Grouse about this_ a funny-looking bird is holding up key national defense legislation

Known for its distinctive strut, spiky tail and fluffy chest, the sage grouse is a chicken-like bird whose habitat covers 186 million acres in eleven western states. Electricity formulas grade 9 That habitat also overlaps significant oil and gas basins across the West, according to the Western Energy Alliance, which filed a lawsuit in August against the federal government over its conservation plans for the bird.

Though the Obama administration agreed a year ago not to list the sage grouse as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, opponents argue the administration’s changes in land-management rules to protect the bird essentially achieve the same impinging effect. Electricity distribution losses Private development interests and lawmakers aligned with them argue that state and local land-management plans, which tend to be more industry-friendly than federal plans, should take precedence.

“This is a proxy battle in their fight for state control of federal land in the West,” said a Democratic staffer for the Natural Resources Committee. Emoji gas station “They don’t want to see the federal government emplace conservation measures on federal lands anywhere. Us electricity supply voltage That’s an open secret.”

When the GOP party drafted its platform at the convention in Cleveland in late July, the sage grouse and lesser prairie chicken were included by name in an effort to protect the economic interests of western states. Electricity dance moms song Now a GOP party plank, the professed fear is that the birds’ endangered status would “threaten to devastate farmers, ranchers, and oil and gas production.”

“We’re talking 16 states,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told fellow members of a GOP policy-drafting committee while making the argument. Electricity distribution costs “I know drillers who are going out of business because they can’t drill, because those are in prairie chicken habitats. Gas blower will not start I know land owners who can’t sell their land because its in prairie chicken habitats. Electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Similar things are about to happen in the mountain states because they are about to list the sage grouse.”

“I don’t think it will ever come to that,” Bishop said. Electricity usage calculator spreadsheet “I think it will be included in the NDAA because it is a military issue that affects ranges in the West and it is the right thing to do. Gas yourself I think that ultimately people will come to that conclusion.”

Bishop’s camp, according to a staffer, has reached out to McCain and Reed, but “all calls and outreach to try and discuss an agreement [have] not been reciprocated.

“The Senate is not even interested in a discussion, but in the interest of moving forward, I hope they would have the courtesy of returning calls,” the staffer said.

House Democrats have used the impasse to publicly poke fun at Republicans. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx House Armed Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Ranking Member Jackie Speier, D-Calif., in a floor speech last week, said House Republicans were “chicken for prioritizing politics over national security policy.”

“A disagreement between House and Senate Republicans got egg all over the deal” to reconcile the pending defense bill, Speier said. Gas oil ratio “That’s right, a bill that authorizes over $600 billion in spending on wartime operations, service member benefits and many other provisions critical to the defense of our country was taken down by a bird.”

The Defense Department’s position on the issue has been subject to competing interpretations of letters it sent Congress in April at the request of top Democrats on the HASC and House Natural Resources Committee.

Acting Assistant Defense Secretary for Readiness Daniel Feehan said in one letter that existing law sufficiently protects DoD’s interests, “and we do not anticipate the need for additional legislation from Congress.” The military services have largely said the same.

If the sage grouse were listed as an endangered species and the Air Force’s lands lose their exemption from “critical habitat” designation, the service would have to spend $500,000 annually to protect the sage grouse, up from the $200,000 it already spends. Gas questions The other services also rely on this exemption.

There are eight known military installations with confirmed populations of the greater sage-grouse, according to a fact sheet from the Defense Department and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Electricity bill nye worksheet They are Dugway Proving Ground and Tooele Army Depot in Utah; Sheridan Training Area and Camp Guernsey in Wyoming; Hawthorne Army Depot and Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada; Yakima Training Center in Washington, and Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

This week, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Gas density of air Col. Gas laws James Brindle said he does not expect the Fish & Wildlife Service to list the bird as threatened or endangered in the near future. Electricity kwh Though if it did, DoD may need to take steps beyond those already included in its natural resources management plans, and “any such mitigations would be manageable,” Brindle said.

“We seek to strike an appropriate balance between our Endangered Species Act responsibilities and our military mission obligations,” Brindle said. Wd gaster cosplay tutorial “Historically, we have been very successful in this regard. Electricity wiki Overall, DoD would not expect a significant impact to military training, operations, or readiness.”