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About 3 years ago I decided to try and find him. I googled his name and an arrest record popped up. He had multiple counts of child molestation against him. I was blown away because he never did anything to make anyone think he was a bad guy.

I talked to another long time friend about it who was involved in the court process as a witness. He is positive that my buddies wife and her daughter set him up. She is a gold digger that married him for the financial support. I know this because I had asked her at one point if she married him for support for her and her daughter and she told me yes but has grown to love him. She told me she could get a hall pass at any bar in town like it was a great thing. She was cheating on him weekly.

She split for texas for a year to party and ditched their children with him including her daughter. During that time her now teen daughter started getting into trouble and was arrested a couple of times. Shortly after she got back to Sacramento the shit hit the fan and he was arrested. They claimed that he was having sex with the daughter when she was around 6 years old. She said she would bleed the family dry financially and would go after his dads granite and marble company where he worked so his dad sold the company and retired. He sat in county for a few years while they went to court. Ultimately he was sentenced to 15 years and is now sitting in Chino.

Myself and others still believe he was set up. She didn’t take anything, the house was foreclosed on and his belongings were taken and put in storage by friends. She just walked away from all of it. I am pretty damn sure I saw her in a pron awhile back. The wife believes it was her also.

None I know, but since the ex wife setup was brought up, I’ll mention mine. My ex started down the road of false accusations against me, she was married prior and had a daughter, and once during a bitch fit with that ex, her and her mom alluded to some accusations against him, it never went any further, but it stuck in my mind.

A few years later I’m divorce court listening to her testify that every night I was looking at porn on the computer in the den with the kids in there. It was PBB with the "good" avatars moved out of view. My shitty attorney jumps right into "isn’t it true you looked at it with him! ?!?"

I calmly summoned him to the desk and pointed to where I wrote "computer records? " on my notepad. That never went anywhere and while the judge didn’t necessarily look down on me, she didn’t see her for the conniving cunt she is. I’d already faced accusations of child neglect, domestic violence and infidelity, so I knew what was coming.

My mom is a psychiatrist, I asked her what to do in preparation for molestation accusations. She said that investigators would talk to my friends and sex partners and see what kind of guy I was. I was thoroughly enjoying my single life 3.5 nights a week and the thought of my flings getting drug into testify about my sexual activities was amusing

I built my oldest, 6yo a social network of little girls with educated professional parents, movies, sleepovers, parks, swimming, I was there, they all knew I was a single dad and everyone was cool as fuck, teacher, engineer, nurse, school therapist, firefighter, etc. Any chance she had of false accusations was dead.