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well It is now December 24 th I have been with my mom for a month now and it’s time for me to get back to CA.I have had a hard time sleeping through the night for the last week knowing this day was coming. I will say it like I think it . Hard as I try I couldnt remember the last time I woke up Christmas morning and was with my mom. I am just going to have to trust that her and I have done enough good things in our life and mother nature will not take her npower electricity meter reading until l I return.

the following day brought wind and I was cold as hell and needed to get my boots off and dry them but I didn’t think it would be good to go outside and get things from my trunk .my teeth had been chattering for the last couple hours and I had to get into the trunk. during the night the wind was so strong that I had snow that blew in through the gaps in the passenger side door and was piled up on the floor of the car

couldn’t get ether door open so I rolled the driver side window down punched a hole in the snow and got out. to my supersize the car was not even visible there was 2 ft of snow on the ground and my car just looked like a bump in the snow.I had a clip board in my car and used it to scrape away some snow so if some one came by they might see me . after doing this I was wet to my knees and my hands and gloves were so cold i had to get back in the car and warm them up by holding them to the heater vents.

I sure am Glad I removed my passenger seat before I left . I removed the carpet and insulation ware the rear firewall is and was able to reach through a speaker hole electricity kwh into the trunk and get dry socks, pants’ long johns and my sleeping bag.when I pulled off my boots my socks were frozen to my feet and the inside of my boot .after getting warm clothes on I got under the dash board and pulled the heater vent hoses from the defroster outlet and ran the gas 37 weeks pregnant hoses down to the floor one for each foot.

my phone battery died and I have such an old phone I am unable to find a 12v charger. I figure by daylight the falcon will have been running now for around 16 hours I figure it burns a gallon an hour at idle and can hold 18 gallons but two of thews hours i was climbing these hills so by daylight i will be getting close to running out of gas.

I will have the 5 gallons in my trunk and thats it. If I am not out of here by tomorrow around 11:00 AM I figure I will have to burn the car to get some help. I dont think I will last more than two or three hours without heat. I still haven’t seen anyone I dont know if is has stopped snowing or not cause I cant see outside the car.I decided to move the heater hoses back to the defrost vents thinking it would melt some of the snow on my window.

at some point during the night I saw a glow through my back window I put on my boots and started digging out of the drivers window with my clip board .when I brake through I see a plow truck sitting about 30 yards away. I hear the air brakes release and that lit a fire under my ass I continue to get out and made my way over to him.I tapped on his dore startling the hell gaston y la agrupacion santa fe out of him and told him my situation and he asked me if I can make it till morning or I could go with him.I asked the guy to let the chp know ware I was and he said sure and that he would be back around 6:00 or 7:00 am and help dig me out.I said that will work and thank you.he said a couple times are you sure you can make it is 6 degrees out here with the wind chill its bellow 0. I told him I think so but I am counting on him in the morning.

my boots are wet again and I spent the rest of the night gas kansas city trying to warm up my feet.he comes back in the morning and we start to dig.after a few minutes he says I recognize this car I saw you on 285 and thought to myself you dont see one of these out in this weather to often or never for that matter then asked ware the hell are you coming from and ware are ya going. I tell him and with a shocked look on his face he said you drove this to TX from CA I said yeah why not he looks around at the miles and miles of snow and smiles and say’s I dont know it just seams a little crazy.I told him It might be but but Im having the time of my life! I didnt tell him but I will tell you The way I see it is this. I could get on a plane and 12 hours later I am at my moms.or I could take my classic car that I have been remaking the way I think it should be.. toss in the necessary tools and parts a couple electricity outage compensation maps and get on the road with no planed rout no times to keep no GPS no cruz control or air conditioning no radar detectors no heated seats or power windows none of that shit. Its the unknown part that I love . any way after getting me out he left.dam my feet are freezing again and my pants below my knees are wet.I get in the falcon and creep down the other side of the mountain for about an hour its about 8:00 am.

continuing on I get to this little valley and the road runs right down the center and up the other side I stop my car reach behind my seat and grab my binoculars cause something dose not look right on the hill in front of me .shit i say out loud cause there are big rigs stuck all over the road so I pull off the road and figured now was a good time to put my extra gas in the tank then do something about my feet.

It wasn’t snowing much any more but it was colder here. every couple hours I would move my car back and forwards so I dont get stuck. The tires would actually freeze to the ground and I had Ice sickles hanging from my car to the ground .it wasnt long before cars one after another stopped behind me.so I sat there for another 8 hours finaly a plow electricity was invented truck went past and started pulling one truck after another up to the top of that hill.

I will have to wait for other cars to clear a path.so I sit for an hour and try again this time I make it to the top an hour later I get onto I 40 going the wrong way because the direction I should be going is a parking lot .finally I see a gas station ahead .I drive in and there is a line of cars so long i dont bother I just find a place to park i need to deal with my feet they have been wet and frozen for hours now.I am super hungry and there is a dary queen but it will have to wait.

figured i could put them under my hood for a while and let the engine heat dry them out only thing was how do i get them out gas nozzle keeps stopping there without getting my feet wet.what i ended up doing was i drove back and fourth to crush the foot thick stow then i used my floor mats to stand on and leap frog ed my way gas 85 octane to the front of the car put them and some socks in and got back in the car an hour later my car ran out of gas but my boots were dry.I wasnt able to leave until the following night . I noticed my big toes hurt when i walked and by the time i got home they didnt look so good.I have a friend that works for a vet and he gets me penisillen so i always have some on hand .its for dogs but it’s close enough and i start taking them. after a week I was contemplating weather or not to see a doctor and decided that the best thing to do was keep them moving.

about 7:00 AM I pulled into a gas station/ dairy Queen joint grab some gas and breakfast then I pull around back to eat and chill for a while. I see this chain link fence attached to a house and inside is this young gray donkey just looking at me.so I go over to the fence and she comes over.I start talking to her and her big ears point at me.Looking around I wispier are ya hungry.I went back to my car and got my breakfast and split it with her.I was feeling kinda like i shouldn’t be doing this and this guy walks up and says so you met electric utility companies in florida jenny the worlds most spoiled donkey.

I am like no kidding… he says yeah you wouldn’t believe the things I catch people feeding her I look at him then kind of push his shoulder and laugh you saw me and are giving me shit he laughs and said I had to man Its all good.well I say to him he says well what. I return with well how come there is a donkey named jenny in the yard of your house behind a dairy Queen in the middle of no ware and no ware else .The guy tells me she came in from the desert about 6 months ago near death and gas vs diesel mpg laid down over there as he points so I got her to drink water and after a couple days we came out she was gone the next day we came out and anything green was gone so we kind of adopted her. can I make a request I said how about cutting some slots in the fence so I can pet her.

wen I left she started bucking and honking and running along the fence as I left.nothing worth telling happened the rest of the way home.I suppose I could go on about the rudeness of the people in CA but I wont.I suppose I could go on about the bad roads in ca but I wont or I could talk about how truly beautiful CA is but I wont .what I will say is thanks for your time reading this and I hope you got something from it that may be of use to you someday. cheers yall