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Sun Fei had set up a mini summoning magic array in the city of Hero in the underground cave at the back of the city, which allowed the people in Roger’s camp to spend four hours a day guiding the construction of the city. gas tax in washington state Thus, with the daily reports from Elena and the others, Sun Fei knew everything that was going on in the city, even though he was not in the city.

“Elena, from tomorrow onwards, you don’t have to go to Shimo City and train your soldiers anymore. Come with me to the camp area of Shimo City, the Martial Exhibition Competition is about to start, I hope you can participate as an expert in Shimo City. bp gas prices This time’s competition is an excellent opportunity to train and improve your strength, perhaps you will understand more about this world!”

Although she was able to meet Sun Fei every night in the World of Dark Destruction, Sun Fei could only stay in the Dark World for 4 hours. During these 4 hours, Sun Fei could only stay in the Dark World for 4 hours, every second was extremely precious to Sun Fei, so he had to make use of every minute and minute to kill monsters to increase his strength and deal with the impending chaotic world.

As for the relationship between Sun Fei and the beautiful mercenary, ever since they broke through the window paper in the back mountain of the shampoo, their relationship had developed rapidly, like a couple in love, wishing that they could stay by each other’s side every second. Now that they could finally stand by Sun Fei’s side in the world of light, it was a very sweet thing for Elena.

Ever since he came to the continent of Azeroth, these two girls had completely different personalities. gas lighting It could be said that they were the two most important women in Sun Fei’s life, and thinking about the pleasant surprise and satisfaction on their faces when they received the gift, Sun Fei suddenly felt that he had been thinking about how to become stronger for such a long time.

At this moment, the Barbarian character was still lacking a little bit of experience to level 40. He was wearing the best magical equipment of the sixth level that could be bought from the NPC, the weapon in his hand was a seventh level green suit, and his combat strength was extraordinary. t gastrobar el tenedor In addition to the flexible use of the Barbarian brute force that Sun Fei himself had developed, as well as those unfathomable Barbarian skills, he was equipped with a broad range of combat power.

The barbarians were strong, but they did not have the power to explode. They could chop melon and chop vegetables when they met weak opponents, and when they met stronger opponents, they could not stimulate their potential like the experts in the real world. Their strength would always remain on the same level, lacking any fluctuation in their level of strength and could not jump ranks to challenge others.

As for the Combat Specialist Skill System, other than increasing the control of the sword, the axe and the long-hilted weapon, Sun Fei also activated the Iron Shirt Skill, passively increasing the barbarian’s defense, speeding up the skill, and passively increasing the barbarian’s movement speed. These skills had a shocking effect on the barbarian’s fighting capabilities.

Sun Fei had been continuously fighting with the Gold Knight, the number one expert in the Hot Springs Pass, Dulles, and the mysterious six star assassin. He had accumulated a large amount of experience, and his condition was at a critical point. gas bubble in throat After slowly comprehending it, he immediately broke through the bottleneck, and gradually grasped the path of the perfect fusion of skill and strength.

When the sky started to brighten, a large number of people started to rush over in a rush, surrounding the first test platform so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through. This was because here, the famous and illustrious subordinate state expert Shimo King Alexander and the Empire’s top expert Seventh Judgement Knight Kroder would be victorious on this test platform at noon.