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You will be given a goal that you must complete before you can successfully finish the quest. Your heroes usually start in a room with a stairway. This is also where you will end the quest. Your heroes will start with a weapon, a number of Body points and Mind points.

In the table rules, play begins with the Hero seated to Morcar ("Zargon" in the US)’s left and continues clockwise. After all Heroes have completed their turns, it is Morcar’s turn. On his turn Morcar may move all monsters currently on the gameboard.

The number of square spaces you can move is determined by the roll of 2 six-sided die. [1] Then, move carefully along the corridors and into rooms square by square. When moving you cannot pass over monsters, through walls or move diagonally. You may only enter rooms through doors. You may not share a square with another Hero or with a monster. [2] Looking and opening doors Edit

As a Hero moves, he may "look" down a corridor or through an open door. Looking gives you the opportunity to see what is directly in your line of sight, such as closed doors. On your turn, you may move adjacent to a closed door and ask Morcar ("Zargon" in the US) to open it. Looking and opening doors are not one of the six actions.

Main article: Guide:Attacking and defending You may attack any monster that you are adjacent to. You may only attack once per turn. Your attack strength depends on your attack weapon. Some weapons allow you to attack diagonally or from a distance. You may only attack with one weapon at a time.

Heroes may search for treasure in any room only once, and only if they are uninhabited by monsters. Some rooms may have a special treasure others may have hazards or Wandering Monsters who immediately attack. If you search for treasure without first searching for traps, you will spring the trap.

There are four types of traps: pit traps, falling block traps, spear traps, and chest/furniture traps. They can be found in both rooms and corridors, but they are hidden. If a hero move onto a square containing a trap, he will automatically spring the trap, possibly suffering body damage. Once you have discovered a trap, you can jump the trap or disarm it.

Springing a falling block trap causes the ceiling to collapse. Roll 3 Combat die to determine the amount of damage. For each skull rolled the Hero suffers 1 Body Point of damage. You may not roll Defend Dice. Once a falling block trap is sprung the path is now permanently blocked and cannot be disarmed or jumped. You must decide to move ahead or back to an empty square. Your decision is a critical one. You could become trapped forever, or cut off from the rest of the Heroes.

Once a chest/furniture trap is discovered, a hero may attempt to disarm it. If you open the treasure chest (US version: if you search the room for treasure) before searching the room for traps, any chest/furniture trap will be sprung. The consequences of this is different for each trap.

Only after all four Heroes have taken their turn it is Morcar’s ("Zargon" in the US) turn. Morcar may then move every monster currently on the map. Like Heroes, monsters may move and perform an action or may perform an action and then move. A monster cannot move part way, perform an action and then finish its movement.

Morcar ("Zargon" in the US) may cast a spell instead of attacking. Only certain monsters can cast spells indicated in the Quest notes. A monster can only cast a spell on a Hero it can "see". Once a spell is cast it is unusable for the remainder of the quest.

When a hero dies a new hero will take his place in the next quest. All of his armour, weapons, and treasure can be claimed by another hero in the room with him. If no other hero is with the dead hero when he dies, his possessions are claimed by any monster in the room, it may not however, use them.