Great venue, drinks a bit pricey – review of the o2 institute, birmingham, england – tripadvisor grade 6 electricity unit


I’ve been to this venue 4 or 5 times now to see various bands and artists. The experience can differ each time gas x chewables reviews. Generally it is positive though some things do need a bit of work. The queue to get in can stretch the length of several streets before doors have even opened which is to be expected but the trouble is if you’ve purchased a balcony ticket and you aren’t at the front of that queue then you can end up standing up behind a load of people because there is not even seating to cope. I have just got back from a gig here last night and am now on o2 so about 30 minutes before doors opened I asked if their was a priority queue. I was simply told that f gas regulations ireland I’m too late and the line has been capped off. What does that even mean? There’s not much point being on o2 for the perks if you still have to arrive early and queue in the regular queue with everyone else. The venue itself is really nice. The main room is a good size but still quite small in comparison to somewhere like the Academy just up the road. The stalls are a good size, there’s a couple of bars but they charge extortionate prices like most venues. I’d recommend having a couple at the nearby pubs and just having one at most inside. The balcony is where I tend to get tickets if I can. They’re unreserved as I said electricity orlando so if you want to sit down you really do have to get in the queue early. There’s two levels of balconies so I think the best bet is to go to the top as most people seem to get to the lower balcony first. If you’re happy to stand in the stalls this is a great little venue but if you want to sit down then it’s pot luck which can year 6 electricity unit be annoying.

Went here to see Passenger, must say he was excellent. The place is bigger than it looks but not what I expected, there’s nowhere to get any food inside. There’s a bar but it’s way expensive £10 for 2 drinks gas arkansas. I had a lager shandy and my bloke had a pint of lager. Couldn’t even taste the lemonade and it just did not taste right it was vile. They have no air con it was absolutely red hot, do not go in the stalls! We were in the stalls and it was that crowded you could not move and would get people who are way taller than me standing in front of me and I could hardly see a thing. The only good thing about the place were the security. I was taken ill whilst in there as it was that hot, I nearly passed out, my bloke had to practically carry me out to by where the toilets are to get electricity 1800s some air. I started to feel a little better so we went back in and I had a cup of water from behind the bar. We were going to go outside for a cigarette but the security said it was closed so we just stayed by the open door, where there was a nice breeze. After the act had finished it was taking ages to get out and the crowds were horrendous and I stared to feel ill again and was actually sick. It’s far too hot in there, I couldn’t wait any longer in the crowds to get out so I went npower gas price per unit back to where you go out for a fag and sat on the steps for a while, whilst the crowds died down. The security guards were fantastic and let me stay there until all the crowds had gone and we could get out. They got me some water and even asked if I wanted a Dr. The one security guard (wish I knew his name) even told the others to keep an eye on me. Once everyone had gone the security watched us out to make sure gas density conversion I was ok. They were great! Sadly the only thing that was good about the place apart from Passenger of course. Thanks so much to the security for looking after me.