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“Be wise. Electricity symbols and meanings Accessorize,” a catchy advertising slogan of a prominent jewelry firm, might well serve as a mantra for Bertoia Auctions’ sale in Vineland, New Jersey, on April 9 of the trains, rolling stock, and railside accessories from the Jerry and Nina Greene collection. Electricity rates el paso The 703-lot auction exceeded expectations at $1.19 million (buyers’ premiums included)—full speed ahead of projections.

Auction gallery owner Jeanne Bertoia was buoyant over the turnout. Types of electricity tariff Attendees appeared to take auctioneers Timothy Luke’s and Michael Bertoia’s “All Aboard” alert literally. Electricity symbols ks3 Interest level remained high, if not feverish, particularly among scores of advanced collectors from all over the globe. Gas usa Once again, as it was at Bertoia’s March 12 estate sale of Jim Ferguson’s prewar wide-gauge American Flyer trains, the gallery was packed with rail fans.

Interested spectators included Jerry Greene, his wife, Nina, son, Michael, and daughter Melissa of Philadelphia. Gas jockey Two other important persons of interest were toy train authorities Uwe Heinze, who flew in from Germany, and Doug Prendeville of Parsippany, New Jersey, one of the top train dealers in the U.S.; they performed the grading and estimating for the Greene collection sale. Electricity news australia (Prendeville recalled learning to read as a young lad by poring over Lionel train catalogs.)

Unassailably the Greene collection’s top entry, this Märklin panoramic tunnel with composition mountainscape and tinplate castle tower, perfectly scaled and detailed, hand painted, the railed base with lamps and striped painted sentry station at entrance, 13″ high x 29″ wide, sold for $84,000 (est. Gas efficient cars 2016 $18,000/22,000).

In terms of total actual dollars spent at the auction, bidding in the gallery had a slight edge, though all venues stirred strong responses. Electricity worksheets for grade 1 Telephone bidders took 92 lots (13%); absentee bidders, 95 (14%); Internet bidders, 277 (39%); and gallery bidders, 239 (34%).

Marquee top-shelf classics bore the cachet of the hobby’s early golden years, trumpeting European and U.S. Electricity 80s song toy train makers’ aristocracy. Electricity in indian states Crossing the dais were Märklin, Bing, JEP, Carette, Kindler & Briel (Kibri), and stateside makers with American Flyer, Ives, Lionel, Carlisle & Finch, Voltamp, Knapp, and Dorfan.

This Märklin I-gauge girder bridge, with its dramatic scale and presence and decorative Bavarian shields, graces the cover of Paul Schiphorst’s The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains, 1850-1909. Electricity in human body wiki Despite having replaced flags and lamps, loose rails, and touch-ups, it sold for $51,000 (est. Physics c electricity and magnetism study guide $15,000/20,000).

Filling the rail sidings was a transfixing mix of train engines, tenders, coaches, specialty cars, trolleys, trams, and specialty train sets in O, I, and III (Bing) gauges, powered by clockwork mechanisms, electricity, and steam.

The Bertoia gallery setup at the preview was a sight to behold, with row upon row of tables—24 in all—beckoning as far as the eye could see. 4 gases in the atmosphere besides oxygen and nitrogen Unveiled front and center in the Greenes’ crisscrossing railway panorama were an incredible 80 passenger, freight, and power stations (terminals). Gas works park seattle An awed German collector supposedly exclaimed, “ Wunderbar! How many exceptional toy train stations can there be?”

Märklin O-gauge “Passage” train station with walk-up steps. G gas lol The superb detailing includes frosted glass windows, ornate side embossed stonework, and roof tile accents. Gas lighting urban dictionary At 11″ high x 17½” wide, in all-original paint, it far surpassed its $15,000/18,000 estimate to sell for $42,000.

According to auction associate Rich Bertoia, Jerry Greene was always convinced that accessories added to the magic of the hobby and actually collected these diverting realistic components well before he and Nina gravitated to actual train sets, earning him the title “Mr. B games zombie Station.”

The railside landscape projected a wondrous spectacle of startlingly realistic tunnels, bridges, electric switches, street lamps, railroad signals, ticket booths, food kiosks, and even comfort stations. Gas bijoux soho Lilliputian-size figures of porters, conductors, engineers, vendors, and switch-men scurried at their tasks.

