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We’re starting with a live broadcast of Healthy Matters from the atrium at Hennepin Healthcare’s Clinic and Specialty Center complete with a LIVE audience. That’s where you come in. I’m inviting you – my Healthy Matters listening friends – to be that live audience on Sunday, June 10. Denny Long will be there, I’ll be there, and I hope YOU will be there.

Diabetes and the Sweet Life. I’ve invited an old friend from my medical training, Dr. Laura LaFave, to introduce her to Healthy Matters listeners. Dr. LaFave recently rejoined the Hennepin Healthcare faculty in Endocrinology – in fact I don’t even have a link to her picture yet! She’s a friend, a smart doctor, and a genuinely good person. She’s been practicing for over a decade but only been back to Hennepin for a few months, so to welcome her back to our family I’m putting her in front of a live audience. She’s a good friend, eh? We’ll talk about diabetes and other hormone-y topics.

Arthritis Treatment Options: Moving from Pain to Gain. Dr. Rawad Nasr is Hennepin’s Director of Rheumatology and another colleague with whom I go way back. We dragged him back from his practice in Bemidji to join our Hennepin faculty. His recent show about arthritis was a huge hit with listeners so he’s coming back to chat with me about arthritis and joint questions. You’ll love this guy.

Sleep Health: What Keeps You Up at Night. Another really popular topic – in fact, perhaps the most popular topic – is sleep. We all need it, we all want it. Many of us struggle to get the best sleep we can. Another Healthy Matters veteran, Dr. Ranji Varghese, will be at the broadcast to meet you, to help us understand sleep, and to answer a few questions.

After kicking off the summer with “Decade with Dave” we are launching an exciting new health education program for the curious and inquisitive among you. “Here 4 Health” is a series of three educational sessions on a variety of health topics sort of like a mini Medical School. Except more fun. And not nearly as grueling. Come to learn about health topics from cool experts from Hennepin.

The Ins and Outs of GI Health. OK, some smart aleck (probably the same guy who decided to make a career of doing colonoscopies) made up the name for this informative session about colon cancer. Learn from Hennepin gastroenterologist Dr. Jake Matlock about colon cancer and colonoscopies! I know Jake. Great guy. Ask him to show you a colonoscope. Then ask him why the heck he thought it would be cool to look at people’s intestines all day. You’ll also get the special chance to tour a colonoscopy suite – when you’re NOT on the cart getting your own colonoscopy

Dermatology – your skin questions answered. Hennepin dermatologists Dr. Sara Hylwa and Dr. Jenny Liu will be on hand. You’ll never get a better chance to tap into a skin doctor’s expertise. They are smart and they know skin like the back of your hand – literally. Just don’t ask them if you can skip wearing sunscreen. (Spoiler alert. . . you can’t . . these two are so stingy on that point).

The Ancient Art and Modern Practices of Integrative Medicine – Acupuncture and Chiropractic. A certified acupuncturist and chiropractor will show you around the world of integrative medicine. Maybe you’ll come away just a little less mystified at these ancient practices. Ask to see an acupuncture needle. Dr. Richard Printon and acupuncturist Jessica Brown will be on hand!

You Gotta Have Heart. Recent Healthy Matters guest and cardiologist Dr. Michelle Carlson will show you around the world of heart health. You’ll learn from her particular expertise in women’s heart health and the link between heart health and cancer. You may want to check out the recent post I did with Dr. Carlson here.

Best Practices in Breast Health. Leah Hahn is the supervisor of the mammography program at Hennepin. See a mammogram machine for yourself. Men, you too should attend this session. It will give you a new appreciation for the women in your life. And men get breast cancer too! Check out this post I did with Leah Hahn from a few months ago.

A Little Help for your Friends. Hennepin has the best Physical Therapists AND therapy facilities in the region. Come see a PT gym and look at the amazing possibilities for therapy. This is state-of-the-art stuff which you can learn from Senior Physical Therapist Beth Stegora.

Attend all three sessions or pick and choose the ones you want. They’re all free and all at the Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center in downtown Minneapolis Probably the most important part of all . . . the parking is right there underground. Could not be simpler. Why should I go learn something?

You have undoubtedly heard about the opioid crisis. It is a near daily part of my life since treating pain is a hefty part of what most doctors do. In addition, I am fortunate to work in an academic health setting so I am surrounded by researchers and teachers. Just this week, one of my friends and colleagues, Dr. Charlie Reznikoff was in Washington DC where he testified about opioids to members of Congress. So you might say I’m surrounded by smart people on this issue.

In this post, I want to draw your attention to some new information about treating arthritis pain. A new study was recently published in JAMA (one of the most respected journals in existence) which concluded that for chronic back pain and arthritis pain of the hips and knees, opioids are no better than other remedies.

This is big news. For me, it is just a little bigger because the lead author of the study is a Minneapolis physician from my medical school class, Dr. Erin Krebs. Dr. Krebs is a leading researcher in this area and I may add, a terrific doctor and person. To her, I say, well done! To learn more about Dr. Krebs, check out her site from the VA here. You can also learn more about her from the University of Minnesota Medical School.

I reached out to Dr. Krebs and she graciously responded to some of my questions about her research. I offer her insights to you below. This is a rare chance to hear from a physician-scientist, uncluttered from what you may find elsewhere on the Internet. Often people ask me what where to get reliable information on health issues. On this issue, this is as reliable as it gets. I’ll include a couple links as well, including one to an audio interview with Dr. Krebs. Read on.