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In 1976, the Reverend George Malkmus faced a critical health issue. He was diagnosed, at the age of 42, with colon cancer and had to undergo conventional medical treatment. However, he decided to pursue a different track towards his healing. Upon the advice of an old preacher friend, Lester Roloff, Malkmus drastically changed his food consumption to chiefly raw and natural foods. Roloff inspired Malkus to switch from his typical American diet to one that God originally prescribed, as the Bible in Genesis 1:29 says:

Because of this experience, Malkus worked on developing the Hallelujah Diet meal plan, a vegan diet program that consisted mainly of raw vegetables and fruits, enhanced by a barley powder supplement and a fiber blend powder mix for colon cleansing. [2]

Since then, Malkus has committed his life to promoting a plant-based, clean-food philosophy that aids in self-healing and good health. He and his wife have worked together to create Hallelujah Diet recipes that are simple and easy to make. They also have a variety of Hallelujah Diet supplements available for purchase on their website. [3]

Numerous reputable health organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the addition of more vegetables and fruits into your diet as an effective measure towards improved health and disease prevention. This is already common knowledge.

Moreover, studies by Michael Donaldson, the Hallelujah Diet’s research director, are in different journals, proving the numerous benefits of a plant-based diet. One of his most noteworthy works was from The National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2004 entitled Nutrition and Cancer: A Review of the Evidence for an Anti-Cancer Diet.

In this journal, he stated, “One of the most important messages of modern nutrition research is that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables protects against cancer. (The greatest message is that this same diet protects against almost all other diseases, too, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes).” Note the assertions emphasize that consuming more fruits and vegetables such as the ones recommended by the Hallelujah Diet, contribute to the prevention, not the cure for cancer and other grave diseases. [6]

Shifting from a typical diet regimen with meat to one that consists mostly of raw vegetables and fruits will trigger weight loss in the short term. However, Stephen Joel Barrett reported that the Hallelujah Diet is “an unbalanced diet that can lead to serious deficiencies.” Barrett is a retired American psychiatrist who is the author and co-founder of the National Council Against Health Fraud. [7] [2]

The program also encourages its users to take beneficial supplements alongside the food list above. The two featured supplements recommended by the diet plan are Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax and Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse. [11] Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax

This is a powder mix with two main ingredients: young barley grass and alfalfa. Scientific studies from the last 20 years substantially support the benefits from drinking pure barley and alfalfa juice. They scientifically tested the product to ensure it provides active enzymes upon preparation and consumption.

The recommended daily intake is one to three servings per day to boost your immune system and optimize your health. This proprietary powder blend comes in two product types: pure powder in three different flavors (to mix with water, juice, or smoothie) and capsules. Hallelujah Diet Fiber Cleanse

This is also a proprietary powder blend of 28 herbs in a psyllium husk and flaxseed base that targets the colon to eliminate stored toxins from years of unhealthy food. This product supposedly sets in motion a strong digestive system, the cornerstone of great health and a resilient immune system.

You can take Fiber Cleanse daily for a maximum period of 90 days only, but pregnant or lactating women should avoid it. This proprietary powder blend comes in two product types: pure powder in three different flavors (to mix in juice or water and immediately consume) and capsules. [12]

A research paper by Hallelujah Diet’s research director Michael Donaldson revealed that the program does not deliver a balanced diet for a large number of people in the long term. There were nutrient deficiencies in his study, which investigated health and dietary information from 141 participants following the Hallelujah Diet. Out of the 141 participants, 54 were male, and 87 were female.

Maria Adams (MS, RD) says that this diet is very restrictive in both calories and nutrients. This can slow down the metabolism, activate starvation mode, break down your muscle as well as your fat for energy, and suppress the immune system. Other Mental and Physical Health Symptoms

Aside from these nutrient issues, the Hallelujah Diet study also reported long-term mental symptoms such as emotional stability and mental capability. Out of the 141 participants, more than 50% confessed to experiencing scattered thinking, memory loss, and low-stress tolerance. At least 40% suffered from negative thoughts, mood swings, grumpiness, and even depression. Close to 40% asserted they were unable to focus and 11% reported undergoing panic attacks and paranoia.

Moreover, participants who followed the Hallelujah Diet plan for an extended period exhibited long-term physical symptoms triggered by the nutrient deficiencies mentioned above. Donaldson reported a loss of muscle mass and brittle or thin fingernails from more than half of the participants. More than 40% suffered from skin pallor, dull eyes, hair loss, and slumped posture. Above 30% experienced headaches and burning eyes as well as pain in the neck and shoulders. More than 20% reported having heart palpitations and tooth decay while 16% suffered from bleeding gums. [13]

In April 2016, the Environmental Research Center, Inc., a registered non-profit California organization filed a civil case against Hallelujah Acres Incorporated and Hallelujah Diet in the state of California. This was a civil case about a California Health & Safety Code violation. The research center tested and detected that Hallelujah Diet supplements contained lead, a substance that the state of California says can cause reproductive damage, such as birth defects and cancer.

They filed the case to rectify the ongoing failure of Hallelujah Acres Incorporated to warn California consumers that their supplements contained lead. They carried on manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling their products without the necessary health warnings as the California Health & Safety Code prescribes. [17]

The Hallelujah Diet just makes it more convenient to have all your resources on one page. They provide you with information, instructions, videos, recipes, supplements, scientific research and studies, support, and the community you require on your journey to weight loss and optimal health. What Users Are Saying

Is the Hallelujah Diet the real deal? Well, we like that we found some positive comments and that it suggests an all-natural diet, but we are hesitant about this one because of the deficiencies and other negative side effects. On top of that, the supplements it recommends could cost up to $2,000 a year and it demands a lot of planning and prep from users.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. The four ingredients are clinically-tested and promote weight-loss by helping ignite fat loss and accelerating metabolism. Customers are talking about seeing exceptional results and there’s no mention of harmful side effects.