At the 1891 Leipzig Toy Fair, Märklin introduced a new concept: that locomotives, however dramatic and appealing, are not a separate entity and are only integral to a larger overall system. C gastronomie vitam By adding figure-eight track and stations, bridges, tunnels, etc., toddlers’ domains were broadened, and more dads interacted. Electricity nw Over 125 years later, Märklin still continues its remarkable run of railside accessories of unstinting quality.

This Bing “Jupiter” gauge III hand-enameled passenger set with a 4-4-0 live steam locomotive, a “GNR” tender, a “Gepack-Express-Baggage” car with sliding doors, two sleeping cars, and a dining car, ex-Ward Kimball collection, the engine and tender 22″ long, a replaced front truck and some paint burn, sold for $48,000 (est. Electricity prices by state $20,000/30,000).

On these shores, as a diversionary tactic, Joshua Lionel Cowen (who shared W.C. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the Fields’s uneasy truce with youngsters) introduced the Lionel line of track, switches, and tunnels. Gas pump icon He cautioned that “Children want to participate. Electricity definition physics They want movement and action. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol They don’t just want to watch a train go around and around. H gas l gas A few minutes of that and the little nippers will wander off and squeeze out some toothpaste or set fire to the curtains.”

Inevitably, three of the top four high achievers in the Greene collection proved to be accessories. Gas hydrates india The top choice at $84,000 (including the buyer’s premium) was accorded to a 13″ high x 29″ wide Märklin panoramic tunnel with mountainscape that included a tinplate castle tower and a perfectly scaled and detailed base with lamps and striped sentry station; it quadrupled the estimate. A gas station near me Again it was mighty Märklin with an I-gauge girder bridge in dramatic scale and presence, soaring to 16″ high and spanning 85″ long; despite condition problems with replaced glass and shields, loose rails, and touch-ups, it resonated at $51,000. Gas emoji meaning A real beauty from the Ward Kimball collection (sold by Noel Barrett in 2004 and 2005) was a “Jupiter” Bing gauge III passenger set; comprising a hand-enameled 4-4-0 live steam engine and “GNR” tender, 22″ long, together with a baggage car, sleeping car, and dining car, it orbited to $48,000.

This Märklin train station for the English market, with hand-painted simulated brick, awning, and “Bovril” signage, 10″ high x 16½” wide, sold for $14,400.

This 14¼” long Märklin end-loading station with a railed ramp, glass lamps, and simulated painted brick house—a truly scarce accessory—sold for $16,800.

A Märklin O-gauge “Passage” train station with all-original paint and superb detailing, including frosted glass windows, ornate side embossed stonework, and roof tile accents, 11″ high x 17½” wide, was certainly the prime pick of 80 stations, and it far surpassed expectations at $42,000.

Toy livestock corrals comprise one group of accessories that seldom surface. Gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the Much admired, a #280 Märklin O-gauge cattle ramp platform had a railing along the sides and two corrals enclosing milk cows and sheep. Gas problem in babies Measuring 5½” high x 12″ wide, it hit the low estimate and went at $4800. Static electricity definition science A more elaborate entry, an 18½” long Märklin I-gauge cattle ramp platform with side railings, three fenced corrals, simulated stone walls, and an original small ramp with railings, topped its estimate and brought $9600.

Toy trolleys, power cars, trams, and gondolas—over 40 strong—included numerous elusive and much-desired entries from the fledgling years of Ives, Knapp, Bing, Voltamp, Lionel, Carlisle & Finch, Märklin, and Bing. Gas yojana The latter two firms dominated the European entries.

This “AEG” 2-4-4-2 electric locomotive with unusual die-cast aluminum body and pantographs on roof, 15¾” long, sold for $2700 (est. Gas examples matter $400/600).

The Ernst Plank (Germany) tandem trolley #25, an early hand-painted electric power unit and trailing trolley, signage boards reading “Les Lilas” and “Opéra,” two doors on trailer replaced, each 7½” long, sold for $16,800 (est. Electricity ground explained $8000/10,000).

This Märklin tunnel with cannon battery, of hand-painted tin with embossed mountains and cannon stationed behind artillery barrier, the tracks at the tunnel entrance accommodating various gauges, 12½” high x 26½” wide, sold for $27,000 (est. Gas vs diesel $5000/7000).

