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Apparently they have changed what they call the M4e1 upper and you are right you can install whatever handguard you want on it. My upper is what they call the M4e1 enhanced upper now. It uses a proprietary barrel nut and the handguard mount is machined into the upper. To find Aero stuff usually in stock and cheaper than even Aero sells it for look at Schuyler Arms. Their website looks kind of low tech but they are a reputable company and I’ve bought from them a few times with no issues.

9mm blowback ARs are mostly standardized anymore if you buy a pistol magazine dedicated lower. If you buy a mag block you can use any lower you want. . The biggest hang-up with them is Colt or Glock magazines and the bolt carrier groups you need. They are different. Most bolts are now ramped so you can use stock AR triggers and don’t need a special 9mm trigger. My brother bought a PSA 9mm build kit and that is why I decided to do a pistol caliber AR. The 9mm he has is just fun to shoot. I standardized my calibers to .40s&w and .45acp so I went the .45 route. It requires a bigger mag cutout than 9mm so there is a different lower.

When I say the 9mm stuff is pretty much standardized now I mean the specialty stuff needed for the lower is included with it. Mostly it’s just the magazine catch. I just used a standard AR15 lower parts kit to complete my .45 lower. The pins, springs, and detents are standard AR15 parts. The buffer tubes and nut are standard as well. Most companies recommend using a heavy (7oz or more) extended buffer or a regular length buffer with a spacer and an extra power buffer spring. I have no clue how piston or Direct Impingement pistol caliber ARs work so if you want to go that route look into Macon Armory. Dude knows his stuff.

That’s good to hear about the pistol caliber ARs. I want to make mine a 9mm carbine. One thing I’ve read about Colt vs Glock is last round bolt hold open being a problem with one or the other depending on parts used. It’s a lot to read up on and learn. And that’s part of the reason I want to build my own AR. I love learning new things.

I prefer forged lowers personally, for various reasons. If you want/need something different from the standard AR shape and design for your lower, then billet is your best bet. If you’re going for a typical AR build, then billet has no advantages, and all other things being equal, is not as strong as a forged lower and costs more money. Some like billet just because it gives the manufacturer more freedom to make cool designs (deviating from a standard AR LR) without paying for new molds and re-tooling for forging. But at the end of the day, we all have different wants. Buy what works for you, for your intended use case, and your budget.

My ARs are treated no different than a ball peen hammer, it’s just a tool for a job. I would not hesitate (and have done it during training classes) to throw it on the ground and jump up and down on it. I actually had to do that to convince a buddy he wasn’t going to hurt it when he borrowed one of mine to attend a class to decide if he wanted to build one. He was worried about scratching it LOL. If it can’t take that kind of treatment, it’s not something I’d ever depend on anyway, and I’d rather find out now where the weak links are. I’ve seen guys show up with some God awful cobbled together cheap BS, that usually fails not far into the class, some even had to drop out because their cheapo wally world shit just fell apart during actual firing (optics and sights mainly), but probably worked fine when being posed for tacticool farcecbook posts.