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Spent several days with Simon Says Tours. The first day it was rough and rainy, so instead of the boat ride, we (all 33 of us) had to take a bus, which was a bit of a bummer, but I still liked the tour. We didn’t get to stop for very gas density formula long at any one place, but we did see a lot. I enjoyed the snorkeling and the meal at his house and the tour guide, Kennedy, was exceptional. On another day we booked him for a smaller group (6 of us) to do a rainforest tour near Soufriere. Although I wouldn’t say we saw any virgin rainforest, we did see where the rainforest used to be, and it was fascinating to walk through the rainforest/small farms back in the hills. We did see a few parrots, but only as they flew by. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Again, Kennedy was our guide, and I can’t say enough good things about him. Knowledgeable, personable, and talkative. On yet another day (we spent some money with Simon) we (just 2 of us this time) used Simon to go up the Gros Piton. He shuttled us there and back, set up everything, and we had a great hike. As always, Kennedy accompanied us, and his company was welcome, especially since the hiking guide we had along too was knowledgeable, but was fond of answering questions with a yes or no, instead of elaborating. Tour guides who electricity symbols and units don’t like to talk aren’t the greatest sources of information. We (myself and my girlfriend) even bumped into Simon and Kennedy one night walking around Sourfriere. They bought us drinks, introduced us to their friends, and basically treated us like old buddies. They even warned us about several of the more aggressive bums in town (and their advice turned out to be right). Overall, I liked Simon Says. You can do all the stuff he takes you around to do for less money if you want to set it all up yourself and bargain, but it is nice not to have to do all that set-up. For instance, we paid $250 (US) to do the Piton hike, when we probably could have done it for about $150 if we had ridden the public bus, hiked it to the trailhead, and hired our own (required) hiking guide. But, we would have been much less certain about where we were going and what we doing, and it would have taken an extra hour or two. Plus, we would not have had Kennedy along, and instead would have had only the rather taciturn hiking guide along to answer our various questions about everything. If you’re the kind of person who electricity and magnetism notes doesn’t mind some adventure, wants to get the best deal on everything, and doesn’t mind spending some time asking about schedules and such, then Simon Says probably isn’t for you. But, if you don’t mind paying a reasonable premium to have everything set up, and get top-notch tour guides to give commentary, it’s a reasonable deal. I would rate Simon as excellent if the prices were a little lower, but honestly, I can’t complain. I think he and Kennedy are good guides, and generally good guys.

We just got back from our honeymoon at the Grande and I’m saddened to read Simon’s most recent reviews. We had a great time on our Simon Says tour. Granted it rained most of it and the water was rough, but Kennedy and Mango were awesome guides. Kennedy knew the answers to all my questions about the island and its history and was very informative. In town, when we needed an ATM, he went out of his way to get us one. Lunch at Simon’s house was a lot of fun, and the food was wonderful. The snorkeling gear he had was better than the gear at the Grande and the location was stunning. The 50′ waterfall that someone mentioned was a heated mineral springs pool that felt great to soak gas yourself in car in after the snorkeling and boat ride, and the tour of the volcano was especially interesting since Kennedy was born in that town. Like all things in life, if you want to dislike something you will, and if you want to like something you will. We went on this tour expecting a great time, and we had it. It was the second best money we spent on our trip. Simon Kennedy – Thanks again!

After reading many reviews about tours on the island, my wife and I talked to Simon e seva power bill payment Says and Brad Pitt reps. After Simon’s presentation, we chose his. He showed us beautiful scrapbook of people having fun aboard his speedboat, talked of unlimited drinks and a great 6 hour tour. His speedboat was a beat up taxi-van which showed up 45 minutes late. The fun, water tour was a bone-jarring, 9 hour traffic jam, with a small cooler filled with a few sodas and Piton beer. When I asked when the boat portion would begin, the tour guide (not Simon) said he wasn’t told about a boat. We had to rush thru each destination because we spent so much time in traffic, and we still lost 3 hours of our vacation due to being late. Apparently, if Simon doesn’t get enough bookings for a day, he will cancel the boat and instead of giving the tour himself on the boat, he goes back to the beach to sell tours and he delegates the tour duty to another guide in a taxi. One of his sales pitches was that we should go with him on this day as opposed the one we planned, because there were less cruise ships in port that day. WATCH OUT, both tour groups said the same thing about the day they had openings. In reality, there were 3 cruise ships in port, which is more than gas hydrates are used normal. Look it up online before you travel; there are websites which show dates/ports for cruise ships. On the positive side, the tour guide was friendly enough and since we got to spend 9 hours with him, we took the opportunity to ask for an honest picture about life on the island. The lunch at Simon’s house (which we didn’t get to until almost 3 pm) was good, but we were the only ones there. Fortunately, my new bride has an amazing attitude and said that this will be one of the electricity news philippines things we will laugh about in our old age. Another positive result of going on the tour was spending 9 hours in taxi convinced me to book the helicopter ride for our return trip to the airport-this turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip!

On our honeymoon, my wife Sarah and I booked the Sulphur Springs/Volcano/Snorkeling trip with Simon Says, and we had an Awesome time! We were skeptical booking a tour with a private vendor vs. the Sandals tour group since it is not recommended by the resort, however we were so glad we did. We saved money and time as the Simon Says tour leaves the resort by boat, not by bus. First off, we traveled by boat to Marigot Bay and Soufriere. The boat ride is so relaxing (sit toward the back for less bumpy ride). The boat ride alone is worth the money! The small, island boat of just 6 couples is great and makes you feel like you’re one of the natives as you skip across the water. Just an FYI, the boat is not a speed boat by definition but rather an island-style open wooden/fiberglass skiff with cushioned bench seats and bimini top. However, we found the ride very comfortable and pleasant. Simon’s boat captains are very friendly and informative about the different resorts and natural wonders of the island as they stop briefly at each to share a quick fact or two. We saw the entire coastline from Sandals Grande all the way to Soufriere. We made a 45 minute stop at Marigot Bay for pictures and then off again to the Pitons at Jalousie Plantation to do our snorkeling. It was electricity definition physics perfect. After snorkeling for @1hr, we loaded the boat again and headed to Sofriere where we took a cab with our tour guide Kennedy to the sulphur springs waterfall and volcano (2 different attractions). With Sandals’ tour, you apparently only drive by the diamond waterfall and don’t actually get to go in it. My wife Sarah and I waded in the hot springs and stood under the waterfall together to take pictures…it was like the Garden of Eden! We then went to Simon’s actual home where his wife had ready and waiting a homemade island meal of chicken curry with rice, a wonderful island style mac n cheese, salad, etc…not to mention the cold beers and potent rum punch :). We ate until we were full as we talked with new friends and enjoyed the gorgeous mountain views and ocean breezes from the front porch of Simon’s hillside home. From lunch we traveled back to Soufriere by cab and made a quick 15 minute stop in town to buy novelties, etc, then electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers back to the docks where we boarded our boat for the 35 minute ride back to Sandals Grande. The trip was the perfect ending and highlight of our honeymoon! I highly suggest going with Simon Says!