Guest editorial backing out of climate agreement is bad business editorial electricity invented or discovered


So, if you are hearing the "Paris Climate Agreement and confused about what it is let me see if I can help you out. Its a plan that Obama initiated to reduce the Global Warming effect caused by human activity by 2030. . The Paris agreement created this United Nations climate slush fund, largely underwritten by American taxpayers. In his final year in office, President Obama contributed $500 million from the State Department to this fund on two separate occasions. He did it without authorization from Congress.)…This is TEXTBOOK Redistribution of wealth. We know the Globalists want to destroy America and make it just one of many countries, no stronger or richer than anyone else. Climate Change, means the Government can put 100s of 1000s of pages of regulations on energy production and consumption. (they can charge a ridiculous Tax from you and send the money out of the US to other countries redistributing your money to the UN to distribute to whom they choose. They lie and get you feeling responsible, then tax the hell out of you. They create subsidies for the poor, and charge the middle class 4 times what they pay now…in the name of "Sacrifice for the greater good" Sounds like your "You can keep your doctor speech, right?" Karl Marx said to create true socialism you must use political correctness and guilt to control health care and energy. If you can control them you can destroy capitalism and replace with socialism. That is what this is all about, Obama care and Climate change, destroying the middle class and creating a subservient populism under government control. Obama made (without congress) that all cars will have to be mandatory 54.5 mpg by 2025, it is also estimated it will cost 6.5 trillion in economic growth which will destroy jobs. Mind you, that this Paris agreement puts 0 restrictions on China and India (2 largest in pollution) and Russia is allowed to increase their emissions by 50%…..shared from Dovie M.

Trump pulling out of the Paris accord does not prevent any US business from pursuing a strategy of emitting less CO2 if they want to. What it does as he stated is keep us from having to contribute to the UN fund for redistribution, and cancels the next round of regulations that would’ve cost many US jobs in manufacturing industries. Regardless of whether you believe in man made global warming (which I don’t), saving US jobs shouldn’t be controversial. As far as the move to clean or renewable energy sources, let me state the obvious, solar and wind are not reliable consistent production methods of energy. You can’t base your electric grid on them. Natural gas, in my opinion, although cleaner than coal, could be better used elsewhere in our energy needs. Fracking has resulted in an increae in natural gas production, but it does not come without a cost. Just ask the people in TX and OK about drinking water issues, not to mention the constant earthquakes associated with the fracking. Check out the USGS earthquake map, Oklahoma has constant earthquakes due to fracking. That can’t be good. Coal is the cheapest energy source we have, and it is abundant. A better use of our resources would be in enhancements to its burning to reduce emissions rather than subsidizing solar and wind. And I say this as someone who has a solar array, half of which was paid for thru fed and state tax rebates. Even with the rebates the cost is barely competitive with other means of production. And why is Nuclear being promoted as clean and green? I mean, talk about a dirty dangerous method of producing electricity. The dangers of nuclear far outweigh the benefits in my opinion. We would be better off to decommission all nuclear plants in the long run I think.