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If you’re looking for true turn-key car with all the spares – and I mean all spares to go race the 4500 class then you have to take a look at this car. It will be sold with all my race prep checklists, tuning notes, wire diagram, complete parts list, etc. Everything is still in bins and organized ready to go racing. It doesn’t get much easier!

I purchased this car(4578 back then) from Paul Bickerton in April of 2015. Paul had bought this Jeep brand new in 2005 and over the years it morphed into a 4500 car with lots of help from Aaron Lenz. Paul had good success with racing it in Dirt Riot and Ultra 4 with 8th place finish in 2014 at King Of The Hammers and many Dirt Riot wins. When I purchased the car I was planning on changing a few things and doing a full race prep for KOH 2016. Well that turned into an entire build from the ground up, as the car sits right now the only original pieces being used from when I bought the car are: LQ4 6.0 Engine(completely rebuilt in 2015 by factory GM technician,) factory frame, Rugged intercom and Vortex Standard race radio. All work the was done to the highest detail with strength and ease to work on as primary concerns. Most of the fabrication was done by Aaron Ada formally with Morphic Industries and TCS. Most of the bolts sizes are similar to minimize tools/spares and all are grade 8 except steering and shocks which are F911.

This is one of the most built cars in the 4500 class and very reliable. Since I have been racing it I was able to take 1st place in the southwest series in 2016 in Dirt Riot, 2nd place in the nation in 2016 for Dirt Riot, 2017 8th place finish at KOH with zero issues, 2017 Dirt Riot 2nd Place in Congress, Arizona and 2nd place in Tucson, Arizona only seconds behind a very fast Von Gitten Jr.

I am just too busy with my businesses to put in the time required to be a competitive racer. I don’t need to sell the car but I hate to see it sit. I want someone to race it and enjoy all the hard work that was put into it. I currently drive it once a week around town for fun as it is street legal in Arizona and is registered as 2005 Jeep Wrangler with an Arizona title. After every race I tore the car down and replaced all bolts and did a detailed inspection. She is not the lightest rig but is built solid, full race ready she is about 5000lbs. Car is very balanced with good corner weights. All the weight is done low so it is super stable(from fuel cell, batteries, spare etc, we tried to get everything down as low as possible.) The fabrication on this car is a work of art! Any part that needed to be magnafluxed was, big believer in finishing a race is mainly due to prep. Lots of one off custom water jet parts to make things work perfect. All suspension mounts have chromoly welded washers to keep from getting worn out.

– LQ4 6.0 motor dyno’d at 460 HP with 460 FT LB on 91 Octane(spent many hours on dyno doing custom tune) BBK intake and throttle body, Competition cam, custom headers made with tubing from Borla, Borla Exhaust all ceramic coated and wrapped(no heat into cab from it at all) Jimmys LS3 deep oil pan system with trap door, custom harness, new water pump, new injectors, new sensors, new idler pulley and more. Oil changed every race and sent to BlackHawk for analysis. Always ran non ethanol 91 octane gas.

– 4L65 that is built with every 300M part and upgrade(I have over $3,000 in just parts in it) Tranny has three races on it and performs amazing. Always run Amsoil. Set up to shift manual or in auto mode. Having overdrive lets you stay in low range in the transfer areas between rock sections saving huge time. Has extra capacity pan.

– This steering package is a major key that makes this car perform so well. I did a lot of research and ended up with this package. It took a little time to dial it in and over $4100 in parts but well worth it. Steering is great in both the desert and in the rocks, zero issues! Always stayed nice and cool. I was religious about sending it back to Howe to be checked over and they never found and issues.

– All wiring was done in bus bar system with self-resetting breakers(vary similar to aircraft setup) I spent over $2,000 just in breakers, switches, relays, wire, etc.) All weather packed with Bosch style connectors. I have all schematics to help, zero issues with electrical system.

You will not find a better built 4500 class car! No expense was spared on the build of this car, with over $100,000 just in parts in the last two years. It took my team two years to build/get this car dialed in like it is, there are no weak spots. Car is located in Lake Havasu City. Check out our website Havasu Crawlerz – 4500 stock class vehicle for more photo’s/details. Call Brian at 520-471-2854 with any questions. Asking $63,000 OBO not interested in any trades or low ball offers, not a fire sale. Thanks for looking!