Greens to go review (update may 2018) 16 things you need to know gas bloating nausea


Decaffeinated green tea can prevent one from gaining weight or lose some weight compared to regular green tea. The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that that decaf green tea can lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels which imply that it reduces the chances of diseases related to the heart. The antioxidants in green tea also limit the risk of clogged arteries, as suggested by the University of Maryland Medical center. In addition to this, it can help prevent cancer and control blood sugar level. [3] Broccoli

It is low in calories and contains reasonable amounts of vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin B- complex. Both soluble and insoluble in dietary fiber exist in broccoli which means it aids the process of digestion and prevents cancer of the colon. Moreover, it has strong anti-cancer properties and is a good source of sulfur that helps to destroy toxins and carcinogens. The Linus Pauling Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center confirm this claim too. [4] Grape Seed Extract

It is instrumental in preventing many of the cardiovascular diseases. It can also help treat poor blood circulation and high cholesterol levels, swelling caused by injury and eye diseases related to diabetes. In addition to this, it contains antioxidants that protect cells from damage and ensures overall health too, believed to lower the risk of some cancers. [5] Kale

It contains some nutrients that help promote healthy skin, hair and bones. The high fiber content aids the process of digestion and improves cardiovascular health. Overall, it can improve blood glucose levels, lower the risk of cancer, control blood pressure and help prevent asthma. [6] Spinach

It is one of the few foods rich in tons of nutrients yet contains almost no calories. It is beneficial for skin, hair and healthy bones because it contains good amounts of protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to this, it can help lower blood glucose level, reduce the chances of cancer, lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, and treat asthma and much more. [7] Lemon

Even a medium sized lemon contains good amounts of potassium and calcium. Both of these minerals are very important for strong bones and a healthy heart. In addition to this, it contains thiamine, riboflavin, folate, and B-6. B-complex vitamins are essential vitamins needed for the normal functioning of many processes within the body. [8]

According to the official website, Greens To Go supplements will enhance overall health, but it provides no information to support the claim that it can help in weight loss. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also confirm that consuming fresh fruits and vegetables would be more useful for people trying to lose weight and also that supplements of Greens to Go are not same as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, the fact that Greens To Go is not backed by clinical evidence speaks much about its effectiveness.

Greens To Go benefit lies in the fact that it contains a lot of healthy ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, herbs… it includes all. The product is believed to have a “trinity” of benefits in the form of Alkalizing, Balancing, and Detoxification.

In regards to the results, the amount of weight lost by an individual varies from person to person and also depends on various factors. For example, the foods consumed by an individual, tablets are taken, one’s starting weight, gender and other relevant genetic and environmental information. However, according to the research done and customer reviews, the results are seen immediately, mostly in the first few weeks of usage.

Greens To Go is now being used for some time now, and recently many studies have been conducted on it too. The presence of ingredients like caffeinated green tea, potassium, calcium, tomato, broccoli, etc. speak much about the effectiveness of Greens To Go. They together help in fighting obesity, help in muscle contraction, maintain fluid and pH balance in cells of the body and increase overall energy levels by releasing energy from fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Research shows that it can reduce hunger hands, thus considered as one of the most influential appetite suppressants. People using Greens To Go have stated that only after consuming a small amount of food, they fell satisfied and do not experience any sugar cravings. The best part is that unlike most weight loss products and herbs, it does not entirely reduce appetite but in fact gives a sensation of being satisfied to prevent overeating. This enables people to consume smaller meals and nutritionists see it as the healthiest way of reducing weight by keeping the metabolism active the entire day. Keeping all the benefits in mind, Greens To Go diet supplements are becoming increasingly popular.

Spiru-Tein is considered a high-protein meal replacement. It contains even less than 99 calories, no fat, very fewer carbohydrates, and proper amounts of protein. Moreover, it provides with sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, including, Vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, iron, calcium, zinc and other essential nutrients. Therefore, it acts as a good alternative to Greens To Go. [9]

The best product seen recently is Burn HD that is made up of four-clinically tested ingredients. These ingredients when combined enhance metabolism and leads to rapid weight loss. The manufacturer behind Burn HD is so confident about its effectiveness that it is offering free samples. [10]

Another alternative is D-Bal which is thought to provide results in less than 30 days. The best part is it contains protein that helps in the building of muscles. Moreover, it is safe and legal, gives instant results, increased stamina, and ensures increased concentration. The company behind D-Bal also claims that it needs no prescription; it is entirely safe to use. [11]

The most popular alternative is Skinny Medical that is believed to target five main weight loss areas. It does not have any major side-effects and is even clinically certified. As far as the ingredients are concerned, existing clinical evidence supports the claim that the ingredients are entirely healthy, safe and natural. Moreover, the company is so sure about the results that it is offering 100% money-back guarantee. [12]

Skinny bunny tea is one of the best detox and weight loss drinks. It is made up of different teas that help stimulate the body and encourage healthy weight loss. Presence of detox ingredients cleanses the digestive system, thereby aiding the process of digestion. [13]

Greens To Go tastes very good. The customers so far have also not complained about taste or the texture. In addition to this, not many similar products to Greens To Go are available, so people do not have anything much to compare the taste with. Value

Considering the quality and quantity of ingredients and comparing them to the price, the product is worth buying. Initially, people complained about the high price, but they soon realized that the price is worth all the benefits provided by the supplement. The product is thought to cost around $35 a month. What Users Are Saying

“I don’t like to eat cooked vegetables so I tried this product to ensure I get my vegetable intake. And I am now drinking two bottles of this mix every day. In addition to providing the nutrition I miss by not eating vegetables, the drink has helped to clear my skin and make it more healthy. It also keeps me sharp and clear headed all morning. I highly recommend this great tasting drink to anyone who doesn’t eat their vegetables like they should every day…” Kelly E. Christenson