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To start off my review, we had a really BAD experiance with peru motors. PROS *Very clear contract *Insurance options *Fair! *Good tips on riding locations *road side assistance CONS *Some older bikes are not so well maintend. *A strictly business way of treating customers. *The customer is definitly not always right. *Road side assistance depends on mechanic being available, might be waiting for a while. I recommend either renting elsewhere for budget options, or upgrading to one of the newer biger bikes gas utility boston peru moto have in the shop (like dr 650). stay away from the cheaper options in peru moto, especially if you are riding far from Cusco. If you do rent with Peru Moto, do a good check of the bike, have a short ride and make sure it starts again ok. Do not pick up the bikes and just ride off! And for the full story (judge for yourself): We contacted alex by E-Mail and he recomended we (me and wife) take a 3/4 day ride to Machu Picchu. He offered us to take the honda nx400 and offered a discount, and did warn us the bikes are not new (ours had 62000km on it). The rental was a self guided tour. First two days to Mach Picchu (bike parked at santa theresa) went gas block install smooth. we did around 300km,bike always started in the morning and had no issues. On day 3 going up the pass from santa theresa the bike turned off a few times while bike was still moving. We somehow manged to call alex at the shop (almost no reception on the road la gasolina lyrics) and where told a mechanic will arrive in 3 hours. Ada, who also works in the shop told to try and find a ride, cause it would be a long wait for a mechanic. It was raining and cold there, so we stopped a passing truck who agreed to take us to Ollantaytambo for 50 soles. it was hell trying to lift the bike with no ramp to the truck but after a while we managed. The mechanic arrived after 4 hours to Ollantaytambo(which is much closer to cusco the the pass), so if we have stayed there we would have been sitting till dark. Got a new bike that night, started good first time, and 10 minutes after that did not start anymore. The shop mechanic who was still around push-started it and told us to give it 10 minutes to charge the battery and after that left the bike for the night. clearly it was not enough, early morning the 4th day, again nothing. used chalk, little bit of gas, like the mechanic told us, but nothing. was feeling so unconfident (I have been riding for years, and rented motorcycles at least 10 times in the past) I asked a bunch of guys who came on big inert gas definition chemistry tenere motorbikes from brazil, but they could not start it either. Called alex again, his friend arrived, push-started it down a hill, and I asked him to drive around a bit to make sure the battery is charged, he turned it off, tried again and nothing. push started it again, we let it run for almost 30 minutes more and then the start button worked. This issue repeated the entire day, it had enough juice for one start, after that no more starter sound electricity 4th grade. we got stuck again in pisac, I did manage to start(by pushing) it while waiting on the mechanic, but it was too dark to ride back to Cusco, so we came back in the mechanics truck. I explained I started the bike a few times that day, but the battery was so weak that if I did not get it on the first try, there would be no charge left for a second. Alex started the bike in the shop and dismissed my claims electricity allergy. I realy hope they check the charge on the battery before the next customer. In my opinion, when delivering a bike, the shop should have made sure the battery is good, and not almost empty, could have just taken it for a drive in the shop. All and all, 4 days, 2 bikes not really working. As for Peru moto,they took responsibility for the first bike that broke down. As for the second bike I was told YOU ARE THE PROBLEM MY FRIEND which I personally find insulting, and not an accepted way to speak to customers. Their claim was I do not know how to start a motorcycle, which isnt logical 1.I started the first bike for 2.5 days gas company before it broke down, had no problems. 2.Peru moto mechanic showed me how he starts the bike, which I repeated. 3.I asked other bikers from the hostel, nobody could start it in the morning. 4.I demonstrated how I use the starter when I came back to the shop. In the end, I was compensated (regarding payment) very fairly for the first brake down, but NOT for the second, Which is very fair from the owner`s stand point. Money is not an issue as I am sure Peru moto is fair business. But the bad experiance and the waste of two days of our Peru vacations was a HUGE gas in dogs stomach DISAPPOINTMENT. Once we came back we were offered the money compensation mentioned, but no apology or understanding. it was strictly business. I wrote down the whole story as a warning for future renters as I did read all the good reviews on tripadvisor before renting from peru moto, and had no clue it could go wrong. Decide for yourself if it is worth risking it, or going somewhere else. We spent our rental time pushing, pulling, lifting and unloading bikes. And just sitting on the side of the highway. Def not something I would repeat!!!

To respond to your comments: 1. We offered you a better price on an older bike which you agreed to before even arriving at our office. Our Honda NX400´s are the workhorse of the business and have been the most reliable model we have ever worked with. We have 2 full-time mechanics that maintain our fleet but as with any motorcycle, some mechanical issues are unpredictable. 2. We coordinated the help for you as fast as we could when you called to say the moto would not start. We tried to troubleshoot the problem over the phone first and z gas el salvador when it was evident that nothing more could be done, we sent a pickup truck and another moto out to you. It was suggested to try to get the moto on a passing truck to save you from being on the side of the road and at least to the next town so you and electricity and magnetism physics definition your wife could be more comfortable (your location was closer to Ollantaytambo than us in Cusco just to be clear). When the first moto came back to Cusco and was reviewed by our mechanics, it was a motor problem and not the battery. This was explained to you and we apologized for that malfunction that was unpredictable. 3. The second moto you received was tested and working fine before we loaded it on to the pickup truck to bring to you. When our guide exchanged the moto, he showed you that it worked, how to start it, and you were going to take it back to your hotel. You called us 15 minutes to say you had been trying and could not start the moto and we called our electricity bill calculator guide back to push start it since the battery was drained from your attempts. You were instructed to keep the moto running for at least 30mins to charge the battery back up again. 4. The next morning, you called us again to say you had been trying and could not start the moto. We asked 2 moto mechanic friends who live close by to push start the moto again because the battery had been drained. They were able to get it started and you were able to continue with your wd gaster day. Another guide of ours who was doing an ATV Tour in Moray saw the moto and came up to you to once again review with you how to start the moto properly and you acknowledged all the steps. 5. When you called us from Coya later in the day, again you had been trying and could not start the moto. You were near a Peruvian bystander who helped you push start it and when we talked again after that, you said you were going to continue with your day to Pisac 6. You called us again from Pisac. You could not start the moto again. You were tired and you said yourself that you had lost all confidence in how to start the moto. We sent a pickup truck electricity sources to get the moto and you and your wife to come back to Cusco. The moto was not the problem at this point, you just gave up. 7. Alejandro got emotional with his frustrations and made a comment on the phone to you about being the source of the problem. That was wrong and he is conscientiously trying to improve in that area. He did apologize for the first moto´s problems and moved earth and water to get you that second moto in Ollantaytambo, mechanic friends the next morning, assistance during the day, and another mechanic with electricity and magnetism review sheet pickup truck to Pisac that night. 8. Dozens of telephone calls, 4 separate mechanical support visits with you (in 3 different locations) all in a 24 hour period – we am not sure what level of roadside assistance you were envisioning but you got more than any car/moto rental company in Peru can provide. When there is a mechanical issue, we attend to it as rapidly and efficiently as possible. When the issue is with the pilot´s use of the moto that causes the problem (the numerous unsuccessful tries to start the moto electricity experiments for preschoolers is what drained the battery each time and lead to your call. It was not a problem with the battery, starter, or the moto itself, that is why Alejandro could start it the moment the moto arrived back in Cusco and why he had to demonstrate to you what you were not doing right.) 9. We know you were not happy with your overall experience. We compensated you for the time lost and you did not pay for your extra day. Since the moto was fine in Pisac but you requested us to pick you and your wife up, only the cost of the gasoline was requested of you (and not the driver, pickup, or anything else).