Green-e energy tracking attestation form electricity jewels


This Green-e ® Energy Tracking Attestation Form is required for gas tax in washington state generating facilities registered with a renewable energy tracking system in the United States or Canada (ERCOT, M-RETS, MIRECS, NARR, NEPOOL-GIS, NC-RETS, PJM-GATS and WREGIS), that either (a) wish to be identified (including within that tracking system) as producing renewable energy that may be used in a Green-e ® Energy Certified product or (b) whose renewable energy is claimed to be within the supply chain of a product that is subject to an annual sales and supply audit for Green-e ® Energy certification.

Green-e ® Energy is a voluntary program that certifies renewable energy products meeting criteria developed by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). Acceptance by CRS of a completed Tracking Attestation indicates that the electricity electricity lyrics facility identified in the attestation meets the eligibility criteria of the Green-e Energy Standard for the United States and Canada. This does not mean that the facility, facility owner, facility’s output, or sale of facility’s output is Green‑e Energy Certified. It simply means that the facility’s output may be used by certain renewable energy sellers to more easily make sales of Green-e Energy Certified products. Only sellers that maintain certification contracts with CRS are able to make such sales. If the Tracking Attestation is accepted by CRS, basic facility information will appear on the Green‑e Energy website so potential buyers may consider purchasing your renewable energy for their Green‑e Energy Certified products. Sales to participants in the Green-e Energy gas house edwards co certification program will be subject to review as part of the Green‑e Energy verification process.

The maximum period covered by this form is three years, although the owner of the generating facility or the entity to which facility registration rights have been assigned may indicate a more limited period in the attestation form. In addition, the Tracking Attestation will remain in effect only so long as the facility: (a) is actively registered in a tracking system, (b) remains in compliance with all of that gas 78 facebook tracking system’s rules, and (c) the facility’s output is used in Green‑e Energy Certified products. If facility information or characteristics change, Green‑e Energy requires submission of an updated attestation. The party completing and signing the attestation must notify Green‑e Energy staff immediately in writing if any of the following occurs: the facility ceases to be registered in the tracking system for any reason, violates tracking system rules, or is ineligible under the most current version of the Green-e Energy Standard for the United States and Canada.

I, the undersigned, declare that I have sufficient knowledge and authority to make the following attestation for the Effective Period of this document. I also declare the following regarding Facility’s participation in Tracking System and regarding Renewable Attributes (also called “Certificates gas blower will not start,” “Renewable Energy Certificates,” or “RECs”) generated by Facility and tracked in Tracking System:

• All Renewable Attributes associated with electricity production by Facility are fully aggregated and include all environmental benefits of electricity generation by Facility as required by the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States (to the maximum extent permissible under cap-and-trade programs, including all CO 2 benefits, emissions offsets, reductions and claims)

• To the best of my knowledge the Renewable Attributes or the electricity that is generated with gas works park fireworks the Renewable Attributes are not used to meet any federal, state or local renewable energy requirement, renewable energy procurement, renewable portfolio standard, or other renewable energy mandate by any entity other than the party on whose behalf the Renewable Attributes are retired