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High Line Park was created over the rail tracks that used to deliver goods to factories and warehouses in the city. wd gaster It was designed to mimic the natural plant growth that occurred over the rails when the tracks were no longer being used. Modeled after the Promenade Plantee in Paris, this abandoned raised railway has created NYC’s most original and spectacular public space. It features beautiful views, over 350 species of trees and plant life, shallow pools, lounge chairs, art installations, food stands, shopping and various historical points of interest, and gives you a new perspective in how you see New York.

At the National Biscuit Company complex, begun in the 1890s in what is now west Chelsea, the ovens baked everything from Saltines to Oreos, and has now been turned into a food hall! To walk through the Chelsea Market is to stroll through a sort of postindustrial theme park interspersed with food stores and restaurants. The market, in addition to having some of the best food vendors in the city, also has a handful of unique shops as well. electricity and magnetism So bring your appetite, get something to eat, and enjoy some great shopping.

From the time of William Penn through the turn of the 20th Century, many of Philadelphia’s first families built their country estates on the banks of the Delaware River. By river barge or carriage they came to escape the heat of summers in the city and it was here that they entertained some of the foremost figures in the history of our nation.

Andalusia is privately owned by the seventh generation of one of Philadelphia’s first families. You will share in the hospitality enjoyed by illustrious guests from more than 150 years. President John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Spain, were entertained by Nicholas Biddle, the young nation’s most powerful banker, a poet and editor, architectural authority, experimental farmer, and adversary of president Andrew Jackson. Andalusia is perhaps the finest example of Greek Revival domestic architecture in the United States. Andalusia captures the genius of its best-known owner and reflects the elegance of 19th century life.

This afternoon visit Pennsbury Manor to experience early colonial America and discover a legacy that inspired the founding fathers. e electricity bill payment Originally built in 1683, Pennsbury was the country estate of William Penn, founder and first governor of Pennsylvania. Penn built his country estate as, “A country life and estate I like best for my children.” Here Penn welcomed settlers of all faiths. Pennsylvania would quickly become America’s most diverse colony. Tour Penn’s elegantly reconstructed Manor House, furnished with an exquisite collection of furniture dating back to the early 1600’s.

Since 1959, Brimfield, Massachusetts has been the Antique and Collectibles Capital of the United States. gas x strips after gastric sleeve The Brimfield Antique Show affectionately known as the “Brimfield Flea Markets” is the oldest, largest and best-known outdoor show of its kind. Today, there are 21 independent shows and thousands of dealers. As the premiere hot spot for antiquing and collecting in America, Brimfield attracts people from around the world. Rare and unusual items can be found as buyers search through history’s great marketplace. Dealers are knowledgeable about their specialties and eager to share their expertise. gas mask ark Expect to see things rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Spend the day bargaining at your leisure.

Food: There is a wonderful variety of food vendors located on all of the fields. gas welder salary There are also a few local restaurants in town where you can enjoy a sit-down meal. New England Motel has the largest food court area and the French Fries are incredible!! Try to grab lunch before 11:30 a.m. (for seating purposes). You can check the individual field listings for specialized service available on their fields.