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Hi I just googled this for some advice I’ve been having tremors where my head will shake in a no no action hasn’t been this bad before started when I was 19. I could go weeks or months with out an occurance but recently nearly everyday I’m 32 now. I had a scan few yrs ago and nothing abnormal was reported but I think they were just ruling out Parkinson’s. I’m booked for another scan soon but I’m not hopeful for a cure. I’ve been taking propranolol for my tremors but it does hardly anything. When I’m tired or stressed it can flair up again sometimes it’s quite fast and when it dies down I have a neck ache. I worried that maybe some damaged was caused when I was younger and took ecstasy cocain and smoked cannabis. But I haven’t touched any of those for over 10 years. I know if I drink alcohol it will stop it though but I don’t want to be dependant on that. I read about some of you experiencing electric shock I gave had similar experience but not when shaking I remeber laying in bed and having it on only a couple occasions but was very weird was like I could also hear it and went up neck and into back of head bit frightening actually thinking back on it. Both times was when been taking ecstasy days before. I am glad I’m not the only one that has the same problem with head shaking. I get very down about it and embarrassed about it I just want it to stop.

I am 29 now and suffer from the same symptoms exactly like you and my neuro doc said that i suffer from ‘Titubation no-no’ and there is no cure in their books of allopathy, however i take Clonazepam 0.5mg as and when required and it worked for 3-4 years very effectively, but now its got even worse and even clonazepam doesnt work immediately and effectively so i have 2 pills instead of one and its got frequent. the episodes are also frequent of head shaking in no-no movement. the finger of my left hand also sometimes move but very rarely but is not a concern to me yet. i had worked only in night shifts from past 7 years till now in call centers and that might be the reason. now things are getting worse than before coz now i get a fear feeling about my episode getting started in front of a person i am interacting with. eye contact with strangers ans superiors at work are also the reason of the fear thing. i even tried Primidone but didnt work atall for me. have heard that there are remedies in homoeopathy but not yet tried. got the MRI of brain but nothing found except a slight slip disc in the lower back. have also heard that TREMORSOOTHE works but didnt tried that yet. this time i have ordered Resveratrol, Kava tea and Skullcap herb ordered on ebay and have a belief that it will work. will keep posted if found any positive ray of light to cure this problem… please keep posted if someone has got relieved with this completely…

i am back with a complete relief after almost two months now and before i tell u what helped. just letting you about my last episode when i was in a lock-up for 24 hours on the account of drinking n driving on the Dec 31st night. it occured when i lost patience and became restless inside the lock-up, the episode occured after a couple of hours on a full swing and i purposely made a scene out of it, (freaked out), was just an attempt to make the cops somehow take me out of it. i demanded my wallet to them in which i carry Melzap 0.5 (Clonazepam) all the time. since its winter here so they thought that i was just shivering, but once they gave me the strip, i was releived. then after a week when i visited the court about my case, i was nervous and was getting the hint of the episode which might burst out anytime. i popped a pill just to avoid the episode and again i was releived.

a couple of days before the 31st night, i ordered and consumed Resveratrol, Skullcap herb and kava tea (as mentioned on my previous post) which i order from ebay since its not available in India where i live. and I THINKKK it might have done the wonders to me, coz i have never been without Melzap for more than a week or two but this time every single night i count my days and be thankful to the one i believe in.