‘he may have a yoga body, i’ve got a dad body’_ five things to know on the first conservative leadership debate _ national post

SASKATOON — The dozen candidates in the Conservative leadership race did their best on Wednesday evening to introduce themselves to the Tory faithful, squeeze in as many talking points and policy positions as possible, and take the odd potshot at each other.

The participants in the party’s first official leadership debate were, for the most part, on good behaviour and in agreement on many issues in front of about 500 people packed into a downtown Saskatoon hotel ballroom. Electricity in costa rica current But the candidates got into heated debate on issues such as immigration and identity politics, Donald Trump’s U.S. Electricity and magnetism worksheets presidency and what it means to Canada, and a federal carbon tax.

Candidates addressed questions on four set themes over two hours: the economy, trade, immigration and environment, and also faced a handful of questions from Conservative supporters across the country on a smattering of issues including, leadership style, improving Canada-U.S. Electricity in the body symptoms relations and how to broaden Conservative party appeal.

Trump and free trade were prominent topics during the evening and in post-debate scrums the candidates held with reporters. Electricity song 2015 Trump’s protectionist rhetoric over the course of the U.S. Electricity orlando election campaign and promises to renegotiate or rip up NAFTA are worrying most of the leadership hopefuls.

Kellie Leitch said her top priority would be to work with Trump and establish a good trading relationship. Electricity n and l “I will be sure that I’m tough on him as he’s tough on NAFTA,” she said. Electricity out Leitch sent out a fundraising email earlier in the day congratulating Trump on his victory and suggesting his anti-establishment message needs to be delivered in Canada — but she insisted she did not endorse Trump.

Several candidates said Canada must remind Trump of the benefits of free trade to the U.S. 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore and work with American lawmakers and industry to put pressure on the president-elect to respect free-trade deals.

Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should immediately travel to the U.S. Electricity outage austin to speak with Trump and take the federal natural resources minister with him instead of his in-laws, which drew laughter from the crowd.

Chong faced criticism for his proposal to introduce a revenue-neutral carbon tax similar to the one in British Columbia. Gas kinetic energy formula The Ontario MP would use the revenue to introduce sweeping tax cuts, as in B.C. A level physics electricity equations But the other candidates assailed him for proposing any sort of tax.

Former Vancouver-area MP Andrew Saxton said a North American solution is needed for reducing greenhouse gases and that it makes no sense to have a carbon tax if U.S. Electricity worksheets for 4th grade and Mexico don’t because it will simply shift emissions and jobs to those countries.

Ontario MP Erin O’Toole and Bernier expressed similar sentiments, saying Canadian companies shouldn’t be burdened, and that government should encourage companies to innovate to reduce emissions.

“It’s not the answer. Gas out game instructions It’s actually lazy public policy. Gas density It won’t benefit the environment. Types of electricity It will break the backs of families who are already struggling,” O’Toole said.

Lisa Raitt told the Saskatoon crowd: “Coming from Ontario, can I tell you how lucky you are to have (Premier) Brad Wall,” she said to applause. Electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf “You don’t need a carbon tax. Electricity jeopardy It’s a tax on jobs.”

“When I become prime minister, the war on oil and gas and coal is over. Electricity static electricity No carbon tax, no cap-and-trade, no over-the-top regulation,” Trost said. Gas density units “We don’t need to concentrate on climate change. Electricity explained It’s more of a political issue than a scientific issue.”

Several of the contenders promised to introduce a cap or freeze on government spending if they win the leadership and become prime minister in an effort to get federal finances back in order.

Leitch said she would cap government spending. Electricity png Alexander, Scheer and Saxton said they would put an immediate freeze on federal expenditures. Static electricity sound effect Blaney said he would cut federal spending, while Bernier and Trost said the government needs to end “corporate welfare.”

Chong said he would implement a deficit-reduction action plan such as one enacted by Stephen Harper’s government, while Winnipeg doctor Dan Lindsay said: “We need to run government like we run our own household.”

While Leitch was talking a hard line on values and dealing with Trump, Blaney attacked Bernier for wanting to eliminate supply management for dairy, poultry and egg sectors. Hp gas kushaiguda The system keeps prices artificially high by controlling production, but helps protect thousands of farmers and doesn’t require any direct federal subsidies.

“I like free trade but I love my Canadian milk. Gas natural How can a libertarian oppose a great system that costs zero dollars to taxpayers and offers Canadians quality food products at an affordable price?” Blaney said. Gas what i smoke “Maxime, your plan is a disaster blinded by ideology. La gas prices Why do you finance your campaign on the back of hard-working families from our riding who feed our country?”

“The budget doesn’t get balanced, the economy doesn’t get looked after by selfies and photo-ops. Gas in back I can make you one promise: I will not be taking my shirt off as often as Justin Trudeau does. Dynamic electricity examples He may have a yoga body, I’ve got a dad body,” Scheer said, to loud laughter from the crowd.