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On 9/20/13 my friend and had a scheduled appointment to see Wander about scheduling our transportation to the airport for 9/23/13. We found Wander in the lobby of Melia Caribe but he was already talking to 6 other ladies who did not know what excursions they wanted to do. So my friend and I waited patiently 30 minutes until he was done with them. Finally our turn. He told us that Sunday, 9/22/13 he would call us around 2:00pm to tell us what time the airport shuttle would come gas national average and pick us up on that Monday 9/23/13. He also asked what excursions we wanted to do. So we told him we was interested in horseback riding and he quoted us a price and told us that he would be at our resort until 12:30 that day. We ended up booking our excursion through another group at the resort that was cheaper than the price he quoted us. Sunday comes around and we get back to our room around 5:45pm checked i have electricity in my body out messages and there were no messages from Wander. My friend called him at the contact number he write down for us. He told her that the shuttle would be at Melia to pick us up at 12 noon. We both thought that was the end of the conversation, instead he ended up asking her if we did an excursion electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade and how we enjoyed it. I thought that question was really none of his business and my friend told him we did do an excursion and had a nice time. Wander then went on to ask who did we book it through so my friend said she could not remember the guy’s name. He asked how much we paid for the gas in back relief excursion, so my friend honestly told him the price. Then he said he could have offered us the same excursion and could have thrown in any other place we wanted to visit for free. My friend told him that he did not offer us any deals or freebies when we talked with him on Friday. Long story short, Wander started to get agitated and then blatantly made the following unprofessional remark you all took food off my table by not booking your excursion with me. My friend is nicer than I am because I would have told him how I really felt and where to go. I am glad she was on the phone because my smart mouth would have had us stranded with no way to the airport which was included in our gas density problems vacation package. I understand his job is commissioned based, but he acted like he was somebody’s father chastising us over the phone because we did not book an excursion with him or his company. We are grown and can choose e85 gas stations in san antonio tx whatever company with the best deals to book an excursion with. I will never use Olympus Tours again all because of Wander’s uncalled for unprofessionalism.

While visiting Punta Cana, Iberostar Grand, we had booked our flight and hotel thru Cheap Carribean and our tour rep was Jean from Olympus tours. He was very patient with us in answering all questions and had some excellent suggestions. Although in the Punta Cana area, there are not a wide variety of excursions, we booked 3 excursions and 1 extra shopping trip. 1) Fiesta – caterman ride / party boat to Catalina Island, included a trip to Catalina island, where the party started from the moment you got on the boat. The only downside, is the trip from Punta Cana to the area where you got on the boat on the south side of the island Carribbean side, the tour took you on a scenic gas x ultra strength during pregnancy route which took a very long time. The day at Catalina Island was eventful and the staff were very friendly, making a fun filled day. Lunch was okay, not exceptional but electricity and circuits class 6 cbse did not taste badly either with pork steak, fresh fruit, slaw, rice. The only downside, is after partying all day, riding a banana boat and snorkling and tubing, the tour took you to a place that has been made to look historic, art gallery on the Chevron river. Also, the tour stopped by 3 different shops to allow you to buy souveniors. 2) 2nd excursion – Deep sea fishing. We are avid fisherman, and asked so many questions of Jean. He took the extra step in calling the captain to ask about the year of the boat and equipment. Unfortunately, what he was told on the phone was not the gas kush truth, The boat was horrible out of Punta Cana, at least 30 year old boat, smoke and gas fumes. The boat was called Sugar. The captain and mate were nice; and seemed to know what they were doing; however that day we had 12 ft waves and it was not optimal conditions to be out in an old old boat. I don’t know where the life jackets were, and we were ag gaston birmingham rocking. In addition, the captain had to crawl in the engine compartment to turn it off. No snacks, minimal drinks. To get on the boat, a skiff had to take us from shore to where the boat was electricity definition anchored. We had to wait on the boat. No marina here. Bad news. 3) Santo Domingo tour – loved our tour guides (Tours R Run) with Carlos and Leo. We couldn’t have asked for better. I would suggest the vip tour where you had the opportunity to go to the Cave and eat lunch. However, the tour was a very long day mainly due to the drive from Punta Cana, we left Iberostar at 7:10 in the a.m. and return after 8:30 p.m. missing our restaurant reservation. shopping trip – 1 hour NOT. i would not suggest going on the Museum shopping tour. What a rip off. It was our last day and we left the hotel at 10:00 and the trip was to be for just over an hour. We went to two shops, both owned by the same. The van certainly was in a hurry to pick you up at your hotel, ontime. They take you to the first hp gas online booking shop and upon entering take you thru a cigar making tour. The last shop we waited for 1 hour and 45 minutes for a van ride back to our hotel. The management was rude and out of his mind. He also for liability sake would not let us take gasoline p a cab. Pricing was not good, the 2nd shop better quality of gifts. In speaking to others waiting, it seems like all the tour companies / hotels offer this trip and make it sound so nice; however it is a rip off. Even though it is completely free minus the tips, it took up the majority of our last day.