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I agree that doing nothing is terminal. Merely stopping further CO2 pollution from here on is not enough. But the story is far from over unless you give up now like Rom. My contribution in this discussion was only to point out that we do have the smarts to reverse the effect of CO2 in the atmosphere by decreasing the incident solar radiation one way or other. Just let the scientists and engineers get on the job. But that probably won’t happen until your arse catches fire.

We live on a planet where the adults behave like children … what hope can you muster when we believe fossil fuels are the problem when each year motor car companies seek to build better toys for the child like adults who demand vehicles that are beyond the requirements of comfortable transport…

why waste resourses which equate to energy which comes from burning coal to provide 20 tires for each race car that is umong perhaps field of thirty all consuming similar…Does no one have the sence to realise tires motors boats plans beside burning fuel require much coal to be burnt to provide the electricity for their production…how much coal is burnt to produce the tires for a single race car for one year, how much coal burns to produce the electricity to produce these things that go around and around for no productive purpose. ..think it through …we ignore the unnecessary waste yet wring our hands and declare it can be fixed with a tax or a windmill or a greater reliance on science to make more efficient solar panels…or of course there is the now new green power that comes from yellow cake already demonstrated to be insanely dangerous yet of course the next reactors will not be a problem as they will never see an accident..dont people realise we call accidents accidents because they are unforseen or unplanned ..oh no all the accidents for nuclear power have happened and never again will we see an accident in the neclear power industry. Sound stupid because accidents will happen and in NP it does not get fixed for centuries…it should be abandoned.

We could turn out lights at night after midnight, we could stop racing, we could make solar hot water compulsory, we could outlaw fridges in office buildings, we could demand office building do not leave their lights on all night we could limit overseas travel and the jets in the air…we could do so many things but all we have are folk investing in alternate energy to capitalise on the fear which I suspect is pushed more by the nuclear power mob than any greenie…their propaganda is so intense that we now have greenies demanding nuclear power as if it was their idea.

The problem is not coal or yellow cake it is the gluttony which wont go away and will get worse as more humans realise the rich are indulgent, which is how we define sucess, and so as they can idividually afford it they embrace gluttony as a virtue and unrelated to the inevitable extinction of the human race.

But lets put up another carbon tax …yeh after all its those big company’s fault…no they are there to assist consumsion they will sell to gluttons…wear out the cars, burn out the tires the faster the better for them…the main thing to remember who is really to blame..greedy humans who dont understand everything must…absolutely must …be measured by how many buckets of coal it cost not the dollars but the coal used for production.

The ‘active layer’ of soil on top of the permafrost, which may be two to 13 feet deep, thaws each summer and can sustain plant life. This layer releases carbon from the roots of plants that respire out CO2, and from microbes in the soil. Some microbes break down the organic matter into CO2. Others, called archaea, produce methane instead, when conditions are anaerobic—when the soil is saturated with water or no oxygen is available. Methane is 20 to 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide at exacerbating global warming, but it remains in the atmosphere for less time.

Scientists don’t know the relative proportions of carbon dioxide and methane emissions that might result from largescale thawing permafrost, said Anderson O. Roger Anderson, a biologist at the Earth Institute’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory , because this has never happened in human history. However, research on the upper layer of the tundra (treeless plains overlying the permafrost) suggests that the average carbon dioxide emissions are about 50 times higher than those of methane.

A 2017 study estimated that if global temperatures rise 1.5˚C above 1861 levels, thawing permafrost could release 68 to 508 gigatons of carbon. Without factoring in human activity, this carbon alone would increase global temperatures 0.13 to1.69˚C by 2300. Since we may have already locked in 1.5˚C of warming above pre-industrial levels, this amount of additional warming could result in catastrophic impacts of climate change.