Grizzly bear photography workshop at lake clark alaska gas works park seattle


During our Grizzly Bear Photography Workshop, you will capture stunning images of grizzly bears in their natural habitat and perfect your wildlife photography skills while enjoying the picturesque settings of the Alaskan wilderness. Workshop guests will be immersed in the region’s spectacular scenic beauty, photographing coastal brown bears from early to late while enjoying chef-cooked meals and staying in an exclusive and strategically-located luxury lodge, where bears can often be seen just outside the deck and in the garden. Small Groups Only!

The small group style ensures maximum field time while catering to each person’s skills and interests and allows photographers to move around easily and efficiently. This helps get the best shots possible – capturing the best light, backgrounds and compositions throughout their wildlife photography – while maintaining respect for the animals. This proven approach results in natural images of the wildlife in their stress-free habitat.

The Grizzly Bear Photography workshop is conducted in a beautiful coastal preserve with snow-covered peaks of volcanic mountains towering in the background while brown bears display instinctive behaviors. Throughout the course of the grizzly bear tour, photographers will have the opportunity to capture behaviors like:

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a photographer’s paradise and one of the hidden gems of the National Park System. Located 100 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, but accessible only by small aircraft or boat, the park is deep in the Alaskan wilderness. With 4 million acres of land, there is scenic beauty everywhere in this remote area of Alaska.

A sow nurses her two cubs that were born this year. Lake Clark National Park and Preserve at Silver Salmon Creek is the best destination to capture photos of grizzly bears in their natural habitat. The grizzly bears which live inside the wildlife preserve have never been hunted by humans, meaning that photographers can watch the bears acting naturally without adding any stress to these beautiful creatures. Although grizzly bears are still formidable wild animals that require respect, the bears inside Lake Clark National Park and Preserve peacefully live and let live.

While at Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark, our guests will stay in a luxury lodge, are served meals prepared by a chef, and most importantly, are given ample opportunity to photograph the bears as much as possible. We will be accompanied by a trained Bear Guide in the field who knows the animals just as well as our photography guides know cameras. We will take time when the light in not ideal to discuss different photographic techniques for capturing images of the bears in our private meeting room.

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