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I find it amusing that some people honestly believe they are in control of when and where crimes happen. I have spent most of my life living in a rural county with a population of barely over 5,000. Knowing several local LEO very well and hearing the behind the scenes stories it will shock some reality into you to know what goes on in the safe little towns. Meth, pot, heroine, cocaine and booze have no boundaries and neither do criminals. I have personally seen entirely to much stuff over the years as well running Fire and EMS. The fact being our quite, peaceful and out of the way fishing spots have the same appeal to the punks looking for places to get out of site and get high along with the dealers to set up shop to supply the needs.

I often spend anywhere from a few days to a week or more at a time on the river bank. I have been sitting on the river , minding my own business and been approached by scum more times than I can count. I have been awakened having people snooping through coolers and have had equipment walk out of campsites. I now put all of my extra equipment in the tent and make sure someone is awake at all times. I proudly support and practice my Second Ammendment Right and my theory is I prefer to be a survivor rather than a statistic. Everyone that fishes with me carries. I have some variation of lead slinger within hands reach 24/7- 365. I have a CCP and 98% of the time no one is ever aware a gun is around. The only exception is if its 100 degrees and I don’t have enough clothing to cover it.

I currently do most of my river fishing near Richmond on the lower James River and will never consider being unarmed out there. My tools of choice have to be accurate, reliable and pack a serious punch. You never know when the "Z" uprising will occur. I carry my Sig 229 chambered in 357 Sig on person, Para Ord. 14/45 in the tackle bag and the Rock Island monster custom hi-cap Super Competition 10 mm in my duffel.

My closing comment will be that everyone is entitled their own opinion about carrying, personal protection and every other controversial topic out there. My choice to carry is not based on fear and nor is it to intimidate. I choose to be aware of the sewer that the society around us has became. I just hope the lord is by your side and at least one of us pistol packing Rednecks is within an ear shout if you ever find your in a jam.

I figure with my luck the likelihood of hearing someone quote Crocodile Dundee with " You call that a knife!!" or simply finding myself the recipient of a lead enema is enough of a deterrent to rely on a blade when modern deviants are far more likely to be armed and not equipped with the conscience or moral compass as most of us. Therefore I will gladly stick to my own choice of equalizer and if ever confronted with a immediate threat situation I will offer effective diplomacy to rectify said situation.

After personally witnessing the aftermath on more than one account of such self preservation actions in both the modern judicial system and retaliatory responses of the perpetrators I must make reference to the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

I pray every day to never be faced with that split second decision knowing full and well what lies ahead. I extend that prayer to all of our brother sportsmen and law abiding citizens. It is a sad and unfortunately unforgiving world we live in.

Click to expand…I totally understand your situation with laws and regulations. That does limit your choices . I’m sure you are very limited/regulated as to what you guys can enlist for personal protection. I have travelled into areas where I had to completely disassemble my carry gun and place it into a lockable compartment outside of reach from the passenger area due to magazine capacity. Different areas have carry laws and we have to be aware of them wherever we travel and fish. I know some areas go as far as to regulate various things including blade lengths. I can’t remember the location but once read of a fellow fisherman that was traveling and fishing across the country. He received several charges for having a large fillet knife in his tackle box. A lot of areas have various firearm regulations, requirements or even forbid carry. These facts emphasize the importance of checking regs in every area you fish or travel to. I am fortunate here in VA to be able to carry in most of the areas I fish. I feel for those of you that live in areas that have all but completely disarmed the law abiding sportsmen. I can’t understand how they can strip you of your amendment given rights. I do fear we will see that trend continue to grow with every showing of criminal evil across the country. This makes criminals’ jobs easier and the outcome of many situation much worse.