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Taking a pregnancy test is supposed to be a simple process. You buy a test, take the test and then look and see if there is a second line. But it isn’t always such a simple process in practice. Sometimes positive pregnancy test results are extremely faint if taken in very early pregnancy. Because pregnancy is completely life changing, it’s natural that we want to know earlier and earlier if that test is positive. Sure, you can follow the test directions and wait a week to take a second test (as a side note: who are these people who can wait a week?). Or you can try to use other means to analyze the test. And so test tweaking was born.

Test tweaking is the act of taking a picture of a pregnancy test and then digitally adjusting the color saturation of the picture to see if a faint line is truly a colored line indicating pregnancy. Some of our members in our Community are test tweaking experts. It might not always be completely accurate, but it’s interesting and fun and another way to try to answer the “am I pregnant” question. You can see examples of test tweaking in our June 2012 Birth Club.

I can completely understand test tweaking. I took pregnancy tests very early in each of my pregnancies and I took a lot of them. I remember having a faint faint line with my second and I wasn’t quite sure if it was a “real” line. I carried it to the window and looked at it in that light, carried it to the bathroom and put it under the florescent, looked at it with one eye closed, looked at it up close, held it far away. I even took it apart at one point to look closer. If I had known about test tweaking, you can be sure I would have been tweaking that test! And it’s actually quite addictive to follow test tweaking discussions in community. So much so that we have entire groups dedicated to Test Tweaking.

Sorry Gith, but that’s not true. I waited months and months for this baby. I took my first test and it came up negative. I waited, yes it was tough, but I did, and took another in 3 days. It came back faintly positive. I waited (yet again, took another, and it came back darker. I did look at each test closely, inspecting it in every possible light, including taking it outside. Test tweaking just seems like slow torture, and having friends and a boyfriend that are computer savvy, I can say from their expertise: if you tweak any test, you’ll eventually make it positive. This seems like more worry than its worth. Also, there is a such thing as an evaporation positive, where after a certain amount of time, the chemicals in the test break down as the urine evaporates, causing the test to read a false positive. Keep this in mind while you test ladies, and don’t read a test after the alotted time on the box. I was sorely tempted many time to read a test I had thrown away a half hour previously. If you can’t afford a digital test (like me), just wait it out. Its better than having to worry about whether or not you “tweaked” your test too much or not enough.

I have heard that women often say I had a miscarriage and then in my mind that the fetus is at least a few weeks old. So I extend my sympathy only to find out that the miscarriage was based on a pee stick that had a false positive. There was never second line or a very very very light pink line, therefore a false positive, that needed to be re-tested. Then she got her period, is that considered a miscarriage? Me thinks, probably the pregnancy never occurred in the first place? It was like a fanthom baby or probably a by product of munchausen by proxy wanting to be sympathized at for losing something. The tweaking stuff DOES not help at all! They feed the woman with false hope, oh I think you are pregnant congrats, they are not medical experts and didn’t even use a machine or a sonogram and then the woman gets all excited. The woman counts this a miscarriage if she gets her period, she’ll have that counter in her siggy saying 3 miscarriages in 3 months or something sick like that, more like no pregnancy aunt flo came the last 3 months. It’s all messed up.

Those talking about how after trying for a long time you’re desperate to know even sooner… I felt the opposite way. The more months that I took early tests, the more I felt let down, and I stopped putting myself through that and started only testing if I knew I was definitely late. And even then, this year, I’ve had two incidents where I tested positive at 5 weeks (if I had a question about the line, I just took a digital test a day or two later, no biggie), had a week of happy pregnancy, then miscarried at 6 weeks. So this cycle I’m saving myself THAT disappointment, too, and not testing until I’m 8 weeks along. If months of disappointment have led you to start testing EARLIER, not later, then you’re just addicted to the drama.

(This does not apply to those with irregular cycles or medical indications, obviously. I feel like the tweakers I’ve seen on the boards are usually the ones who are tracking their cycles and temperatures and know exactly when they ovulated, and are starting to test at 8 dpo. Drama.)