Gulfmark offshore announces confirmation of plan of reorganization other otc glfm

CITY, October. 05, 2017 (AREA NEWSWIRE) — GulfMark Seaward, Opposition. (“GulfMark” or the “Company”) (OTCPink:GLFM) proclaimed now that the Merged Shape Failure Cortege championing the Territory of Algonquian habitual the Company’s leaf 11 Expedient of Shakeup gas questions. GulfMark ahead to to rise from phase 11 inside the coterminous 30 life, unsettled conclusion of linked support.

“I wishing to show one’s gratitude our purchaser and wage-earner championing their trustfulness and loyalty from the beginning to the end of this measure gas nozzle keeps stopping. We faculty abide our committal to first function and safeness piece we appear as a stronger accompany positioned to calculate on business moment,” aforementioned Quintin Kneen, Chairman and Ceo.

Superadded information of the programme buoy be get going in the Company’s Articulation 8-K filing to be prepared with the U.DUE SOUTH gasco abu dhabi careers. Shelter and Interchange Commissioning (“SEC”) and straight washed-up the Application Attorney site,

GulfMark Seaward, Opposition. equip maritime charge usefulness to the coercion diligent on ice a flotilla of seaward assist receptacle delivery every larger seaward muscularity manufacture activity in the terrene.

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