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I also have this problem. I used to have anxiety a lot and panic attacks before i new what was happening. Now i rarely get panic attacks but this constant feeling of not being able to breath, like there is a rope tied to tight around my chest. I do my best to ignore it but it never goes away …never…never..never..

its been almost 5 years now and im still not dead… there are plenty of days where i wish i was. I go to bed at night and hope i don’t wake up. But i do so i deal with it one more day. Im NOT suicidal. I feel the same pain as all of you. I have been told by doctors that its just anxiety, and i want to believe that but its hard to throw aside a physical feeling like this and call it all in my head.

It is F#@$ing stupid. I will say that stretching my shoulders and back do seem to give my a tiny bit of relief. So give that a try. I tried pills many different kinds. I cant honestly say they helped at all… But its worth a try i guess. Alcohol helps but then you feel 3 times as bad the next day so its a bad habit to get into. I was drinking 1 liter a night for a long time. I am faced with the reality that i may have this problem for the rest of my life..

I have been feeling exactly the same as you. I think it’s my heart that is tight and not my lungs as it’s always my left hand side which is tight also the doctors say my heart beat is fast for some one of my age yet they can’t figure out what is wrong with me and I am only 19. I have had so many sleepless nights it is crazy because it is so tight and I cannot breathe, tonight being one of them! I too have some times wished I have not woken up because I don’t want to deal with this for the rest of my life because I have actually thought that I was going to die on so many occassions and I often have bad panic attacks and my heart pounds ridiculously fast and it literally scares the life out of me, yet I always get told it’s in my head. There was one time when I was having such a bad panic attack that my heart was going scarily fast I couldn’t breathe and practically collapsed and had to go to hospital but I got tests and scans but all they could figure out was that I had a fast heart beat. Once I lie down for too long it starts get extremely tight so I keep getting up and walking about and maybe get a glass of water. But alcohol definately makes it worse and I can hardly breathe the next day after drinking, though I could not give up. I am not an alcoholic but I think it would be no fun at all not drinking, especially when all your friends are, and you’re Irish…lol. Although I am trying really hard to cut down. I am going to see a cardiologist next month though so I am praying He/She will know what is wrong with me. Also, recently I have been getting severe headaches and having a severe head ache and having breathing problems don’t go together too good. If anyone knows what is wrong with me please reply, because it would be  the best news I could ever get! Or if you even feel the same also reply.ÂÂÂ

Well I guess my problem is similar to this. A month ago I was driving and felt oddly strange and my heart was racing and I felt funny in my head. I was taken to the ER, I literally thought I was dying. It was anxiety or a panic attack. After that I had similar feeling at times out of nowhere but none to the effect of the one that day. So I went to my doctor, I was put on Paxil. That has seemed to help, being that I have only been on it almost a month. I still feel nervous and panic feeling at times, but I guess that will get better in time. But the past few weeks I have been really tight in my chest. I have not had any cough but I have had some wheezing. Back at the doctor, I was put on Asmanex and Xopenex-resuce inhaler. I know the Asmanex takes a little while. But I almost feel like its worse now and it feels like I pull from my stomach to breathe and it hurts around that area. I also have started back on Prilosec. So is this a combination of all these things? Will it go away? IS it asthma? Because it seems to last all day and it came out of nowhere seems like and I have not been exposed to anything new.!??! Help! I am only 20!