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GurigorloX (Powerword: Michael Akyuz) is a shit troll, proud contrarian, and overall sad, pathetic loser. He used to be a regular member of the commentary community before realizing that he hated all the brightly-colored anime loli faggotry that went down there (and still does) and left. Despite leaving the autism-filled community, he was still attached to doing commentaries, so he developed a parody format using the guise of a fictional manchild named " DarkEmoMario64" that he could use to mock people with. These commentaries lasted from 2014 until 2017, when Guri decided to kill off the character, and nothing of value was truly lost. If that wasn’t enough, he’s a pretty hardcore fanboy of the gone-too-soon Emer Prevost, Sony Defense Force member, and ex- GamerGate supporter. Nowadays, he lays pretty low, though still cranks out a video or two every once in a while, usually attacking a popular YouTuber or making a bad cringe compilation. Yaaaaawn. With all that being said, the fact that people still care about this idiot’s online goings-on is an unfortunate and sad fact.

The manchild video featured a fictional character named DarkEmoMario64, who was partially inspired by 03bgood, who Guri tried to start shit with (it didn’t work). Since he had fuck all in terms of original ideas and creativity otherwise, DarkEmoMario64 was the perfect choice for him to continue commentating. The videos actually caught on quickly, and that encouraged Guri to crank the A-Logging up to eleven.

Needless to say, the video series was a tremendous success. Emer Prevost even started to watch his videos, making Guri happy as he was a big fan of his, which isn’t that surprising. They share similar interests, like having an unhealthy amount of unpopular opinions and lashing out at people over asinine bullshit.

Guri’s self-aware version of Sonichu, DarkEmoMario64 was born on December 5, 2014 in a gas station bathroom-turned meth lab. DEM64 whacks it to My Little Pony (Sound familiar?) and other cartoons, Nintendo games, anime, and of all people, Donald Trump. He is known for his hatred of M-rated first person shooters like Call of Poopy Dookie Flooky Cookie and other games like Grand Theft Auto. These videos are all intensely boring, as they mostly consist of a Speakonia voice going "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" for 9 minutes while giving typical manchild responses to things he doesn’t like.

• Tries to atone for wanting to bang horses two and a half years ago, but makes "joke" tributes to MLP where he expresses his fetish for tortured cartoon horses when he should probably have just stepped the fuck away from that show entirely.

About DarkEmoMario64, the character is also based on 03bgood’s racism (that of being, calling Clay Claymore a "nigger"). Anyways, on a rant about the commentary community by a fatass redneck named Bourg Productions, who is, of course, a grassroots conservative who (jokingly) hates anyone who isn’t white or straight who has been on the Internet for almost a decade. Anyways, in the comment section, when someone asked Bourg about his thoughts on Claymore, he called him a "nigger who can’t take criticism" and that he "lost a lot of credibility from his #WTFU commentary". Bourg successfully joked about wanting to join the Ku Klux Klan, so what happened? Guri, being the liberal SJW-in-denial, took it by salt and got blocked by the redneck after asking Bourg if he can block him since he prefers "not to be associated with proudly open racists".