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My husband talked me into biking down Haleakala at sunrise on our recent trip to Hawaii. I am 64, non athletic and have had two knee replacements. Not a great candidate for this activity electricity and magnetism worksheets high school….but I did it and mainly because of this biking company. We were picked up early, taken to the volcano top, viewed the cold sunrise with many others then started out trek down. They provided hats, gloves, pants, jackets, helmets, and special bikes….everything you need. The best part was that we had two men to rely on. One guided our group, the other followed in the van not allowing any cars to pass us. To not have to worry about the traffic that is behind you was fabulous! Occasionally we would all move and stop on the side of the road to allow traffic to pass and get explanations on what we would be passing. We smelled eucalyptus, lavender, and all sorts of flowers. We ended the 22 mile ride with breakfast at a country club. A fun ride and a wonderful memory. This guided bike ride may cost more but it is so worth it. Yolo!

If you read my horrible review regarding Haleakala Bike Company you will fully understand this review. Mike and Mark were the grade 9 electricity questions tour driver/guides for the bike ride down the mountain. This tour was booked by our hotel concierge and included a sunrise view on Haleakala mountain/crater and a bike ride down the mountain. Mike and Mark rescued us after we were stranded by Corey from Haleakala Bike Company on the side electricity production by source of a dark, freezing winding road on the side of the mountain. They maintained constant communication and contact with us during our terrifying experience and made us feel at ease regarding the situation. These men were true gentlemen and very professional. Even without having a bad experience prior to our pick up, this company and these guides are amazing. They provided interesting history and facts regarding the mountain and Hawaii and guided us safely down the mountain on bikes. This experience is a definite must do in Maui, Hawaii. The guides drive you up the mountain prior to sunrise and you witness a truly amazing and beautiful sunrise while standing on top of Haleakala crater. Its freezing up there so bring closed toe shoes and warm clothing! The bike ride down was scary at first because of the winding road, but Mark was excellent at providing tips and tricks to make the ride smooth and safe.

Overall this excursion was a major disappointment. I tried to give them no stars but in order to write this review, I had to at least provide one. Waking up at 2:45 in the morning to view gas out game commercial a cloudy sunrise, followed by a completely rushed and anti-climatic bike ride downhill – we could not wait to get back to our hotel. The sunrise was completely clouded over -which is understandable, as Hawaii weather can be very unpredictable. Not blaming the company for this. However, for the bike ride, since we had perfect weather, this portion should of been the redeemable aspect of the excursion – but it wasn’t. The brochure should state: if you’re not comfortable bombing hills at 15-25 mph (30-40 km/h) then this excursion is not for you. Our guide Manny was completely unprofessional and had zero patience for riders that are too slow. My wife is an avid cyclist static electricity online games but prefers to ride downhills at a more cautious pace, especially since we didn’t travel to Hawaii to get injured. With zero regard for her personal safety or enjoyment, Manny said, she could either pick up her speed up or ride in the van. During the ride, the scenery was absolutely stunning. Again, Manny ruined this by making it clear that we would only stop once for a scenic photo opportunity. Tell me, how is it possible to take in the view while riding when you’re worried about your safety from riding so fast?? After an awful ride, we boarded the bus and headed to Café O’Lei for sub-par breakfast. Along the way Manny continuously reminded us about the recommended 3 gases that cause global warming 20% tip – which I felt was completely undeserved. Manny did not attend breakfast. Instead, when the driver dropped him off, he said see you later, my job is done. At that point it became clear that he completely rushed the biking so that could clock out of work early. After complaining to our hotel concierge, I was pleased when e gaskell north and south they offered us a 50% refund. So, if you’re going to take anything from this review – this excursion was a complete waste of time. Save your money, rent bikes and do a self-guided tour. This way you’ll have more freedom to stop where you want and go at your own pace that is comfortable. Just make sure to dress extremely warm for the sunrise. It’s very cold, windy, and rainy.