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I travelled from Hanoi overnight on the Chapa Express. It is sold as the newest most modern electricity word search printable of the rail operators on the route from Hanoi to Cao Lai (for Sapa.) The only thing they excel at is taking your money. They have 2 compartments 3 and 3A. I have now travelled in both. They are very old carriages. They are not deluxe. At U.S. $350 roundtrip VIP package. It is not cheap. I am fortunate to have travelled by train in many countries and I believe I have enough experience to pass a judgement. I was lucky in that I had sole use of the compartment. They say that beer and wine is included. What they did not say was that only applied in the station. I raised this issue with the lady supervisor at Cao Lai Hanz. I maintained that it was false advertising. She eventually saw my point or so I thought. She insisted that I join the train with her She pointed out that there was a beer and a soft drink. She arranged for me to have gas stations in texas another beer and some wine and took away the soft drink. The photograph of the compartment with a bottle of wine and shiny glasses is an utter joke. My wine was poured into the waxed paper cup provided. She then showed me the back of the ticket. In part it says, “Everything set up on your table is free. However staff from Vietnam Railways also sells teas, coffees, soft drinks, beers and snacks from the trolley. If you purchase please settle your own bills.” I pointed out to her that it did not negate their website offer of beer and wine as part of the package. I again explained that I was forced to purchase beers on my outward leg. She finally conceded that I had a point. As the rolling stock is old you do not get power outage houston txu a smooth journey. The engineer on the return trip had difficulty in moving away from stationary without a substantial jerk. The toilets were disgusting. I pit a woman traveller. I wish now that I had travelled by road. I advise others to do likewise.

After reading many reviews of this experience i was a tad nervous but i have to say it’s definitely something i will never forget in a good way!!! It’s far from perfect but that gives it it’s charm- we booked a 2 bedroom private cabin, which i thoroughly recommend as you may get a random person in your cabin which can be awkward.The room was clean had all the items the brochure said it would have, also the toilet was basic but again gas news clean. As expected the journey was a tad bumpy but you soon get used to it you soon find yourself falling asleep. Woke in the morning to a knock at the door with a lady offering hot drinks- at a cost. you’re then given notice that the train will be nearing it’s destination. On the way back there was a room to wait in for the train which was really nice comfortable- it’s a shame they don’t have this at Hanoi on your outward journey. A note of caution for when you return to Hanoi- the taxi drivers feel the need to try rip you off with fares back to your hotels. Stay steadfast they’ll reduce their charges- it’s not what you need on returning from an overnight train journey.

We thoroughly enjoyed this trip involving an overnight train trip to and from Sapa electricity in india first time in the mountains and a one night stay in Sapa gas prices going up june 2016.. The travel agent, Kate, of Blue Dragon tours, was very attentive and perfectly understood the needs of travellers.. Everything was explained in great detail, she brought the E-Travel vouchers to our hotel promptly at the pre-arranged time on a Sunday morning on our day of travel, and explained where to exchange them for actual train tickets at Hanoi station, also which entrance to use as one entrance is for the trains to the south and the others for the trains north. The sleeping berth was very comfortable, the bed linen was immaculately clean and the cabin was air- conditioned. We paid for the two extra berths to have the cabin to ourselves (2- people) . We had bottled water, beer, fruit, biscuits, toothbrushes and slippers in our cabin and we noticed Sapa -made embroidered cushions, the decor was very stylish. The beer and fruit was only supplied on the return trip , maybe we were more special then 🙂 As well, staff from Vietnam railways offered drinks as the train was about to depart, and in the gas variables pogil answers extension questions morning the drinks (eg tea and coffee)must be paid for. There was a toilet at either end of the carriage and a wash- basin set up. The toilets remained clean throughout the trip, despite what we had read about some trains. My partner was able to smoke between the carriages which was a great relief to him. We had a bus driver waiting with our name on a placard at Lao Cai station to take us on the one hour trip to Sapa. I loved how well organised this was, with no breakdown in communication, it had all filtered through to the right people, even with so many foreign tourists, so many drivers with assorted levels of English,there was our name ! The bus trip was an experience in itself on winding roads with alot of assorted traffic electricity word search, trucks, motorbikes, cars, buses and pedestrians, but the scenery was lovely, so green and so mountainous. On our return from Sapa to Lao Cai, a bus picked us up at our hotel as pre-arranged in the late afternoon , this driver was alot more cautious as he was driving back to Lao Cai on winding roads,in the dark and the rain. Upon our arrival at Lao Cai after a wait of about 2 and a half hours during which we had some snacks and drinks at nearby cafes (there is also a well equipped comfortable waiting electricity production room with two very clean showers and toilets at the station) we boarded the train at around 9 pm for the overnight trip back to Sapa. I throughly recommend the services of Kate and Blue Dragon tours for making this whole adventure very streamlined and easy. Kate also asked if we had a hotel in Sapa but I had already arranged this. I also recommend participating in the cookery class with the Hmong chef at Hill Station restaurant in Sapa, the variety of food is very delicious and you get to eat it at the end of the class On the Monday we walked to Cat Cat where one can buy beautiful embroidered and batik cloth directly from the women who make it, there are electricity kwh alot of steps but it is well worth a visit and the exrecise stimulates the appetite. There are many Hmong girls selling beautiful cloths around Sapa and we had a pizza dinner with two Red Dzao women which allowed us to have a good conversation with them.

Travelled on the Chapa Express early October with husband and our two daughters aged 9 and 11. We booked a private 4 berth and also asked that it be in the middle of the carriage (supposedly less bumpy!). Our train left Hanoi around 9pm and after the initial excitement from the girls they went to sleep pretty quickly. They wanted the top bunks and my husband and I slept on the bottom beds. The girls had a great nights sleep and electricity lab physics mine wasn’t too bad except we got very hot, to the point we thought there must have been a heater on! Most reviews we had read said how cold it got with the AC. I think the top bunks stopped the air flow, it was nice and cool up there! On our gas key staking return trip, our daughters fell asleep before we left the station and awoke in Hanoi and we had a good nights sleep too. Noticeably bumpier on the way back for some reason though. Toilets were clean at all times (take your own toilet paper though), we never got woken by any loud voices etc, a positive experience all round! Only negative was the time the train departs Lao Cai to return to Hanoi (around 9.40pm), a very long wait at the restaurant across from the station that everyone gets dropped off at.