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4:05 PM ET – Sidney Powell, Attorney and author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice + Senior Fellow of the London Center for Policy Research + Senior Policy Advisor for America First, and Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor and Investigative Reporter discuss the Russia report released by Devin Nunes.

4:20 PM ET – Heidi Riggs, Chief Administrative Officer of Alvis, are here to talk about the most under-discussed issue involving our national security: opioids, fentanyl, and heroin. Heidi’s daughter, Marin, died on January 28, 2012, at the age of 20. She got hooked on heroin pushed through the state of Ohio, that originated from the drug cartels crossing our borders illegally. Over 55k people have died and this crisis seems to be worsening, with more people, unlikely people, becoming addicted. Your child could be next because he/she thinks they are smoking weed, but they don’t know that it’s laced with heroin.

4:30 PM ET – David Haigh and Radha Sterling are attorneys who both work with an organization, Detained in Dubai, which is based in the United Kingdom and assists people with legal problems in the United Arab Emirates “UAE”. They also have Stirling Haigh which is a London based international dispute resolution, crisis management and strategic advisory firm specializing in a range of criminal and civil disputes in Dubai, the wider UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.David Haigh, together with Radha Stirling was contacted by Princess Latifa (Sheikha Latifa AL Maktoum in February 2018 and have been working to get her free and safe. One such attempt was made and was thwarted, Radha and David have been attempting to get in contact with her since. An account of this attempt:

According to all available information, it would appear that following their departure from Oman to the Indian coast, The Nostromo, a US-flagged yacht, was intercepted by the Indian Military. According to the statement of Ms. Jauhiainen: “On Sunday 4th March 2018 as night fell we what was off the coast of Goa, India when we were attacked by Indian secret service and military, including the Indian Coast Guard. Around 15 men came on board fully masked, in armored black clothing, with machine guns and laser sights. They used what was some kind of gas that filled the boat was smoke. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. The Indian men had their laser sights on me and Latifa and they were telling me they would shoot me and kill me. I was thrown against the floor, stood on and found myself in a pool of blood. At this point, I thought they had killed Hervé and I thought I was next. They told me again and again that they would kill me and held me on the edge of the boat, threatening to push me into the sea. We were cuffed and forced to lie down.”

5:05 PM ET – Michelle Malkin, the host of her own new series with Conservative Review, Michelle Malkin Investigates, is here to talk about the fake news media and the horrible way that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is treated daily. She had a testy exchange with Jim Acosta of CNN yesterday, shocking, and she promptly put him in his place.

Huckabee Sanders even brought up “taking your questions in a tone that’s completely unnecessary, unneeded, and frankly doesn’t help further the conversation.” Acosta brought up “the President’s tone towards the press” in response. (H/T mediaite)