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Every day that you log into Dragons of Atlantis, you are awarded one of Fortuna’s Tickets, enabling you to play Fortuna’s Chance, a lottery game where you will win one of a variety of prizes. You can close the screen by clicking the "X" or "Escape" and reopening Fortuna’s Chance to refresh. This will change the prizes and give you a better chance to win something you want; just keep doing this until good odds are displayed. It is a good idea to refresh until a Completion Grant appears on the page. If you have logged on five out of the last seven days, you are awarded a Fortunas Medallion instead, which allows you to play Fortuna’s Vault, a game of the same type, only with more valuable, higher-level prizes.

The first thing you need to get a handle on in Dragons of Atlantis is resource management. You need your resources to build anything and everything, from a humble farm to a new Outpost (once you find your Dragon Eggs). Your first twenty-four hours in Atlantis should be dedicated to maximizing your resource production as quickly as possible. I advise you to upgrade your Fortress to level 2, then build one farm and three of each of the other fields (Lumbermills, Quarries, and Mines), upgrading them to level 9 as soon as resources become available. electricity usage calculator Your food being negative is NOT a bad thing; this means you have troops. There is absolutely no reason to try to stay in the positive, because food is easy to get from Anthropus Camps.

In order to produce resources, you also have to have enough population to work the fields. You should build between five-to-seven houses, but NO MORE than that. I suggest upgrading these as resources become available, preferably until they are all at least level 6. This will give you enough population to produce resources and some extra to train troops.

Five-to-seven houses is recommended; more than that is ill-advised, since you have to leave your room for other buildings. The most important of these buildings are garrisons, which allow you to train troops and decrease training time for said troops. gas 0095 download You should build a total of thirteen garrisons; however, don’t forget to build all the other essential buildings, which are listed in the "What to build next?" list. Although it is one of your initial quests, building a Theater is often NOT recommended, as they waste space and are only useful during the first part of the game.

Dragons of Atlantis is a real-time strategy game, in which everything is measured in a number of seconds, minutes, and hours. Although managing your time to the second isn’t crucial to enjoying yourself, if you’re looking to build your power as fast as you can, managing your time efficiently (so you have nearly zero downtime) is a must. Perform tasks that take several hours overnight, leaving the smaller ones for when you have time to watch the game. You can get a lot done on DoA while doing housework or school work, returning every few minutes to set up more buildings, train more troops, or undergo more research. If you want to obtain power relatively quickly, be sure to upgrade your Great Dragon (via the Dragon’s Keep) as soon as possible. gasbuddy near me This gives you heaps of power; plus, it keeps you and your empire a lot safer.

Once your resource production is underway, it’s time to start building your army. Armies require a few things. First, they require Garrisons; next, they need idle population. Finally, it requires food, as your army will consume it at an hourly rate, detracting from production of aforementioned food. The first thing you want to train is Longbowmen, who excel at taking out level 1-5 Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps with little to no losses. Once you are able to conquer these camps, you have a quick and easy way to procure large amounts of food for training your troops. Longbowmen require a level 4 Garrison and level 1 Weapons Calibration research. You’ll want to get on this as soon as you can.

Once you’re producing a respectable amount of resources, you may want to consider filling out the rest of the slots in your city. The general thought on this is to build one of each of your main buildings (Muster Point, Officer Quarters, et cetera) and five-to-seven houses, with the remaining slots consisting of garrisons. The Storage Vault is optional, but it can prove useful throughout the game. The Theater is, again, typically ill-advised, because it is only useful during the first week or so of game play.

A single House costs 100 Food, 500 Lumber, 50 Metal, and 100 Stone. However, there is a quest reward for building your first house, resulting in 200 Food, 1000 Lumber, 100 Metal, and 200 Stone. electricity meme As such, building your first house actually has an overall net gain and, in the end, the only real cost is that of the time needed to build it. Note that this is only for the first house you build, as the quest reward can only be claimed once.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there is a rather prominent building in the middle of your city! This is your Dragon’s Keep, where your Great Dragon will be born and raised. To "raise" your dragon, you must upgrade your Dragon’s Keep. Your Great Dragon is the focus of the first week or two of your stay in Atlantis, e.g., namely, getting your Great Dragon Armor, and teaching her Aerial Combat. Getting there isn’t hard, but it does take some patience! In order to get your Great Dragon armored up and ready for combat, you’ll need to accomplish a few things…

So, you’ve attacked dozens of Anthropus Camps, researched for days, and, finally, your Great Dragon is ready for battle! She wouldn’t be of much use if all she did was stand around looking tough, so let’s make her earn her keep! In order to start your first Outpost, you need your Water Dragon Egg, which is easy enough to find. gas youtube But, before you start your search, there are some things you need to know.

Your Great Dragon is tough, but not invulnerable. Every time you send your Great Dragon on an attack, she will take damage, even if there are no Anthropus in the wilderness to hurt her, although the damage will be significantly less than if she were overwhelmed and defeated. She must heal after every fight. In order to minimize healing time, you should send two waves of troops before your dragon, in order to catch any stragglers. what is electricity The number of attacks your dragon can make depends on how much damage she takes, the level of your Keep, and your level of Aerial Combat. Click here to read more about Great Dragons.

Idle Population can sometimes present the biggest obstacle for training your troops. Your Idle Population = Current Population – laborers – troops currently in training. If your Idle Population is 0, you cannot train any new troops. However, it is important to note that Idle Population replenishes itself. Every time a group of troops is finished training, the Idle Population returns to you. After you have the troops to begin attacking other players for gold, I suggest dropping and leaving the tax rate at 0%, so you can use your full idle population for training. Troops

​I suggest focusing on getting Weapon Calibration research up as soon as possible, since it improves your ranged troops and is needed for Lava Jaws; level 10 takes about fifteen days just for this one level. types of electricity Metallurgy is also extremely useful when attempting GD armor, and L8 is required for Giants. All research is important, but some may require more time than others.

The main ingredient would be to have a player who is willing to clear a level 5-10 camp. ( Clearing means to kill all anthropus troops) Once the camp is cleared you would send 1 spy at a time until they start to die. If your spies start to die this means the camp has started to repopulate. Your spies should pick up 1 piece of armor at a time. Typically you should have all 4 pieces of armor within 50 hits, but this number varies dependent on how far away your camp is and your realms drop rate percentage. Keep sending your spies to a cleared camp until you have gathered all 4 pieces of dragon armor.

If you are having problems getting eggs due to your GD’s long healing times, research higher levels of Aerial Combat. However, do NOT bother with getting armor for your Elemental Dragons until you have all your eggs; the armor takes much longer to retrieve than the eggs do. You could spend weeks trying to get it; get all the eggs first, then worry about the armor with your free time. By the time you start looking for the armor, you will have plenty of troops, so you’ll be able to send several waves to keep the wilds cleared of enemies.