This Märklin painted cast-iron three-arm street lamp with swan neck, fanciful filigree, and three hanging glass globes, the base with marbleized tones, 18½” high, minor touch-ups, sold for $19,200 (est. 76 gas card payment $6000/8000). Grade 6 electricity quiz Not shown, a 12″ high gold-painted truss tower lamp, also Märklin, excelled at $4500 (est. C gastritis im antrum $2500/3500).

This Voltamp (U.S.) four-wheel tinplate trolley No. Grade 9 static electricity quiz 2219, hand painted and with clerestory on roof, 8¾” long, sold for $11,400, nearly four times its estimate.

The Märklin I-gauge PLM locomotive and tender for the U.S. O gastronomo market, the 4-6-2 locomotive and eight-wheel tender with extensive nickel appointments and with correct rubber stamping on the side locomotive, touch-up to cowcatcher, 17″ long, sold for $16,800 (est. Gas in texas $6000/8000).

The Märklin No. Electricity vampires 502 and 512 Mein Eisenbahnen set, a motorized unit and two trailing cars with full interiors and lighting, two with pantographs on roofs, each 16″ long, minor chipping, sold for $27,000.

This Märklin red locomotive, reportedly sold exclusively by F.A.O. Electricity and magnetism ppt Schwarz, New York City, in a very limited run, tin clockwork 0-4-0 engine with short stack and cast-iron wheels, in red and black, the cowcatcher and bell added, with a dent in the boiler, sold for $19,200.

This Lionel power and trailer trolleys No. Electricity production in china 4400, lettered on the trailer and with clerestory roofs, the roof flaking and boards overpainted, 14¾” long, sold for $20,400 (est. Electricity dance moms full episode $3000/4000).

In 2011 the Jerry and Nina Greene toy train collection, a well-kept secret for over half a century, triggered a media shower that went viral. Gas appliance manufacturers association Across the globe, interviews and features appeared in countless newspapers, magazines, and on the network airwaves, including a Greene profile, “A Model Train Collector’s One-Track Mind,” on CBS’s Sunday Morning. Gas prices going up 2016 The Greenes’ exhaustive train legacy was hailed as the “world’s largest,” and cumulatively at least, this was not just hyperbole.

Many in the hobby marvel that Jerry Greene has managed to mount such an extravaganza and still stay under the radar. Electricity generation by source He has been active in the TCA (Train Collectors Association) since he was ten; his father, Ben, was also a die-hard rail fan, who attended countless conventions and swap meets and rubbed shoulders and swapped rail lore with such legends in the hobby as Ed Alexander (a TCA founder), John Marron, Louis Hertz, Doc Robinson, Bill Kramer, and Dick Fernandez.

As a young man in the 1970s, Jerry Greene moved from New York City to Philadelphia, where he opened up the Record Museum, which became a chain of music stores, and soon met his future wife, Nina. Gas in oil pressure washer Signs that read “Wanted To Buy Toy Trains” soon appeared in the Greene store windows. Origin electricity login By keeping his toy train transactions under wraps, by having others buy and trade for him at shows and auction and seeking out trains from private sources, he was eminently successful in building his collection.

Back in the 1970s, Greene had divested a large portion of holdings with a virtually complete retinue of Lionel and American Flyer post-World War II rolling stock, though he retained many of the ultimate rarities. British gas jokes For their next quest, the Greenes graduated to an even more formidable category, 19th- and 20th-century European trains—a Märklin, Bing, Schoner, Plank, Carette, and Rock & Graner tour de force. Power vocabulary words As the collection grew and grew, many of the prize pieces were displayed at Sotheby’s and subsequently found a permanent home at the New-York Historical Society, where they frequently energize crowds at periodic exhibitions.

The Greenes, never known to run out of steam, still retained over 700 lots of trains, including recent acquisitions and infrastructure or rail accessories. Y gasset Time to cue up Duke Ellington’s “Take the ‘A’-Train.” It was show time at Bertoia’s.

As to Jerry Greene’s future train aspirations, his mantra says it all: “Once a collector, always a collector.” The next leg of the journey “will include modern-era trains and building our own operating layout at home.”