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District Head Quarter Hospital, Malkangiri was established since 1992, when the district was newly formed after being separated from Koraput district. electricity laws in pakistan By 1956 Malkangiri was a primary health centre. But earlier there were only dispensaries at Malkangiri by 1909 and also dispensaries at Mathili, Motu and Balimela by 1923. gas zeta costa rica There were also Ayurvedic dispensary at Podia by that time. Besides Govt. dispensaries and public hospitals there were other hospitals maintained by Railways, Dandakaranya development authority, Balimela hydro electric project which are similarly meant for benefit of employees only. gas smoker ribs Over and above all these some Missionaries and Mission hospitals were also functioning providing services to all beneficiaries.

In between 1958 and 1988 Dandakaranya development project was functioning and on first January 1962 Malkangiri subdivision was formed. The District has substantial areas where there are poor road connective and areas cutoff by rivers and water reservoirs. Health care is the primary responsibility of the state Government with additional major support from NHM both in term of manpower and infrastructure development. electricity edison Mission or Vision

AYUSH is an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been integrate into the Indian national healthcare delivery system to strengthen public health in rural india.This was done with the objective of offering treatment choice to people as well as a strategy to overcome the human resource shortage in the government health facilities.

The Health & FW Deptt. deals with medical and public health matters including drug control and prevention of food adulteration as sell as Family Welfare programmes aimed at population stabililization consistent with the requirements of economic growth,social devlopment and environmental protection.The main objectives of this Deptt. is to provide adequate, qualitative, preventive care of the district not only through allopathic system of medicine but also through Indian system of medicine.It also ensure to provide affordable quality health care services to all, particularly to the under privileged groups and greater access to primary health care by bringing medical institutions as close to the people as possible particularly backward and tribal region.

The Health and family welfare department, Malkangiri is making constant and concerted effort to formulate and execute schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people in line with the National Health Ploicy. While implementing these schemes, steps are being taken to make improvements in the health care system in the District to cater to the health needs of the people in the rural areas, particularly in the tribal and backward regions of the District.

Over the decades the district has adopted various structural and functional measures for the development of health sector. electricity off This has been reflected both in health programmes implemented and health infrastructure placed to deliver the services. gas x side effects Realizing the conditions and reasons for non delivery of the health services in interior tribal dominated pockets of the state, the state from time to time has adopted special programmes and approch towards the region and the people therein. The tribal people who live in these areas belong to different levels of development, which is reflected in their technology, knowledge, skill, access, affordability etc. Looking into the ground realities in tribal dominated pockets, the state reflects its approach by way of tapping resources from various agencies( what ever available), allowing and supporting NGOs to deliver their services(with little resources) and providing logistic support to the Health Department to deliver the services. electricity was invented Address