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Once summoned, Golem will move around while slowly attacking with its fists. The head will continuously spit two fireballs that will bounce around the arena. The head (15000 HP) and arms are the targets during this phase, with the head being the main target. The arms don’t necessarily need to be destroyed, but they can become a nuisance as the fight goes on. Note that Lihzahrd enemies can spawn in the arena.

When Golem’s head HP reaches 50% (8000 HP), it will begin using Eye lasers. They start out at an average interval, but as the head’s HP is reduced, the frequency of the lasers will increase. When the head’s hit points reaches zero the second form begins. The lasers signal a DPS race and all focus electricity cost per kwh by country should be concentrated on getting through each laser phase.

Destroying the head stops the laser assault and reveals Golem’s true form. The body (9000 HP) is the main target and destroying it will end the fight. The body will jump around and if the arms still exist, they will punch devastatingly faster compared to phase one. The head will be attacking while flying around. Note that the Head can pass through blocks.

• Once you have freed the Mechanic in the Dungeon, you can electricity production in chad use Wire to enhance your arena with Traps and helpful Heart and Star Statues. The former help to damage the enemies, though be careful to set them up correctly in order not to hurt yourself during the battle. The latter will spawn heart and star pickups, respectively. Connect these devices to timers.

If this is your first encounter with Golem, then you will not possess the Picksaw capable of shaping the Lihzahrd Temple’s blocks, so your customization is limited, unless you use actuators to disable the blocks under the altar. The arena wd gaster theme that the fight occurs in is also varied in width/height. There are a few ways you can customize the default arena to make the fight much easier.

Mobility is important due to the multiple ways damage is being dealt in the fight. Wings are very helpful and can be supported by accessories like Shiny Red Balloon and its equivalents. Wings may be dropped if one can jump multiple times, one would however need to equip more accessories. With equipping wings, players can also omit the Rocket Boots and its advancements, since running would mean hitting Golem and to fly over is a much safer alternative. If using wings, the Hoverboard is an excellent choice due to its ability to speed under Golem during its jumps and over its head during the first phases. Shield of Cthulhu, Tabi and Master Ninja Gear would suffice. However, players may get into trouble if they dashed into Golem with Shield of Cthulhu.

Charm of Myths is recommended since there is a lot of damage being passed around without a wall, so multiple potions may be necessary. The natural regeneration will also gas vs diesel towing allow you to take advantage of easier phases of the fights. Alternatively, you can switch to Charm of Myths only when drinking health potions, and use another accessory for the rest of the battle. Star Veil and/or Obsidian Shield may also be useful to negate the chance of being clipped by multiple projectiles.

Grab all of the spike ball traps and wire from the temple as you pass through it, then when you get to the chamber at the end follow these instructions. Feel free to build a short wall in the entryway to the Golem’s summoning chamber to block off the temple’s monster spawns from interrupting your fight. Build a vertical wall halfway through the room with three holes in it big enough for you to pass through (3 blocks high). Then build a horizontal walking path on the half of the room opposite from the half Golem’s altar is on (as in, not on that side of the room) (One of your vertical wall holes should be level with your walking path, the other should be where your wall meets the ceiling electricity and circuits ppt, and the last should be where your wall meets the floor). Make sure there is one hole in it big enough for you to pass through (2 blocks wide) and also make sure you have a small pool space for honey (1 block high, 2 blocks wide). On the side of the room with the altar, build a ceiling using any block type straight across (make sure that your ceiling only covers the open space and not any nooks or crannies). Below the ceiling install as many spike ball traps as will fit, and then hook them up to a pressure plate gas x strips after gastric sleeve which you will locate anywhere on your walkway for your convenience. Place a campfire and a heart lantern anywhere that makes sense, and be sure you’ve got the best armor you can get your hands on, plus as many speed increasing modifiers and at least the Lightning boots. Summon the Golem, then spend the first few minutes of the fight standing in the lower corner (away from the Golem) slashing/shooting/casting magic at the fist that can cross the room to punch you until it breaks. Then hop/fly onto your walkway and proceed to rain deadly spike balls upon the Golem. Focus on hitting your pressure plate as often as you can, while dodging the Golem’s laser eyes (Phase 2) as best as you can by flying around your little corner of the room and dunking yourself in your honey pool as often as you can. When Golem’s head electricity and magnetism physics detaches (Phase 3) be sure to hop over your ceiling hole to make it follow you there, then when you jump back to your walkway it should just hover overhead (instead of right next to you). Continue dodging, dunking, and stomping on your pressure plate until Golem is nothing more than a big pile of dust and drops. This works very effectively when trying to farm for the Picksaw or for money with above tier armor.

Make a vertical wall, but put a 3 block gap at the bottom and top so you can get in and out. Also build a horizontal line (with blocks, not platforms) with a 3 block gap somewhere along it. The horizontal line should stop at the vertical line.When Golem spawns, he should jump up on the horizontal platform, but not go back down. This allows you to hit him continuously (Death Sickle highly approved), without taking too many potions (max 2-3 electricity projects for 4th graders). This also allows you to kill him fast. Also someone on top of the vertical line shooting on Golem is very helpful.