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Greninja, true to being a ninja-themed character, has very strong mobility similar to characters such as Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, and Sonic. This is notably evident with its walking speed (4th fastest), dashing speed (7th fastest), air speed (10th fastest), and rolls (both of which are tied for the game’s second-fastest). However, unlike said characters, it maintains a strong set of KO moves, notably its smash attacks, throws (except down throw) and fully charged Water Shuriken. As with its appearance in Super Smash Bros electricity for kids. 4, this makes it a strong mix of speed and power.

Greninja’s ground game is very strong due to its frame data, being among the fastest in the game. To further compound this attribute, most of its attacks have low ending lag, granting it a strong combo game, notably with its down tilt, dash attack, neutral aerial, up aerial’s linking hits, and back aerial’s first and second hits. Adding on, all of its smash attacks have very fast startup and KO power for their speed, notably with up smash.

Greninja also has gas 99 cents a very strong air game due to its aforementioned air speed, jump height, and aerials that are reliable for multiple situations, while they all have low landing lag (except for down aerial, at 30 frames). Its neutral aerial is a decent low percent-combo starter (due to n-air’s landing lag being pretty much nonexistent) and can also KO at high percentages, its forward aerial can KO very early at the edge, its up aerial can be used multiple times in a row to easily build up damage gas key staking, its back aerial is a very fast offstage KO option, and its down aerial can be used to return to the stage or perform surprise combos.

Greninja’s grab game is overall very effective, due to its grabs being among the longest ranges of any non-tether grab in the game, two KO throws (forward, up), and a decently effective combo starter with down throw. Finally, Greninja’s special moves are effective for various situations; Water Shuriken is a high-percentage KO option when fully charged, where due to hitting multiple times, Greninja can rush down its opponent and follow up with any aerial attack (except for down) or an up smash. Shadow Sneak works as an effective ambush option, Hydro Pump is a good recovery move (and can be used for gimping recoveries and pushing an opponent to the blast zone), and Substitute is a counterattack that can be aimed in one of 8 different directions upon a successful counter.

Like all characters, Greninja is flawed in many ways. Greninja’s primary flaws are its inability to break out of combos as well as a relative lack of KO setups. While Greninja has an easier time breaking out of combos due to the lower landing lag on all of its aerials, as well as the buffs given to Substitute, it still has difficulties in escaping combos due to its aerials still remaining relatively slow npower electricity meter reading in startup lag. This can be alleviated with its back or down aerials or Shadow Sneak, but both are not very effective due to back aerial’s almost entirely horizontal hitboxes, down aerial’s landing lag, and Shadow Sneak’s eyes now flashing just before the attack comes out. Finally, even though Greninja has an easier time KO’ing opponents, it still has trouble in doing so due to a general lack of reliable KO setups. At high percents, one can down tilt to an up-smash (after running a bit in front) but this is only true at specific percents. At even higher percents, down tilt can combo into forward aerial, after that Greninja has to resort to one of its KO throws. Mistakes are not tolerated kushal gas agencies belgaum with the ninja frog.

Despite being considered a mid-to-high-tier character in Super Smash Bros. 4, Greninja has gas bubbles in colon been greatly buffed from Smash 4 to Ultimate. As with all other characters in the game, its already strong mobility is even faster, while its previously situational moves (such as dash attack, down smash and Water Shuriken) are much more versatile. Due to the game’s universal changes to dash mechanics, Greninja can also further exploit his amazing ground mobility, allowing for easier setups into his combo starters, such as down tilt and dash attack. Furthermore, the reduced landing lag on Greninja’s aerial attacks gives it an easier time landing, while the universal 3-frame jumpsquat improves Greninja’s ground-to-air potential.

However, its biggest buffs were to its grab game, which saw an even faster standing grab, while its forward and back throws can now KO in addition to its up throw. As a result of receiving multiple buffs with relatively few nerfs, Greninja retains its status as a viable character in Ultimate’s early meta with above average representation as of late thanks to Stroder, Some, Lea and iStudying.

Two alternating palm thrusts followed by a double palm thrust that emits a small blast of water. If button mashed, it is instead followed frictional electricity examples by a series of knifehand strikes that emit blade-shaped blasts of water that concludes with an outward knifehand strike that emits a small blast of water. It can also be jab canceled, such as into forward tilt, down tilt and forward smash.

Disappears briefly, then preforms a forward kick or a drop kick (relative to the user’s reappearance in relation to the enemy) to attack. The move activates when the special button is released. The way the shadow moves is relative to Greninja’s position, and it can be moved further or closer to change how far Greninja teleports. While performing Shadow Sneak, Greninja cannot run, attack, grab, dodge or shield. However electricity ground explained, it can walk slowly, jump and taunt.

Does a pose, if anyone hits it while posing, Greninja will temporarily disappear and get replaced by a wooden log or a Substitute doll then appear behind the opponent and strike them. It deviates noticeably from other counters, as the attack itself can be angled in an inputted direction and launching the opponent in that direction (with the down input meteor smashing opponents, which makes it a good punish against reckless edgeguarders).

• Down Taunt: While standing on one foot, Greninja holds out its hands, faces the gas nozzle keeps stopping screen, and summons small sprays of water. The sprays can do 1% or 2% damage and produce some knockback, though they’re able to KO only at above 420%. A video showing the exact KO percentages at which each character can be KO’d can be found here. Unlike the rest of Greninja’s taunts, this one cannot be cancelled (unless Shadow Sneak is being charged before using it).

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