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The period before the actual rainy season is an interesting time of the year in Puttaparthi and the surrounding areas. The little and large waterholes fill up to varying extents due to the brief spells of rains. The Bukkapatnam Tank, which is a huge reservoir of water in the peak monsoons, retains considerable amounts of water. This attracts fishing birds of various sizes. gas tax deduction More >>

Now, let us move to the second sub-theme which is about quality and quantity. Many times in life, we get so obsessed with numbers and think ‘I have to achieve so many things’ – ‘I have to achieve this goal’, ‘I have to achieve these numbers’, ‘I have to produce so many items’ and so on. And in that process, we just forsake quality. So how do we really strike this balance? Amey, what do you think of this? More >>

The alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions gather at the Divine Lotus Feet of their loving Lord at every possible opportunity. So was the case this July when, what started of as a Prema Bandham meet of alumni of North America turned out as a congregation of all those alumni who could make it to offer their love to Bhagawan, irrespective of where they live. j gastrointest surg More >>

A gentle amble early in the morning or evening along the Chitravati river bed is a rewarding experience. A main road now runs along parallel to the course of the river at Puttaparthi and this path skirts the erstwhile village. A few tractors, bullock carts and motor vehicles use this road instead of the now congested main road through Puttaparthi. youtube gas pedal Other than that, it is a largely peaceful walk on this stretch. . More >>

Radio Sai (RS): Our guest at the studio today is Dr. gas zone edenvale Allen Levy, a practicing modern psychoanalyst from West Port, Connecticut, USA. He was in private practice in Manhattan for 20 years before moving to Connecticut in 2000. He is also a senior faculty member of The Centre for Group Studies in Manhattan and past faculty member at Union Graduate School, Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been in this profession, serving people with mental and psychological ailments, for over three decades. More >>

The Divine Gardener has taken upon Himself, the task of cultivating a beautiful garden. He waters and gently cares for all His saplings and delights in watching them grow into mighty trees, mature shrubs and bushes, and lush lawns that give beauty and pleasure, fruits and nourishment, shade and rest for all humanity. gas key staking And for this garden, Sai created a lovely nursery too. He called it – Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas. More >>

Loving Sai Rams and greeting from Prasanthi Nilayam. I am sorry I have been off the air for sometime. Many have written to me and some have even phoned to me about this ‘silence’ of mine. grade 9 static electricity test While some have been gently critical, others have expressed annoyance; for a change, one listener or reader – I do not know which – admonished me in what I would say unusual language (that’s putting it politely!), telling me that I would be doing a service if I were to just shut up! More >>

He has walked among us here. He has blessed us with His divine nectarous message. He has cajoled us. electricity projects for high school students He has consoled us. He has comforted us. He has laughed with us. la gas He sang with us and played with us. Every stone, every dust particle here—nay, every atom and cell here—is saturated with the divine love and blessings of Sri Sathya Sai. More >>