Guide and tips for fifa 18 be a virtual pro levelskip gas ninjas


• Let’s not beat around the bush here: The best way to take apart your opponents is to pass. This is especially true when your Pros have leveled up. They will more than likely be at a much higher level than your opponent’s defense. You will pick them apart with quick passing and intelligent through-balls. Keep in mind that football is a team game and that the major clubs who succeed are amazing at passing. (Barcelona, cough cough).\

• Do not constantly LB + Y (lobbed through ball). Predictability can be your number-one friend, or enemy, depending upon whether you are predictable or not. The greatest, and most often seen, example of this is the lobbed-through-ball. Many people online seem to believe that the only way to get through your opponents is to chip the ball hopelessly over the defense time and time again. Don’t get me wrong: A perfectly timed lobbed-through ball is devastating to a defense, but the key here is perfectly timed. Too often I see the opponent just hoofing the ball over the top, hoping his small striker will latch onto it. Pass around and stay unpredictable.

• Use all the space available on the pitch.One of the best tactics when playing clubs is common sense: Use the full length of the pitch to attack. Staying in a small, congested area in the middle of the pitch will not stretch the opponents defense and will lead to a lot of losses. Do not expect to be on the ball all the time. Use the wings, even if the ball isn’t on that side. If you have a good team around you, it will be worked over. How many teams do you see with all the strikers and midfielders within a 2m radius? Exactly. None. So why does it happen on FIFA?

• Do not expect the ball all the time! In real life, players have to make runs to open up channels for teammates. They have to graft off the ball to create opportunities for themselves. It is the same in FIFA. If you constantly get the ball to feet, you are not using your abilities wisely. Search for the gaps in the defense or drop deeper to pick up the ball in space. Space is your friend!

• Play the pass when you see it! In FIFA, you can see if a teammate wants the ball. Furthermore, you can see if he wants it into space, or into feet. Use these signals from the on-pitch player to understand where your teammate would like the ball. If you see a hand go up, it should mean that they are in a good position and want the ball. Play it to them ! Do not wait around for them to be in a perfect one-on-one situation. Give the ball to teammates when they call and they will give it back to you.

As in real life, a bad dressing room chemistry can be disastrous for a team . This is also true for FIFA Pro Clubs. Do not blame your teammates for losses or missed chances. This will only serve to make them dislike you or feel worse about themselves. Instead, offer constructive criticism, or just say "unlucky."

• If you constantly get onto your club members’ backs for missing opportunities, they will either not want to play with you or be less inclined to pass to you and help you out. Also, you do not want sweet Karma coming round and biting you right back. Digging your teammates for missing will only cause them to dig at you if you miss. Treat people how you wish to be treated!

• Just a small tip: Do not claim free kicks and penalties straight away. Within my club, we have found two fair ways of distributing them: If you score, you stay on. If you miss, you pass the responsibility. Or, whoever wins the foul takes the free-kick/penalty. Personally, I believe both of these work equally well, but the worst way to do it is to simply claim a free kick. Do not say, "This is mine!" Instead, offer it to your teammates first. They will give it back to you in the future, and like you more!

@D_Milly – Yeah i love playing CDM too, although i find that i am constantly running up and down the pitch, due to the positioning arrows underneath me – I prefer either playing CAM or CB, depending if i am wanting to play attacking or defensive

@EduardFo – I do not understand whether you mean you have an offline pro and an online pro – if this is the case they are for those purposes – one is an offline pro and the other you can take online, you cannot use one for the other or vice versa

@Adrian – In all honesty mate I am not sure, I have been playing player career mode for a fair few seasons (Not as many as you, well done on that!) and haven’t ever been promoted to captain, maybe @fozz is right and it has to be in your contract, be sure to research and let me know!

Yahya – Nope, you do not lose your other stats if you change position (if you mean ability) and if you mean statistics as in Goals scored etc then no – each position (Defense, Midfield, Striker) has it’s own stats, so if you move between them then your stats will save for each one