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We bought a groupon deal for use of the spa , which allowed us two treatments and lunch. I would say the experience could only be described as fine/alright. There was nothing wrong with it, just the little things weren’t right. I wanted to confirm the booking before hand and the customer dynamic electricity examples service I received over the phone wasn’t great. Once at the spa itself we weren’t given slippers/flipflops (weren’t told to bring any) so had to walk around barefoot all day. The treatment rooms were quite cold sadly. The actual treatments themselves were good though. We presumed electricity in water pipes that the spa pool was for spa users, however it was just the resorts pool so there was a lot of kids splashing about. Normally not an issue but when you’re trying to relax at a spa it’s not ideal. Lunch again was ok, very limited choice due to our spa package and drinks weren’t included to our surprise. Customer service in the bar however was very good. As we were there on a groupon deal we weren grade 6 electricity’t disappointed, but if we had paid full price that would be a very different story.

Cottage and grounds were lovely however, when we arrived we had no hot water, we were told to leave it a few hours to heat up… Still no hot water. The RECEPTIONIST then appears with a tool bag electricity review worksheet to ‘fix’ it… To no avail… The next morning a handyman appears, advises us to either use communal showers at the pool to get washed, or give us the key to another cottage to run back and forth from to shower?! We opted for the latter. As they use old immersion boilers by the time the 7th member of our group had a shower it was ICE cold!!! We were running gas buddy between cottages soaking and in bath robes for everyone to see. We also had to stay in the cottage til half 12 in the afternoon on our 1st full day in Aberfeldy so they could drain the physical science electricity review worksheet boiler. A hose had to be run out the front door for this, which meant the door had to stay open and we were told to stay til it was done… We then receive a phone call to say we had not paid for milkshakes we bought the previous day… The bill HAD been paid, and after explaining who we paid it too, and by which method and telling them what exact time it was paid they STILL insisted it was not paid!! Day 3 of our 4 day stay was the first we were able to shower in our own cottage. We still had the key of the other cottage till we left for home even though we had seen other people go into the cottage gasco abu dhabi email address… Very, Very unprofessional. Upon leaving we discussed our awful stay with the receptionist… Instead of calling a manager to discuss it further the barman appeared to claim AGAIN that we had not paid for gas engine tom milkshakes!! The incompetent staff member at the bar must’ve either given us the wrong bill to pay, or pocketed the money as we once again gave times, method AND price we had paid!! We were given £4.17 back in electricity u gas hampton for the boiler not working. Utterly disgusted with this resort and would advise to avoid at all costs. Plenty of other places to stay in Aberfeldy where you most likely will not be accused of stealing drinks and be able to have a shower in the comfort of your own cottage, and perhaps the staff would be a bit more helpful.