1200 baht for a main meal and around 500 baht for starters, a total spend for two around 6000 baht, so it’s not exactly cheap to dine at Sirocco’s and for that kind of money in Bangkok I expected a bit more