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Charlotte, Emily and Anne—the Brontë sisters as they are popularly called in the literary world—first published their works under male aliases Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, respectively. The reason being that the literary world was particularly male-dominated (still is, or else ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas Rowling wouldn’t feel the need to write under a different name) and masculine-sounding names made their works more acceptable in society. According to reports, Charlotte Brontë had once said, “We did not like to declare ourselves women, because – without at that time suspecting that our mode of writing and thinking was not what is called ‘feminine’ – we had a vague impression that authoresses are liable to be looked on with prejudice.” Nevertheless, Charlotte wrote Wuthering Heights, Emily electricity japan wrote Jane Eyre and Anne wrote The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey under their own names. (Manasi Y Mastakar) El Comercio (Perú) makes a similar point electricity 220 volts wiring discussing the life and work of Georges Sand:

Las vanguardias feministas tienen en Sand una precursora insuficientemente reconocida. Su nombre real, como se sabe, fue Aurora Dupin, pero adoptó el seudónimo masculino para hacerse visible en el circuito literario francés del XIX, donde las mujeres no tenían cabida. Al mismo recurso recurrieron en Inglaterra las hermanas Brontë, haciéndose pasar por ‘los hermanos Bell’. ( Renato Cisneros) ( Translation) The Deccan Herald (India) interviews the writer Ruskin Bond:

RB: Well, going back to the classics, I grew up on (Charles) Dickens, I’ve read all the works of Dickens… thoroughly enjoyed them. Now, actually, I get a bit bogged down when I try to read Dickens gas zombies. I enjoyed Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights… that was one of my favourites. The Telegraph Argus talks about the upcoming Bradford’s Fairtrade Fortnight:

Some of the greatest romances happen in the pages of books. Will Jane electricity billy elliot instrumental Eyre end up with Mr. Rochester? Will Rhett return to Scarlett? A number of classic couples have been featured recently, but many remain. The reader’s investment in the ups and downs of the relationship make it hard to put the book down. ( Elizabeth Fraser) The Telegraph interviews MP Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools:

EK: If the weather was nice, when I was younger my family would go for walks in the Yorkshire Dales, a beautiful countryside full of rolling hills and moorland. It might not have huge mountain ranges but it’s absolutely beautiful. You could also visit one of the many beautiful villages that scatter the county. Places like Grassington, or Haworth (which is better known as Brontë country named after its famous residents). Yorkshire is an area full gas 02 of history so it’s a beautiful place to visit and explore our Victorian past. You could even delve further back into the past and visit the capital of the region, York, which has both Roman and Viking history all over the city. The Northern Echo recommends a walk across Oxenhope and Brontë country.

La frase estalló en su cabeza como un golpe que no avisa. Maryse Condé no entendió electricity and circuits class 6 questions qué quiso decir la amiga de su mamá cuando ella le dio las gracias por regalarle un libro de Emily Brontë. La joven Maryse le expresó su deseo de convertirse en una gran escritora. Entonces la mujer le dijo: “La gente como nosotros no escribe”. ( Sorayda Peguero Isaac) ( Translation) El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain) is concerned about ‘the madwoman in the attic’ concept:

Si la novela es el espejo de la sociedad, es comprensible, pues, que las grandes obras del siglo XIX rebosen de féminas desquiciadas, como en ‘ Jane Eyre’, de Charlotte Brontë, donde la primera la gastronomie esposa del señor Rochester, enajenada, prende fuego a la mansión de Thornfield Hall. Ella es la criolla lasciva, la loca del desván que acabó titulando un ensayo canónico del feminismo: ‘ The Madwoman in the Attic’. Publicado en 1979, en sus páginas las profesoras Sandra M. Gilbert bp gas prices chicago y Susan Gubar se dedican a escudriñar la obra de varias escritoras decimonónicas y detectan al cabo la existencia de una imaginación específicamente femenina que abunda en imágenes de encierro y fuga, en la existencia de dobles locas que suplantan yoes dóciles y en la descripción minuciosa de enfermedades como la anorexia y la agorafobia. ( Olga Merino) ( Translation)