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If you go to Mui Ne for whatever reason willing to keep as low on budget as possible and actually enjoy the town – there is a plenty of guides helpful for you. The only problem with this guide that they were written like 2-3 years ago and point you to venues that are no longer existent and or changed their concept drastically. An attempt to update big sites like lonelyplanet or rustycompass was not effective enough. So this guide I am writing in the middle of 2018 and I am an expat living in Mui Ne for slightly more than 1 year already and I tend to keep it up to date for all time I am staying in town.

For dorms may recommendation will be Mui Ne Hills hostel and Nguenh Dinh Cheu 69 (further I will use NDC acronym as Mui Ne has only one street) or Long Son camp well outside Mui Ne. For luxury hotels my choice will be one of the following: Victoria, Anantara, The Cliff, Takalau. Coco Beach hotel, Blue Ocean Resort, Cham Villas and Mia resort.

1. Ke Ga Light House. 40+ km ride from Mui Ne and a nice small island close to the shore with a light house on top of it. Afaik right now access to the Light House itself is restricted. If you go few km past Ke Ga you can find salt producing factory with is also interesting. We once went there to take a few shots tequila with salt just made from the sea.

3. Fairy stream. Easy accessible place in Mui Ne, Honestly, no need to book a trip there – just take a taxi\motorbike it will be cheaper and easier. Recommended during sunset or sunrise. Also at fairy stream you can find an ostrich farm where poor ostriches are tied with seats of motorbikes for convenience of riders. If you don`t care how animals are treated and want to ride them – place to go.

4. Mui Ne Port. There should be a place where all the fishermen sell their goods? Hundreds of small boats and dozens of bigger ones painted in bright colors and a huge market with seafood – just outside of Mui Ne. You can also buy some seafood or fish for cheap and ask for it to be cooked and feel yourself probably more local to Mui Ne than ever.

5. White and Red Sand Dunes. Red Sand dunes are closer to Mui Ne, smaller than white ones and, well… red. White sand dunes have a dirty lake nearby and offer you a quadwheel drive around for reasonable amount of money. Recommended time to visit also sunrise or sunset.

1. As usual for vacation the cheapest way is to but some goods on the market at cook yourself – you can find a market in the middle of the village with most busy hours early in the morning. Most of the long-stay accommodations offer fully equipped kitchen for you to cook it.

4. As regular venues for food popular with expats I can list The Source, Line Up, Deja Vu, Good Morning Vietnam, Backstage and Sindbad Kebab. Also it is worth mentioning Dong Vui Food Court which offers you a bunch of venues in the same place with moderate price and amazing choice. Some are better some are worse but overall everybody can find something nice there.

5. Also there are a few places which can be classified as a real restaurants with all pros and cons – long service and high price for a real and proper food and service: Ganesh for Indian cuisine, Tropical Minigolf for French, Mia Sandals for all styles and Ratinger Lowe for German. Recently a new venue with rack-let speciality was open named Mojo. Please expect a higher price in this places and respect the staff working there.

1. Asian Rhum and local beers are really cheap and popular among young people around. Cheapest beer in the shop is 10.000 VND and you can get a bottle of rhum for as much as 100.000 VND. Dalat wine is also cheap (90.000 VND for bottle) but as a wine person I would never recommend it.

4. Old Fashioned Bar is another take on proper bar\pub in Asia. As far as owner tells the similar concept venues in HCMC are Snuffbox or Racha Room. Nice wine list with 13 only glass options, good bartenders and up to 40 whiskey positions to choose from.

7. There is no thing like 24\7 in Mui Ne, If you ever see some ad saying 24\7 you can safely assume that if night is not busy they will close by 2 AM. The only venues really sticking to their night hours are Line Up (till 1 AM), Old Fashioned Bar (till 3 AM).

3. Sea. Windy and wavy and very warm and enjoyable.Still it is South East Asia and see sometimes get dirty with some plastic rubbish, sometimes full of jellyfish. As usual beaches of best resorts are cleaner and better equipped than public ones. Also feel free to check Malibu zone beaches if you don`t like what you see in Mui Ne. It is something different. Anyway if you didn`t like the sea almost any resort offers you a swimming pool.