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Haruka Kanade, a senior on the school council, is performing morning greeting exercise. Haruka explains that it’s a way of making sure of everyone’s attendance, and tells Arisa to be sure not to arrive late. Arisa, Chisato, Matsuri and Haruka then depart for classes, with Arisa and Chisato continuing onto maths class, and Matsuri to P.E.

After school , Haruka telepathically summons the Hohzuki quartet to a meeting on the school roof to discuss the Ripper rumors and the serial murders that started occurring in a neighboring city a month ago. While Haruka discusses details unknown to the public, namely that the victims are teenage girls who have been stabbed by something larger than a knife, the other girls mention the possiblity of a witch being the culprit. Haruka urges caution as they transform and head out to patrol the city.

As the patrol the city, Haruka is apprehensive that neither Chisato or Arisa have been responding for some time. Haruka and Matsuri come across Suzune after she’s already killed Chisato and beaten up Arisa. Haruka uses her charm ability to keep Suzune focused on her so Matsuri can grab Arisa and escape. After discussing the situation in the park with Matsuri as Arisa recovers, Haruka is shocked to discover Suzune is a girl from their school. Kyubey appears and apologizes for not warning the girls sooner. At school, Haruka runs into Suzune and demands to know why she is killing magical girls but Suzune refuses to give her an answer.

Haruka attends Chisato’s funeral and has an argument with Arisa, with Arisa furious at Haruka and Matsuri for having abandoned Chisato in the alley and only rescuing her. Haruka argues that Chisato was already dead and all of them would have been killed by Suzune had they remained behind. Arisa calls her perfect and able to do anything she wants to, which is everything Chisato admired about her, before stomping off. This causes Haruka to cry out in grief.

At school, Haruka is visibly distracted as noticed by her classmates. As she leaves school, she is too distracted to notice she has walked into a witch’s barrier. Her soul gem is already heavily corrupted as she transforms into a magical girl to take on the witch. However, the witch attacks her with a liquid of some kind which causes Haruka to recall painful memories of her past and her older sister who she wished would disappear. As Haruka finally defeats the witch, she regrets the wish she made and declares she only fights witches because she can’t bear the guilt and not for the sake of the people she saves. Suzune appears and is about to kill her when Arisa and Matsuri appear, having used Matsuri’s ability to track her down. Arisa apologiez to Haruka, only to have Haruka apologize as well and blame herself for everything. Haruka’s soul gem hatches into a grief seed and light bursts forth, revealing Haruka’s witch form.

As Arisa asks where Haruka went, Suzune nods towards the witch informing them that that is Haruka. Shocked, Arisa calls Suzune dumb, stating that creature is clearly a witch, the creatures they are always fighting. Suzune agrees, and tells them to go kill the witch like they always do but in doing so they will be killing their fellow magical girls with their own hands. Matsuri questions if Haruka really did turn into a witch but Suzune doesn’t care if they believe her or not as long as they stay out of her way. Haruka’s witch form attempts to blast energy beams at Suzune, who dodges most of them but not before an energy beam scorchers her shoulder. Holding her sword, she summons swords of flame that shoot out, destroying the disco balls that shot the energy beams. As Suzune races in to finish the witch off before it can recover, Haruka’s witch form screams and casts its charm magic on Suzune, causing her to freeze on the spot. The witch charges up an even greater energy beam from its giant eye to kill Suzune with, but more flame swords rain down on it, stabbing it in the eye and causing the witch to scream in pain. Suzune rushes forward once more and pierces the witch with her sword, shattering its eye and unleashing a blast of light from which Arisa and Matsuri catch a momentary glimpse of Haruka in human form before the barrier and witch disappear.

She specializes in charm magic; however, the only charm she has been seen using is a charm to call an opponent’s attention to herself, which makes them freeze when the spell is released. This charm likely comes from how Haruka wanted attention from others, but was overshadowed by Kanata.

• Haruka shares several traits with Mami: a yellow colour scheme; a leadership role, being a well-respected third-year senior at school; a wish for herself that she heavily regrets; being a "princess"-like character; having styled hair of some sort (Mami has her drills, whereas Haruka has a small plait on the side and has tied her hair at the end); wearing tights in both her normal and magical outfits; a hat with her magical girl outfit; and a large chest size, with a magical girl outfit that accentuates it.